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DICKENS, C.: David Copperfield (Unabridged)


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About this Recording

DICKENS, C.: David Copperfield (Unabridged)

Recognised as one of the greatest works of English fiction, David Copperfield tells the story of a young man, from his painful childhood, through chance, tragedy and adventure, the self-knowledge and happiness. It includes some of Dickens’s most vividly memorable characters. The cruelly saturnine Mr Murdstone; the redoubtable Betsey Trotwood; the charismatic Steerforth; the ever-so-’umble Uriah Heep; the magnificently spendthrift Mr Wilkins Micawber; the spiteful Miss Dartle; the faithful Traddles; and scores more—all are part of a story that is by turns enchanting, enthralling, comic and moving.

Disc 1

  David Copperfield (Unabridged)
1.   David Copperfield 00:04:47
2.   An aunt of my father's, and consequently a great - aunt of mine… 00:06:32
3.   'In the name of heaven,' said Miss Betsey, suddenly, 'why Rookery' 00:04:14
4.   'You were speaking about its being a girl,' said Miss Betsy. 00:06:31
5.   Mr. Chillip, looking mildly at my aunt with his head on one side… 00:06:38
6.   Chapter 2: I Observe 00:07:04
7.   And now I see the outside of our house… 00:07:01
8.   I never saw such a beautiful colour on my mother's face before. 00:05:50
9.   We went to bed greatly dejected. My sobs kept waking me… 00:07:06
10.   We walked about on the cliff after that, and sat on the grass… 00:04:35
11.   It seems to me, at this distance of time, as if it were the next day… 00:04:25
12.   Chapter 3: I Have A Change 00:06:59
13.   All this I saw in the first glance after I crossed the threshold… 00:07:35

Disc 2

  David Copperfield (Unabridged)
1.   I was very sensible of my entertainer's goodness… 00:07:02
2.   We strolled a long way, and loaded ourselves with things… 00:07:41
3.   'I ain't what I could wish myself to be,' said Mrs. Gummidge. 00:04:50
4.   The door opened, and I looked, half laughing and half crying… 00:04:44
5.   Chapter 4: I Fall Into Disgrace 00:05:26
6.   'David,' he said, making his lips thin, by pressing them together… 00:06:05
7.   As well as I could make out, she had come for good… 00:07:39
8.   I could hardly find the door, through the tears that stood in my eyes. 00:06:07
9.   I hand the first book to my mother. 00:04:06
10.   It seems to me, at this distance of time… 00:04:30
11.   One morning when I went into the parlour with my books… 00:04:41
12.   How well I recollect, when I became quiet… 00:04:24
13.   On the last night of my restraint, I was awakened… 00:06:49
14.   Chapter 5: I Was Sent Away From Home 00:04:57

Disc 3

  David Copperfield (Unabridged)
1.   'So she makes,' said Mr. Barkis, after a long interval of reflection… 00:04:39
2.   After watching me into the second chop… 00:05:30
3.   The blowing of the coach - horn in the yard… 00:04:59
4.   The night was not so pleasant as the evening, for it got chilly… 00:05:46
5.   I was in the height of my fever when a man entered… 00:07:59
6.   I dreamed, I thought, that once while he was blowing… 00:07:14
7.   There was an old door in this playground… 00:04:50
8.   Chapter 6: I Enlarge My Circle Of Acquaintance 00:07:21
9.   Next morning Mr. Sharp came back… 00:05:51
10.   I heard all kinds of things about the school and all belonging to it. 00:05:16
11.   Chapter 7: My 'First Half' At Salem House 00:05:03
12.   Here I sit at the desk again, watching his eye… 00:07:23
13.   Steerforth was considerate, too; and showed his consideration 00:07:15

