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MASSENET: Cherubin


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MASSENET: Cherubin

Disc 1

Massenet, Jules
Croisset, Francis de / Cain, Henri / Croisset, Francis de / Cain, Henri, lyricist(s)

1.   Overture 00:06:38
2.   Act I: Servantes, bonnes et lingeres (The Philosopher, Servants, Maids) 00:03:48
3.   Act I: Vive Cherubin! Ma parole (The Duke, The Count, The Baron, The Philosopher, Nina) 00:02:32
4.   Act I: Il est charmant (Nina, The Philosopher) 00:02:26
5.   Act I: Apeuree Mon tuteur! (Nina, The Duke, The Baron, The Philosopher) 00:01:23
6.   Act I: Je suis gris! (Cherubin, The Duke, The Baron, The Philosopher) 00:03:53
7.   Act I: Accourez voir, don Sanche! (The Philosopher, Cherubin, The Countess, The Baroness, Nina) 00:03:06
8.   Act I: Bravo! Bravo! (Pastorale Fete, Cherubin, The Duke, The Baron, The Philosopher) 00:05:21
9.   Act I: A cette joie, a ce printemps (The Philosopher, Cherubin) 00:05:16
10.   Act I: Ou Cherubin se cache - t - il, le savez - vous (The Count, The Philosopher, The Countess, Nina) 00:02:14
11.   Act I: Lorsque vous n'aurez rien a faire (Nina, The Count, The Countess, The Philosopher) 00:04:39
12.   Act I: Philosophe! (Cherubin, The Philosopher) 00:01:44

Disc 2

Massenet, Jules
Croisset, Francis de / Cain, Henri / Croisset, Francis de / Cain, Henri, lyricist(s)

1.   Act II: Entr'acte - manola 00:02:11
2.   Act II: Une chambre! (Travellers, Servants, Maids, The Innkeeper, The Countess, The Baroness, The Count, The Baron, The Duke) 00:05:29
3.   Act II: Le vin rend gai, l'amour ren tou (Captain Ricardo, Manolas, Officers, The Countess, The Innkeeper, The Baroness, One Girl, The Other Girls, The Very Big Officer) 00:03:20
4.   Act II: Ne mettez pas flamberge au vent (Cherubin, Ricardo, Manolas, Ensoleillad, The Very Big Officer) 00:03:34
5.   Act II: J'ai peur! (Ensoleillad, Ricardo, Cherubin, Manolas, The Philosopher, The Innkeeper, Officers) 00:04:25
6.   Act II: Ah! Buvons pour que la joie (Ensoleillad, Cherubin, Ricardo, Manolas, Officers) 00:03:20
7.   Act II: Madame, en votre appartement (Innkeeper, Cherubin, Ricardo, Manolas, Ofiicers, Ensoleillad, The Philosopher) 00:04:02
8.   Act II: Une femme! Ce mot me rend tout attendri … (Cherubin, The Philosopher) 00:02:44
9.   Act II: Qui parle dans la nuit confuse (Ensoleillad, Cherubin) 00:07:44
10.   Act II: Eh bien … (The Count, The Duke, The Baron, Cherubin, Ensoleillad) 00:05:45
11.   Act II: Du bruit, descends (Ensoleillad, The Countess, Cherubin, The Baroness, The Baron, The Duke, The Count, The Innkeeper, The Philosopher, Servants, Travellers) 00:03:22
12.   Act III: Entr'acte 00:02:52
13.   Act III: Cherubin! Un momen! (The Philosopher, Cherubin) 00:03:37
14.   Act III: Que ta mort serait abominable! (The Philosopher, Cherubin, The Innkeeper, The Baroness, The Countess, The Baron, The Count, The Duke) 00:04:31
15.   Act III: Vive amour qui reve (Ensoleillad Voice, Cherubin, The Crowd) 00:03:56
16.   Act III: Par pitte! Ne pars par! (Cherubin, Ensoleillad, The Duke, The Crowd, The Philosopher) 00:05:44
17.   Act III: Nina! Cherubin! (Cherubin, Nina, The Duke, Ricardo, The Philosopher) 00:09:32

Total Playing Time: 01:59:08

Massenet, Jules

Cain, Henri; Croisset, Francis de

Villaume, Emmanuel

Cagliari Theatre Orchestra

Cagliari Theatre Chorus

Bari, Teresa di; Breedt, Michelle; Ciofi, Patrizia; Ebau, Nicola; Giannino, Emanuele; Lazzaretti, Bruno; Mosley, George; Novaro, Riccardo; Palomba, Alessandra; Perucca, Alessandro; Remigio, Carmela; Surian, Giorgio

Label: Dynamic

Genre: Opera

Period: Romantic

Catalogue No: CDS508

Barcode: 8007144605087

Physical Release: 2006

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