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BABS, Alice: Alice Babs Meets Erwin Lehn (1952-1955)




BABS, Alice: Alice Babs Meets Erwin Lehn (1952-1955)

Babs, Alice
Sandstrom, Eric, lyricist(s)
Wegener, Siegfried, arranger(s)

1.   Play with flash player Baby - Wiegenlied 00:02:08

Armstrong, Louis
Theselius, Gosta, arranger(s)

  Bluer than Blue
2.   Play with flash player Bluer than Blue 00:02:51

Warren, Harry
Dubin, Al, lyricist(s)
Simon, Ernst, arranger(s)

  Gold Diggers of 1935: Lullaby of Broadway
3.   Play with flash player Gold Diggers of 1935: Lullaby of Broadway 00:02:12

Babs, Alice / Hallberg, Bengt
Babs, Alice / Hallberg, Bengt, lyricist(s)

  No Words Blues
4.   Play with flash player No Words Blues 00:03:36

Simon, Ernst
Simon, Ernst, lyricist(s)

  Opus in Scat
5.   Play with flash player Opus in Scat 00:04:23

Balcome, Bruce
Baumgart, Werner, arranger(s)

  Rainbow Street
6.   Play with flash player Rainbow Street 00:03:17

Lundin, Eckert / Ehrling, Thore
Ekman, Hasse, lyricist(s)
Leimstoll, Günther, arranger(s)

  Regutunga Skyar
7.   Play with flash player Regutunga Skyar 00:03:49

Hilliard, Bob
DeLugg, Milton, lyricist(s)
Simon, Ernst, arranger(s)

  Why Did I Tell You I Was Going To, "Shanghai"
8.   Play with flash player Why Did I Tell You I Was Going To, "Shanghai" 00:03:06

Mills, Irving
Mills, Irving, lyricist(s)
Gutesha, Mladen, arranger(s)

  St. James Infirmary
9.   Play with flash player St. James Infirmary 00:03:45

Ramel, Povel
Ramel, Povel, lyricist(s)
Simon, Simon, arranger(s)

  Tack, tack, tack
10.   Play with flash player Tack, tack, tack 00:03:04

Rey, Louis / Leutwiler, Toni
Sandstrom, Eric / Rey, Louis, lyricist(s)

  Un petit air un petit faux
11.   Play with flash player Un petit air un petit faux 00:02:23

Warren, Harry
Robin, Leo, lyricist(s)
Baumgart, Werner, arranger(s)

  Zing a Little Zong
12.   Play with flash player Zing a Little Zong 00:03:20

Total Playing Time: 00:37:54

Armstrong, Louis; Babs, Alice; Balcome, Bruce; Ehrling, Thore; Hallberg, Bengt; Hilliard, Bob; Leutwiler, Toni; Lundin, Eckert; Mills, Irving; Ramel, Povel; Rey, Louis; Simon, Ernst; Warren, Harry

Babs, Alice; DeLugg, Milton; Dubin, Al; Ekman, Hasse; Hallberg, Bengt; Mills, Irving; Ramel, Povel; Rey, Louis; Robin, Leo; Sandstrom, Eric; Simon, Ernst

Baumgart, Werner; Gutesha, Mladen; Leimstoll, Günther; Simon, Ernst; Simon, Simon; Theselius, Gosta; Wegener, Siegfried

Lehn, Erwin


Babs, Alice

Label: SWR Jazzhaus

Genre: Jazz

Period: 20th Century

Catalogue No: JAH-472

Barcode: 730099047258

Distribution Note(s):

Not available in the United States due to possible copyright restrictions

Release Date: 05/2019

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