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CELTIC Celtic Harp Magic



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CELTIC Celtic Harp Magic

Schermer, Verlene, arranger(s)

  Chanters Tune - La Rotta
1.   Play with flash player Chanters Tune - La Rotta 00:03:27

Knodel, Debra / Valencia, Jane, arranger(s)

2.   Play with flash player Willafjord 00:03:22

Traditional, lyricist(s)
McDonnell, Aedan / Green, Nigel, arranger(s)

  The Lorry Ride
3.   Play with flash player The Lorry Ride 00:05:30

Bennett, Deborah, arranger(s)

  Rogha an Chailin Rua
4.   Play with flash player Rogha an Chailin Rua 00:04:01

Bowerman, Lark
Bowerman, Lark, lyricist(s)

5.   Play with flash player Kacheche 00:04:00

Bach, Johann Sebastian
O'Connell, Cathleen, arranger(s)

  Violin Partita No. 3 in E Major, BWV 1006: I. Prelude (arr. C. O'Connell)
6.   Play with flash player Violin Partita No. 3 in E Major, BWV 1006: I. Prelude (arr. C. O'Connell) 00:02:11

Valencia, Jane / Schermer, Verlene, arranger(s)

  Christ Child's Lullaby
7.   Play with flash player Christ Child's Lullaby 00:02:39

Reardon, Lynne / Koster, Michael

8.   Play with flash player Twyngryllyg 00:02:58

Traditional, lyricist(s)
Pinckard, Maggie, arranger(s)

  Pretty Saro
9.   Play with flash player Pretty Saro 00:03:25

Spear, Midyne
Spear, Midyne, lyricist(s)

  Family Visitation Blues
10.   Play with flash player Family Visitation Blues 00:03:52

Krupski, Amy, arranger(s)

  Carolan's Welcome - Coleraine Jig
11.   Play with flash player Carolan's Welcome - Coleraine Jig 00:04:32

Burns, Sarah
Burns, Sarah, lyricist(s)

  I Am
12.   Play with flash player I Am 00:03:37

Schermer, Verlene, arranger(s)

  Brian Boru's March
13.   Play with flash player Brian Boru's March 00:02:00

Steffenson, Kristina / Wohlmut, Kyle, arranger(s)

  Dennis Murphy's Lambs
14.   Play with flash player Dennis Murphy's Lambs 00:03:52

Slayman, Claudia, arranger(s)

  Duerme Negrito
15.   Play with flash player Duerme Negrito 00:02:35

Schermer, Verlene
Schermer, Verlene, lyricist(s)

  Further On
16.   Play with flash player Further On 00:04:33

Currie, Leslie

  The Gift
17.   Play with flash player The Gift 00:02:50

Traditional, lyricist(s)
Robinson, Michael, arranger(s)

  The Bonny Light Horseman
18.   Play with flash player The Bonny Light Horseman 00:06:14

Phillips, Shelley, arranger(s)

  Tune from Norra Rada
19.   Play with flash player Tune from Norra Rada 00:02:10

Schermer, Verlene, arranger(s)

  Atholl Highlanders
20.   Play with flash player Atholl Highlanders 00:03:08

Total Playing Time: 01:10:56

Bach, Johann Sebastian; Bowerman, Lark; Burns, Sarah; Currie, Leslie; Koster, Michael; Reardon, Lynne; Schermer, Verlene; Spear, Midyne; Traditional

Bowerman, Lark; Burns, Sarah; Schermer, Verlene; Spear, Midyne; Traditional

Bennett, Deborah; Green, Nigel; Knodel, Debra; Krupski, Amy; McDonnell, Aedan; O'Connell, Cathleen; Phillips, Shelley; Pinckard, Maggie; Robinson, Michael; Schermer, Verlene; Slayman, Claudia; Steffenson, Kristina; Valencia, Jane; Wohlmut, Kyle

Harpers Hall Ensemble; Kuimba; Telltale Harps, The

Bennett, Deborah; Burns, Sarah; Carter, Preston; Currie, Leslie; Denman, Todd; Green, Nigel; Knodel, Debra; Koster, Michael; Krupski, Amy; McDonnell, Aedan; O'Connell, Cathleen; Parrish, Vicki; Phillips, Barry; Phillips, Shelley; Pinckard, Maggie; Reardon, Lynne; Robinson, Michael; Roche, Michael; Schermer, Verlene; Slayman, Claudia; Spear, Midyne; Valencia, Jane; Wells, Peter

Label: ARC

Genre: Instrumental; World

Period: Baroque

Catalogue No: EUCD2279

Barcode: 743037227926

Release Date: 2010

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