Disc 4

  David Copperfield (Unabridged)
1.   Steerforth's place was at the bottom of the school… 00:07:56
2.   'Since you expect me, Mr. Creakle, to justify myself,' said Steerforth… 00:05:36
3.   I soon forgot him in the contemplation of Steerforth… 00:06:11
4.   Ham was quite as earnest as he. 00:06:37
5.   Chapter 8: My Holidays 00:06:58
6.   'He is your brother,' said my mother, fondling me. 00:05:57
7.   While I sat thus, looking at the fire, and seeing pictures… 00:07:20
8.   When we had had our tea, and the ashes were thrown up… 00:06:55
9.   In the evening, sometimes, I went and sat with Peggotty… 00:05:50
10.   What irksome constraint I underwent, sitting in the same attitude … 00:04:13
11.   Chapter 9: I Have A Memorable Birthday 00:07:01
12.   I left Salem House upon the morrow afternoon. 00:04:09
13.   'I have been acquainted with you,' said Mr. Omer, after watching me… 00:04:25

Disc 5

  David Copperfield (Unabridged)
1.   The chaise soon came round to the front of the shop… 00:08:02
2.   There are many faces that I know, among the little crowd… 00:06:55
3.   Chapter 10: I Become Neglected, And Am Provided For 00:07:26
4.   Mr. Barkis came into the house for Peggotty's boxes. 00:07:50
5.   It looked just the same, except that it may, perhaps, have shrunk… 00:04:35
6.   'Ah! said Mr. Peggotty, taking up her curls, and running them… 00:04:39
7.   The days passed pretty much as they had passed before… 00:06:02
8.   Away we went, however, on our holiday excursion… 00:05:50
9.   With morning came Peggotty; who called to me, as usual… 00:06:28
10.   I had been out, one day, loitering somewhere… 00:06:56
11.   Chapter 11: I Begin A New Life On My Own Account… 00:08:12
12.   Mr. Quinion then formally engaged me to be as useful as I could… 00:05:51

Disc 6

  David Copperfield (Unabridged)
1.   Mrs. Micawber was quite as elastic. 00:06:30
2.   Yet I held some station at Murdstone and Grinby's too. 00:06:11
3.   Mr. Micawber had a few books on a little chiffonier… 00:07:52
4.   Mr. Micawber's affairs, although past their crisis, were very… 00:04:44
5.   Chapter 12: Liking Life On My Own No Better… 00:07:27
6.   I had grown to be so accustomed to the Micawbers… 00:06:37
7.   I think, as Mrs. Micawber sat at the back of the coach… 00:04:32
8.   My box was at my old lodging, over the water… 00:04:09
9.   Chapter 13: The Sequel Of My Resolution… 00:05:23
10.   Sleep came upon me as it came on many other outcasts… 00:05:55
11.   'Oh, what do you want' grinned this old man… 00:06:44
12.   My bed at night was under another haystack… 00:05:22
13.   I inquired about my aunt among the boatmen first… 00:07:40

Disc 7

  David Copperfield (Unabridged)
1.   'I am David Copperfield, of Blunderstone, in Suffolk…' 00:05:22
2.   My aunt was a tall, hard - featured lady, but by no means ill - looking. 00:05:50
3.   The bath was a great comfort. For I began to be… 00:05:47
4.   'Well, well!' said my aunt, 'the child is right to stand by…' 00:03:57
5.   Chapter 14: My Aunt Makes Her Mind Up About Me 00:04:45
6.   I promised to obey, and went upstairs with my message… 00:07:29
7.   My aunt smoothed her dress and shook her head… 00:07:30
8.   Miss Murdstone, during the latter portion of the contest… 00:05:39
9.   'But about the respectable business first,' said my aunt. 00:07:31
10.   Miss Betsey, without taking the least notice of the interruption… 00:05:37
11.   Chapter 15: I Make Another Beginning 00:06:34
12.   When the pony - chaise stopped at the door, and my eyes… 00:07:35
13.   At length, much to my relief, my aunt and Mr. Wickfield came back… 00:05:47

