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Classical Music Home > HOUSMAN, A.E.: Shropshire Lad (A) (Unabridged)

HOUSMAN, A.E.: Shropshire Lad (A) (Unabridged)


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HOUSMAN, A.E.: Shropshire Lad (A) (Unabridged)

In A Shropshire Lad, A.E. Housman recreates a nostalgic world of lost love, lost youth, thwarted friendships, unfaithful girls, male bonding, untimely death and the uncertain glories of being a soldier. The poems deal with the exuberance of youth—its aspirations and disappointments, its naïve certainties and tragic mistakes. Though written in 1895, it struck a chord with the generation of young men who fought in World War I. It was said that every ‘Tommy’ had a copy in his knapsack. It has never been out of print.

  A Shropshire Lad
1.   1887 From Clee to heaven the beacon burns 00:01:25
2.   Loveliest of trees, the cherry now 00:00:33
3.   THE RECRUIT: Leave your home behind, lad 00:00:59
4.   REVEILLE: Wake: the silver dusk returning 00:01:02
5.   Oh see how thick the goldcup flowers 00:01:24
6.   When the lad for longing sighs 00:00:31
7.   When smoke stood up from Ludlow 00:01:10
8.   'Farewell to barn and stack and tree' 00:00:57
9.   On moonlit heath and lonesome bank 00:01:18
10.   MARCH: The sun at noon to higher air 00:00:55
11.   On your midnight pallet lying 00:00:36
12.   When I watch the living meet 00:00:39
13.   When I was one - and - twenty 00:00:39
14.   There pass the careless people 00:00:50
15.   Look not in my eyes, for fear 00:00:44
16.   It nods and curtseys and recovers 00:00:24
17.   Twice a week the winter thorough 00:00:30
18.   Oh, when I was in love with you 00:00:19
20.   Oh fair enough are sky and plain 00:00:39
21.   BREDON HILL: In summertime on Bredon 00:01:25
22.   The street sounds to the soldiers' tread 00:00:31
23.   The lads in their hundreds to Ludlow come in for the fair 00:01:03
24.   Say, lad, have you things to do 00:00:30
25.   This time of year a twelvemonth past 00:00:37
26.   Along the fields as we came by 00:00:51
27.   'Is my team ploughing' 00:01:19
28.   THE WELSH MARCHES: High the vanes of Shrewsbury gleam 00:01:36
29.   THE LENT LILY: 'Tis spring; come out to ramble 00:00:42
30.   Others, I am not the first 00:00:45
31.   On Wenlock Edge the wood's in trouble 00:01:02
32.   From far, from eve and morning 00:00:29
33.   If truth in hearts that perish 00:00:44
34.   THE NEW MISTRESS 00:01:02
35.   On the idle hill of summer 00:00:42
36.   White in the moon the long road lies 00:00:45
37.   As through the wild green hills of Wyre 00:01:33
38.   The winds out of the west land blow 00:00:48
39.   'Tis time, I think by Wenlock town 00:00:33
40.   Into my heart an air that kills 00:00:25
41.   In my own shire, if I was sad 00:01:24
42.   THE MERRY GUIDE: Once in the wind of morning 00:02:17
43.   THE IMMORTAL PART: When I meet the morning beam 00:01:59
44.   Shot so quick, so clean an ending 00:01:27
45.   If it chance your eye offend you 00:00:21
46.   Bring, in this timeless grave to throw 00:01:01
47.   THE CARPENTER'S SON: 'Here the hangman stops his cart' 00:01:13
48.   Be still, my soul, be still; the arms you bear are brittle 00:01:16
49.   Think no more, lad; laugh, be jolly 00:00:27
50.   Clunton and Clunbury, Clungunford and Clun 00:01:03
51.   Loitering with a vacant eye 00:00:59
52.   Far in a western brookland 00:00:41
53.   THE TRUE LOVER: The lad came to the door at night 00:01:29
54.   With rue my heart is laden 00:00:22
55.   Westward on the high - hilled plains 00:00:39
56.   THE DAY OF BATTLE: 'Far I hear the bugle blow' 00:00:40
57.   You smile upon your friend to - day 00:00:18
58.   When I came last to Ludlow 00:00:20
59.   THE ISLE OF PORTLAND: The star - filled seas are smooth to - night 00:00:36
60.   Now hollow fires burn out to black 00:00:20
61.   HUGHLEY STEEPLE: The vane on Hughley steeple 00:00:57
62.   'Terence, this is stupid stuff' 00:02:52
63.   I Hoed and trenched and weeded 00:00:43

Total Playing Time: 00:57:38

Housman, A.E.

West, Samuel

Label: Naxos AudioBooks

Genre: Poetry

Period: 20th Century

Catalogue No: NA0047

Barcode: 9781843794905

Physical Release: 2011

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