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PEAKE, M.: Titus Alone (Abridged)


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About this Recording

PEAKE, M.: Titus Alone (Abridged)

Titus Groan has fled the rambling, ruined and ruinous castle of Gormenghast, desperate for a view of the world beyond. But he wasn’t prepared for this. Satellites, death-rays, sinister policemen and underworld outcasts live in a nightmarish contemporary city that feels like something by Wells, Burroughs or Philip K. Dick. Threatened and lost, he begins to miss the home he left; but surely he won’t be tempted back?

Titus Alone is a completely unexpected development, its bizarre and absurd satirical vision placing the dangers of progressive modernity against the deadening force of tradition.

Disc 1

  Titus Alone (Abridged)
1.   To north, south, east or west, turning at will… 00:08:07
2.   The city was beginning to turn in its sleep… 00:04:54
3.   Muzzlehatch had rolled out of the driver's seat… 00:05:54
4.   Sickened but thrilled, Titus took a step… 00:05:54
5.   He made his way back across the quadrangle… 00:06:17
6.   Bewildered, startled as he was, Titus began to laugh… 00:06:12
7.   It was very lucky for all concerned… 00:06:31
8.   Inspector Acreblade was trying very hard to follow them… 00:06:07
9.   'Then to hell with you child,' said Muzzlehatch. 00:06:24
10.   In the late afternoon of the next day… 00:02:04
11.   The magistrate leaned forward on his elbows… 00:04:47
12.   The magistrate leaned forward and stared at the boy. 00:07:04
13.   At first, what was it but an apprehension… 00:08:41

Disc 2

  Titus Alone (Abridged)
1.   As he flung open the door of her room… 00:06:17
2.   The days moved by in a long, sweet sequence of light… 00:06:42
3.   So Titus fled from Juno. 00:06:05
4.   'There's something else, Mr. Muzzlehatch.' 00:06:09
5.   For all the noise of water overhead, there was silence also. 00:07:12
6.   Here, in this fern - hung chamber… 00:05:40
7.   'Now we can talk,' he said. 00:06:15
8.   Where Titus leaned against the wall… 00:05:44
9.   Now, with a corner of his gaze fixed on Titus… 00:06:33
10.   Titus got to his feet and turned to Muzzlehatch. 00:04:01
11.   They had to wait until dark before they dared to venture… 00:05:55
12.   Titus stamped his foot with anger… 00:04:22
13.   Juno had been sitting in her vine arbour for a long while… 00:05:36

Disc 3

  Titus Alone (Abridged)
1.   So Juno returned to her home… 00:08:45
2.   Meanwhile Titus, whose journeyings in search of his home… 00:05:57
3.   There he lay in the dusk of the green room… 00:04:25
4.   One morning, not very long after he had fully recovered… 00:06:10
5.   As Titus thundered after her, he suddenly felt foolish. 00:06:34
6.   The violent death of Veil in the Under - River… 00:06:13
7.   Cheeta sat motionlessly at her peerless mirror… 00:05:05
8.   'We have been following you,' said Crack - Bell. 00:04:51
9.   When Cheeta and Titus came abreast, they stopped dead. 00:04:01
10.   'You cannot go,' she said. 00:05:23
11.   Juno has left her house by the river… 00:05:33
12.   Out of the fermentations of her brain… 00:04:32
13.   'I've got a feeling,' said Juno… 00:04:59
14.   The sky above the Black House was, of a sudden, filled… 00:04:36

Disc 4

  Titus Alone (Abridged)
1.   Titus was no longer in any mood for collaboration… 00:06:24
2.   Titus, who was about to have risen to his feet… 00:05:28
3.   Opening one eye as his body ached… 00:04:53
4.   Something was emerging from the forgotten room. 00:05:57
5.   While she was speaking, threE Major things took place. 00:06:23
6.   Then, suddenly, like something released… 00:06:34
7.   Titus was appalled at the scene. 00:05:44
8.   Sure enough it was taking on a life of its own. 00:05:15
9.   The dawn was now beginning to pick out the leaves… 00:04:44
10.   Muzzlehatch turned his great hewn face to the sky. 00:04:14
11.   Then a great hush came down upon the Black House… 00:04:44
12.   Juno was motionless. 00:05:34
13.   Hungry, weary, he made his solitary way… 00:05:03

Total Playing Time: 05:03:28

Peake, Mervyn

Degas, Rupert

Label: Naxos AudioBooks

Genre: Classic Fiction

Catalogue No: NA0064

Barcode: 9781843795421

Boxset: NA0084

Physical Release: 2011

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