Disc 8

  David Copperfield (Unabridged)
1.   By five o'clock, which was Mr. Wickfield's dinner - hour… 00:02:24
2.   Chapter 16: I Am A New Boy In More Senses Than One 00:05:29
3.   The schoolroom was a pretty large hall, on the quietest side… 00:06:08
4.   As he held the door open with his hand, Uriah looked at me… 00:06:36
5.   'If it is miserable to bear, when she is here,' he said… 00:05:59
6.   He had a way of writhing when he wanted to express enthusiasm… 00:07:55
7.   It was very pleasant to see the Doctor with his pretty young wife. 00:07:39
8.   The daughter had sat quite silent and still during this speech… 00:06:39
9.   We all drank the toast, and all shook hands with Mr. Jack Malon… 00:05:32
10.   Chapter 17: Somebody Turns Up 00:05:17
11.   'Trotwood,' said Mr. Dick, with an air of mystery… 00:05:04
12.   These Wednesdays were the happiest days of Mr. Dick's life… 00:04:52
13.   One Thursday morning, when I was about to walk… 00:04:11
14.   We entered a low, old - fashioned room… 00:04:59

Disc 9

  David Copperfield (Unabridged)
1.   I had begun to be a little uncomfortable, and to wish… 00:05:35
2.   It was a little inn where Mr. Micawber put up… 00:05:50
3.   I felt the utmost sympathy for Mr. and Mrs. Micawber… 00:07:26
4.   Chapter 18: A Retrospect 00:06:12
5.   It is a summer evening, down in a green hollow, at the corner of a wall. 00:07:19
6.   Generally, but not always. Sometimes brighter visions rise before me. 00:06:16
7.   Chapter 19: I Look About Me, And Make A Discovery 00:06:23
8.   In pursuance of my aunt's kind scheme, I was shortly… 00:05:32
9.   We were to drink tea at the Doctor's. 00:07:00
10.   'Now let us see,' said Mrs. Markleham, putting her glass to her eye… 00:05:29
11.   The main object on my mind, I remember, when we got… 00:07:22
12.   Being then in a pleasant frame of mind… 00:07:10
13.   Chapter 20: Steerforth's Home 00:01:52

Disc 10

  David Copperfield (Unabridged)
1.   'Now, Copperfield,' said Steerforth, when we were alone… 00:06:48
2.   Her own views of every question, and her correction… 00:05:22
3.   It was no matter of wonder to me to find Mrs. Steerforth… 00:06:25
4.   Chapter 21: Little Em'ly 00:06:48
5.   We bade adieu to Mrs. Steerforth and Miss Dartle… 00:04:34
6.   'Servant, sir,' said Mr. Omer. 'What can I do for you, sir' 00:06:51
7.   As they had spoken in a subdued tone… 00:06:49
8.   We left the room, in compliance with this request. 00:04:46
9.   A murmur of voices had been audible on the outside… 00:07:19
10.   Mr. Peggotty, in simple earnestness, waved his right arm… 00:05:04
11.   So Mr. Peggotty went into my old room to fetch little Em'ly. 00:04:54
12.   Chapter 22: Some Old Scenes, And Some New People 00:06:05
13.   He gave such a start when I put my hand upon his shoulder… 00:07:38

Disc 11

  David Copperfield (Unabridged)
1.   'She must be newly rigged,' said Steerforth… 00:06:19
2.   I looked at the doorway and saw nothing. 00:04:54
3.   From this employment she suddenly desisted… 00:07:45
4.   I never did in my days behold anything like Mowcher… 00:07:36
5.   With the bag slung over her arm, and rattling… 00:06:27
6.   'Martha wants,' she said to Ham, 'to go to London.' 00:06:06
7.   Chapter 23: I Corroborate Mr. Dick, and Choose a Profession 00:06:44
8.   I made allowance for Steerforth's light way of treating… 00:06:37
9.   My aunt finished eating the piece of toast on which… 00:06:07
10.   Doctors' Commons was approached by a little low archway. 00:07:34
11.   In the space within the horse - shoe, lower than these… 00:06:43
12.   Chapter 24: My First Dissipation 00:06:31

