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Classical Music Home > HEYER, G.: Convenient Marriage (The) (Abridged)

HEYER, G.: Convenient Marriage (The) (Abridged)


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About this Recording

HEYER, G.: Convenient Marriage (The) (Abridged)

Horatia Winwood is the youngest and the least attractive of the three Winwood sisters. She also has a stammer. But when the enigmatic and eminently eligible Earl of Rule offers for her oldest sister’s hand—a match that makes financial and social sense, but would break her heart—it is Horatia who takes matters into her own impetuous hands. Can she save her family’s fortune? Or is she courting disaster? Witty, charming, elegant and always delightful, Georgette Heyer—the undisputed Queen of Regency Romance—brings the whole period to life with deft precision and glorious characters.

Disc 1

  The Convenient Marriage (Abridged)
1.   One 00:08:17
2.   There did not seem to be much to say after that. 00:07:06
3.   Two 00:06:31
4.   The Earl was absently swinging his eyeglass… 00:06:41
5.   Three 00:05:13
6.   In quite another quarter… 00:06:32
7.   There was an uncomfortable silence. 00:05:37
8.   Four 00:05:56
9.   She was too clever a woman to press her point. 00:05:29
10.   The Viscount, having received in Rome.… 00:07:34
11.   Five 00:07:07
12.   It was all very disturbing… 00:05:35

Disc 2

  The Convenient Marriage (Abridged)
1.   Six 00:04:39
2.   On the top lay a sheet of paper… 00:04:34
3.   Horatia's gyrations, however… 00:05:15
4.   She looked a little doubtful. 00:04:53
5.   Seven 00:06:01
6.   She came aware that her hand was still reposing in his… 00:05:50
7.   Eight 00:08:38
8.   Nine 00:05:17
9.   Never one to neglect opportunity… 00:04:44
10.   Somewhere about noon, when he was still in bed… 00:08:45
11.   Ten 00:06:28
12.   Having visited both the principals in the late affair… 00:08:02
13.   Eleven 00:05:35

Disc 3

  The Convenient Marriage (Abridged)
1.   He put his hand to the Mechlin cravat… 00:06:47
2.   Horatia stood by the table in the middle of the small saloon… 00:07:35
3.   Twelve 00:05:37
4.   Horatia gave a gasp… 00:06:29
5.   Thirteen 00:07:42
6.   Fourteen 00:05:40
7.   She was by now really frightened… 00:06:56
8.   Fifteen 00:04:53
9.   When, twenty minutes later, the phaeton drew up… 00:07:20
10.   Sir Roland, meanwhile, had arrived in Half - Moon Street… 00:04:42
11.   Sixteen 00:05:13
12.   It was only six miles to Meering… 00:07:10

Disc 4

  The Convenient Marriage (Abridged)
1.   Seventeen 00:06:41
2.   Rule wiped the sweat from his face… 00:06:47
3.   Eighteen 00:07:40
4.   Nineteen 00:08:35
5.   Twenty 00:07:36
6.   Twenty - One 00:07:28
7.   Twenty minutes later they faced one another… 00:05:21
8.   For once she wasted no time… 00:04:07
9.   Twenty - Two 00:05:59
10.   Several secluded paths led to the little temple… 00:06:01
11.   The ring - brooch lay in the palm of his hand. 00:07:42

Total Playing Time: 05:06:20

Heyer, Georgette

Armitage, Richard

Label: Naxos AudioBooks

Genre: Classic Fiction

Period: 20th Century

Catalogue No: NA0022

Barcode: 9781843794417

Physical Release: 2010

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