Disc 12

  David Copperfield (Unabridged)
1.   I acted on Mrs. Crupp's opinion, and gave the order… 00:07:14
2.   Owing to some confusion in the dark, the door was gone. 00:06:26
3.   Chapter 25: Good And Bad Angels 00:06:40
4.   'It is very bold in me,' said Agnes, looking up again… 00:07:16
5.   I had never before seen Agnes cry. 00:07:28
6.   I was much impressed by the extremely comfortable… 00:07:48
7.   As she was not among people with whom I believed… 00:07:01
8.   Something in the emphasis he laid upon the kindling… 00:06:31
9.   A timely observation of the sense of power that there was… 00:07:06
10.   Chapter 26: I Fall Into Captivity 00:07:40
11.   We were very pleasant, going down, and Mr. Spenlow gave me… 00:04:18
12.   There was a lovely garden to Mr. Spenlow's house… 00:03:56

Disc 13

  David Copperfield (Unabridged)
1.   The idea of dressing one's self… 00:05:21
2.   All I know of the rest of the evening is, that I heard… 00:07:23
3.   Miss Murdstone had been looking for us. 00:04:53
4.   Mrs. Crupp must have been a woman of penetration… 00:04:55
5.   Chapter 27: Tommy Traddles 00:05:19
6.   In a corner of the room was something neatly covered up… 00:07:02
7.   Traddles rose from his chair, and, with a triumphant smile… 00:04:12
8.   Mr. Micawber immediately reappeared, and shook hands… 00:05:24
9.   Chapter 28: Mr. Micawber's Gauntlet 00:06:58
10.   I suppose — I never ventured to inquire… 00:07:48
11.   He comprehended everybody present, in the respectful bow… 00:07:08
12.   'Very well,' said Mrs. Micawber. 00:07:42
13.   Our conversation, afterwards, took a more worldly turn… 00:05:18

Disc 14

  David Copperfield (Unabridged)
1.   'Why, Daisy, old boy, dumb - foundered!' laughed Steerforth… 00:06:11
2.   'I tell you what, Steerforth,' said I… 00:05:24
3.   Chapter 29: I Visit Steerforth At His Home Again 00:07:32
4.   Mrs. Steerforth was particularly happy in her son's society… 00:04:15
5.   One other little circumstance connected with Miss Dartle… 00:06:50
6.   Chapter 30: Loss 00:05:51
7.   Mr. Omer's face and manner went for so much… 00:05:08
8.   Hearing this, and learning that Mr. Peggotty was there… 00:08:31
9.   Chapter 31: A Greater Loss 00:06:38
10.   'You're first of the lot, Mas'r Davy!' said Mr. Peggotty with a happy face. 00:06:50
11.   He pushed me hastily into the open air… 00:04:42
12.   At length I ventured to take his hand… 00:05:27
13.   Chapter 32: The Beginning Of A Long Journey 00:06:00

Disc 15

  David Copperfield (Unabridged)
1.   He walked a little in front of us, and kept before us… 00:05:23
2.   It was between nine and ten o'clock… 00:07:09
3.   Miss Mowcher sat down on the fender again, and took out… 00:07:51
4.   I gave Miss Mowcher my hand… 00:05:13
5.   No Littimer appeared. The pleasanter face which had replaced his… 00:07:57
6.   She now observed to me, aloud, resuming her former restraint… 00:04:05
7.   The mere vehemence of her words can convey… 00:04:00
8.   Chapter 33: Blissful 00:05:28
9.   We were a little like undertakers, in the Commons… 00:07:21
10.   I must say that I had my doubts about the strict justice of this… 00:05:12
11.   I have set all this down, in my present blissful chapter… 00:05:25
12.   I shall never have such a ride again. I have never had such another. 00:06:41
13.   I was intoxicated with joy. I was afraid it was too happy to be real… 00:07:38

Disc 16

  David Copperfield (Unabridged)
1.   'You didn't care for that happiness in the least,' said Dora… 00:05:33
2.   Chapter 34: My Aunt Astonishes Me 00:04:47
3.   'My dear Copperfield,' cried Traddles, punctually appearing… 00:07:32
4.   I was unwilling to damp my good friend's confidence… 00:08:50
5.   Chapter 35: Depression 00:05:22
6.   My aunt was walking up and down the room when I returned… 00:06:45
7.   How miserable I was, when I lay down! 00:06:15
8.   I explained with tolerable firmness… 00:05:48
9.   I was completely bewildered between Mr. Spenlow… 00:05:44
10.   We found my aunt alone, in a state of some excitement. 00:06:48
11.   'I have been thinking, Trotwood,' said Agnes, diffidently… 00:05:37
12.   'Well, Wickfield!' said my aunt; and he looked up at her… 00:04:01
13.   'Uriah Heep,' said Mr. Wickfield, in a monotonous forced way… 00:04:31
14.   Chapter 36: Enthusiasm 00:01:52

Disc 17

  David Copperfield (Unabridged)
1.   In this state, I went into a cottage that I saw was to let… 00:06:55
2.   How could it be anything else! His pockets were as full of it… 00:06:36
3.   I was pretty busy now; up at five in the morning… 00:07:21
4.   I hardly know which was the better pleased, Traddles or I. 00:06:57
5.   These observations, and indeed the greater part… 00:04:58
6.   On looking at Master Micawber again, I saw that he had a certain… 00:05:43
7.   Chapter 37: A Little Cold Water 00:05:26
8.   Dora came to the drawing - room door to meet me… 00:07:08
9.   I was going on at a great rate, with a clenched hand… 00:06:50
10.   Chapter 38: A Dissolution Of Partnership 00:05:11
11.   I was always punctual at the office; at the Doctor's too… 00:05:57
12.   Here she ceased; and snapping her reticule again… 00:04:22
13.   'You are right,' interrupted Mr. Spenlow, nodding his head… 00:04:42

Disc 18

  David Copperfield (Unabridged)
1.   There was a serenity, a tranquillity, a calm sunset air… 00:06:44
2.   I was surprised, when I came within sight of our office - door… 00:07:21
3.   It appeared a wonderful thing to me, but it turned out… 00:07:17
4.   Chapter 39: Wickfield And Heep 00:06:07
5.   Arrived at Mr. Wickfield's house, I found, in the little lower room… 00:06:12
6.   'Ah, Agnes!' said I, when we were sitting together… 00:07:22
7.   I had no longer any doubt on the subject. 00:06:01
8.   Towards the twilight I went out by myself… 00:05:30
9.   'Before we leave the subject, you ought to understand,' said I… 00:07:04
10.   'What's the matter' said Uriah, turning of a deadly colour. 00:06:01
11.   The door opened, and Agnes, gliding in… 00:06:18
12.   Chapter 40: The Wanderer 00:04:02
13.   We shook hands heartily. At first, neither of us could speak a word. 00:04:55

Disc 19

  David Copperfield (Unabridged)
1.   'When I come to any town,' he pursued… 00:06:08
2.   'Oh what will you feel when you see this writing…' 00:07:05
3.   Chapter 41: Dora's Aunts 00:04:04
4.   I was a little disappointed, I must confess, but thoroughly… 00:04:02
5.   His honest face, as he looked at me with a serio - comic… 00:04:52
6.   Each of the sisters leaned a little forward to speak… 00:05:14
7.   Now, although I had not received any express encouragement… 00:07:43
8.   Miss Lavinia then arose, and begging Mr. Traddles to excuse… 00:05:06
9.   I was wonderfully relieved to find that my aunt and Dora's aunts… 00:06:33
10.   Chapter 42: Mischief 00:06:14
11.   My heart quite died within me. 00:05:22
12.   I never was so pleased as when I saw those two sit down together… 00:07:43
13.   We were now within the little courtyard… 00:04:19
14.   This was to the Doctor, who had moaned. 00:05:04

Disc 20

  David Copperfield (Unabridged)
1.   'I am sure,' said Uriah, writhing himself into the silence… 00:07:09
2.   I could not see him for the tears which his earnestness… 00:06:33
3.   In the morning, when I came out, the early church - bell was ringing… 00:05:42
4.   When I think of him, with his impenetrably wise face… 00:05:08
5.   Chapter 43: Another Retrospect 00:05:28
6.   Peggotty comes up to make herself useful, and falls… 00:07:21
7.   I go home, more incredulous than ever, to a lodging… 00:07:48
8.   Chapter 44: Our Housekeeping 00:07:34
9.   I took another turn across the room, full of love for my pretty wife… 00:07:01
10.   The next domestic trial we went through, was the Ordeal of Servants. 00:07:51
11.   My poor little wife was in such affliction… 00:05:05
12.   First of all, she would bring out the immense account - book… 00:06:38

Disc 21

  David Copperfield (Unabridged)
1.   'Please let me hold the pens,' said Dora. 00:02:35
2.   Chapter 45: Mr. Dick Fulfils My Aunt's Predictions 00:07:01
3.   'Now, boy,' said Mr. Dick… 00:06:43
4.   It was fortunate he had proceeded so far with his mystery… 00:06:54
5.   The gentleness of the Doctor's manner and surprise… 00:04:34
6.   When I had finished, Annie remained, for some few moments… 00:06:31
7.   I pondered on those words, even while I was studiously attending… 00:04:03
8.   I used to think there were so many whom you might have married… 00:04:40
9.   Chapter 46: Intelligence 00:07:03
10.   'Mr. James and myself have been abroad with the young woman…' 00:06:49
11.   'When it was clear that nothing could be done, Miss Dartle —' 00:05:59
12.   I saw, by the change in her face, that someone was advancing behind me. 00:07:24
13.   He looked almost like a man inspired, as he said it. 00:07:04
14.   Chapter 47: Martha 00:01:49

Disc 22

  David Copperfield (Unabridged)
1.   The neighbourhood was a dreary one at that time… 00:06:47
2.   Her sobs broke out afresh, and she murmured some inarticulate… 00:06:52
3.   I read, in every word of his plain impressive way… 00:06:02
4.   It was midnight when I arrived at home. 00:06:39
5.   Chapter 48: Domestic 00:06:12
6.   At last I ran away myself… 00:06:44
7.   I pressed Traddles into the service without his knowledge… 00:05:56
8.   In fulfilment of the compact I have made with myself… 00:05:32
9.   Dora had helped him up on the sofa… 00:04:21
10.   Chapter 49: I Am Involved In Mystery 00:05:56
11.   'My best regards to Mr. Thomas Traddles…' 00:06:36
12.   We acknowledged his politeness, and made suitable replies. 00:05:48
13.   Without attending to this invocation… 00:05:57

Disc 23

  David Copperfield (Unabridged)
1.   'My employer, ma'am — Mr. Heep…' 00:04:34
2.   I really had some fear of Mr. Micawber's dying on the spot. 00:03:48
3.   Chapter 50: Mr. Peggotty's Dream Comes True 00:05:53
4.   Now much disturbed, and dazzled… 00:06:12
5.   When Miss Dartle spoke again, it was through her set teeth… 00:06:46
6.   Rosa Dartle sprang up from her seat; recoiled… 00:07:57
7.   Chapter 51: The Beginning Of A Longer Journey 00:06:48
8.   He was more affected by this act of kindness… 00:07:35
9.   I could not repress a cry of joy. 00:06:54
10.   He forgot nobody. 00:06:55
11.   I changed the subject by referring to Emily. 00:04:39
12.   After a stroll about the town I went to Ham's house. 00:06:33
13.   With a slight wave of his hand… 00:04:39

Disc 24

  David Copperfield (Unabridged)
1.   We brought the locker out, extinguished the candle… 00:00:22
2.   Chapter 52: I Assist At An Explosion 00:05:01
3.   I strolled into the country for an hour or so… 00:05:41
4.   I had not seen Uriah Heep since the time of the blow. 00:05:46
5.   Uriah fell back, as if he had been struck or stung. 00:04:58
6.   After some rubbing of the lower part of his face… 00:07:32
7.   Mr. Micawber was so very much struck by this happy rounding off… 00:06:45
8.   Mr. Micawber read on, almost smacking his lips… 00:06:39
9.   I whispered a few words to Agnes, who was weeping… 00:06:35
10.   Here, Mrs. Heep broke out again… 00:06:09
11.   'Excuse me, dear Mr. Copperfield,' said the poor lady… 00:05:26
12.   Chapter 53: Another Retrospect 00:05:41
13.   It is night; and I am with her still. 00:06:57
14.   Chapter 54: Mr. Micawber's Transactions 00:05:46

Disc 25

  David Copperfield (Unabridged)
1.   I don't know that Mr. Micawber attached any meaning… 00:06:53
2.   'My dear Copperfield,' said Traddles… 00:07:33
3.   'Then I am delighted to say,' cried Traddles… 00:06:29
4.   Seeing that Traddles now glanced anxiously at my aunt again… 00:04:35
5.   We went back next day to my aunt's house… 00:04:57
6.   Chapter 55: Tempest 00:06:22
7.   It was a murky confusion — here and there blotted… 00:07:56
8.   I hastily ordered my dinner, and went back to the yard. 00:08:00
9.   There was a bell on board; and as the ship rolled and dashed… 00:07:21
10.   Chapter 56: The New Wound, And The Old 00:07:04
11.   That Mrs. Steerforth might not be induced to look behind her… 00:05:05
12.   She said it with a taunting pride in the midst of her frenzy… 00:04:25
13.   Chapter 57: The Emigrants. 00:02:34

Disc 26

  David Copperfield (Unabridged)
1.   I had told Traddles of the terrible event, and it had greatly… 00:06:11
2.   Mr. Micawber withdrew, and was absent some little time… 00:04:43
3.   With that he flourished off the contents of his little tin pot… 00:06:45
4.   I went down again next morning to see that they were away. 00:06:34
5.   Chapter 58: Absence 00:06:32
6.   I had found a packet of letters awaiting me but a few… 00:05:12
7.   I cannot so completely penetrate the mystery of my own heart… 00:05:32
8.   Chapter 59: Return 00:05:20
9.   I had seen nothing like this since I went away… 00:07:24
10.   Observing that he slightly faltered… 00:06:29
11.   They were a perfect nest of roses; they looked so wholesome… 00:03:59
12.   Altogether, it was a scene I could not help dwelling on… 00:06:41
13.   As the little man put his now empty glass to his lips… 00:07:09

Disc 27

  David Copperfield (Unabridged)
1.   I found it not difficult, in the excitement of Mr. Chillip's own brain… 00:02:30
2.   Chapter 60: Agnes 00:06:01
3.   My aunt withdrew her eyes from mine… 00:07:14
4.   She smiled again, and went out at the door by which she had come. 00:04:45
5.   His bowed head, and her angel - face and filial duty… 00:04:42
6.   Chapter 61: I Am Shown Two Interesting Penitents 00:07:37
7.   After we had both laughed heartily… 00:05:44
8.   Now, it struck me, when we began to visit individuals… 00:07:24
9.   I observed that several gentlemen were shading their eyes… 00:04:10
10.   General commiseration. Several indignant glances directed at me. 00:05:09
11.   Chapter 62: A Light Shines On My Way 00:06:22
12.   I echoed it, parted from my aunt… 00:04:51
13.   'I must say more. I cannot let you leave me so!' 00:05:36
14.   'I am so blest, Trotwood.' 00:05:34
15.   Chapter 63: A Visitor 00:01:20

Disc 28

  David Copperfield (Unabridged)
1.   'Let him come in here!' said I. 00:06:24
2.   We silently observed him as he sat, still looking at the fire. 00:04:42
3.   Mr. Peggotty pointed to a certain paragraph in the newspaper… 00:06:32
4.   Chapter 64: A Last Retrospect 00:06:25
5.   And lo, the Doctor, always our good friend… 00:04:26

Total Playing Time: 36:07:39

Dickens, Charles

Boulton, Nicholas

Label: Naxos AudioBooks

Genre: Classic Fiction

Period: Romantic

Catalogue No: NA0078

Barcode: 9781843795698

Physical Release: 02/2012

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