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DICKENS, C.: Mystery of Edwin Drood (The) (Unabridged)


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DICKENS, C.: Mystery of Edwin Drood (The) (Unabridged)

Through a mist of decay and opium, Dickens weaves a tale of murder and mystery in this, his last novel. Set in the fictional cathedral town of Cloisterham, John Jasper, the choir-master, takes an obsessive interest in his nephew Edwin Drood and his fiancée Rosa Bud. But when young Edwin disappears on Christmas Eve, has Jasper killed him? Alas, we’ll never know as Dickens died before completing the novel. It is an intriguing, enigmatic and also richly comic story, showing that Dickens was at the peak of his powers to the very end.

Disc 1

  The Mystery of Edwin Drood (Unabridged)
1.   Chapter 1: The Dawn 00:04:41
2.   She blows at the pipe as she speaks… 00:05:39
3.   Chapter 2: A Dean, and a Chapter also 00:07:00
4.   'Sorry to hear from Tope that you had not been well, Jasper.' 00:06:29
5.   'I say, tell me Jack…' 00:06:52
6.   'I really was going to say something of the kind, Jack…' 00:07:41
7.   Chapter 3: The Nuns' House 00:07:37
8.   The pet pupil of the Nuns' House is Miss Rosa Bud 00:07:59
9.   'Perhaps we had better stop short, Rosa' 00:07:29
10.   The two youthful figures, side by side… 00:05:56

Disc 2

  The Mystery of Edwin Drood (Unabridged)
1.   Chapter 4: Mr. Sapsea 00:06:00
2.   'If I have not gone to foreign countries, young man,' Mr. Sapsea… 00:05:44
3.   Mr. Jasper has closed his eyes as the auctioneer has deepened… 00:05:23
4.   With a two - foot rule always in his pocket… 00:07:47
5.   Chapter 5: Mr. Durdles' Friend 00:06:52
6.   'Is there anything new down in the crypt, Durdles'… 00:09:06
7.   Chapter 6: Philanthropy in Minor Canon Corner 00:06:00
8.   'It's from Mr. Honeythunder, of course,' said the old lady… 00:07:26
9.   Some remote fragment of Main Line to somewhere else, there was… 00:04:37
10.   The rough mental notes made in the first five minutes… 00:06:29
11.   Chapter 7: More Confidences than One 00:06:54

Disc 3

  The Mystery of Edwin Drood (Unabridged)
1.   'In a last word of reference to my sister, Sir…' 00:06:35
2.   'Pussy's not used to an audience; that's the fact,' said Edwin Drood. 00:08:16
3.   Chapter 8: Daggers Drawn 00:06:03
4.   'Perhaps,' says Jasper, in a soothing manner… 00:08:38
5.   This insulting allusion to his dark skin infuriates Neville… 00:07:38
6.   Chapter 9: Birds in the Bush 00:06:16
7.   To Rosa direct, she brought a petition from her brother… 00:07:40
8.   Mr. Grewgious, with a sense of not having managed… 00:06:45
9.   Rosa sat still and silent. 00:06:30
10.   Rosa shook her head, with an almost plaintive air of hesitation… 00:04:33
11.   As he held it incumbent upon him to call on Mr. Jasper… 00:06:48

Disc 4

  The Mystery of Edwin Drood (Unabridged)
1.   Chapter 10: Smoothing the Way 00:07:27
2.   As, whenever the Reverend Septimus fell a - musing… 00:05:40
3.   The river at Cloisterham is sufficiently near the sea to throw up… 00:06:53
4.   Mr. Crisparkle, in utter amazement, looked at Helena… 00:07:08
5.   'I shall probably be asked to marry them,' he reflected… 00:07:49
6.   Chapter 11: A Picture and a Ring 00:05:54
7.   As Mr. Grewgious sat and wrote by his fire that afternoon… 00:05:51
8.   Mr. Grewgious had meant to be arch… 00:07:18
9.   Mr. Bazzard, with a frowning smile at the fire, put a hand into his… 00:08:27
10.   'And now, Mr. Edwin,' he proceeded… 00:08:29

Disc 5

  The Mystery of Edwin Drood (Unabridged)
1.   Chapter 12: A Night With Durdles 00:07:34
2.   'What friend o' yourn is dead' asks Durdles. 00:05:11
3.   'Ware that there mound by the yard - gate, Mister Jarsper.' 00:06:37
4.   The taciturnity of Durdles is for the time overcome… 00:07:26
5.   The iron gate attained and locked… 00:07:38
6.   Chapter 13: Both at Their Best 00:06:51
7.   The hoarse High Street became musical with the cry… 00:08:53
8.   'Your guardian has spoken to me too, Rosa dear.' 00:10:29
9.   Chapter 14: When Shall These Three Meet Again 00:09:44

Disc 6

  The Mystery of Edwin Drood (Unabridged)
1.   Helena thinks it over, and thinks well of it. 00:06:48
2.   As dusk draws on, he paces the Monks' Vineyard. 00:06:35
3.   John Jasper passes a more agreeable and cheerful… 00:10:20
4.   Chapter 15: Impeached 00:05:23
5.   When his face was cleansed, Neville recognised in the speaker, Joe… 00:07:25
6.   It would be difficult to determine which was the more oppressed… 00:08:09
7.   Chapter 16: Devoted 00:06:10
8.   Mr. Crisparkle came in at the moment. 00:05:36
9.   It was starlight. 00:07:41
10.   The more his case was looked into… 00:06:00

Disc 7

  The Mystery of Edwin Drood (Unabridged)
1.   Chapter 17: Philanthropy, Professional and Unprofessional 00:06:45
2.   'The Commandments say, no murder.' 00:08:05
3.   'These are strong words, sir!' exclaimed the philanthropist. 00:09:58
4.   'It is growing dark. Will you go my way with me…' 00:10:49
5.   Chapter 18: A Settler in Cloisterham 00:06:27
6.   Mr. Tope's official dwelling, communicating by an upper stair… 00:06:34
7.   'Might I ask His Honour,' said Mr. Datchery… 00:06:46
8.   Chapter 19: Shadow on the Sundial 00:06:23
9.   She is so conscious of his looking at her with a gloating admiration… 00:05:05
10.   Again Rosa quails before his threatening face, though innocent… 00:06:55

Disc 8

  The Mystery of Edwin Drood (Unabridged)
1.   Chapter 20: A Flight 00:06:01
2.   It was the first time she had ever been even in Cloisterham… 00:06:31
3.   'Your rest too must be provided for,' he went on… 00:06:13
4.   'How came you to be his master, sir' asked Rosa. 00:07:12
5.   Chapter 21: A Recognition 00:06:52
6.   'Would you have the kindness to take seats' said Mr. Grewgious. 00:06:02
7.   Chapter 22: A Gritty State of Things Comes On 00:05:44
8.   Helena's dark eyes looked very earnestly at the bright face… 00:07:28
9.   'And now, my dear,' said Mr. Grewgious… 00:08:14

Disc 9

  The Mystery of Edwin Drood (Unabridged)
1.   'Can we see these rooms marm' inquired her guardian. 00:07:31
2.   'Cannot people get through life without gritty stages, I wonder' 00:06:05
3.   'My information,' retorted the Billickin… 00:09:40
4.   Chapter 23: The Dawn Again 00:08:59
5.   He divests himself of his shoes, loosens his cravat… 00:07:09
6.   She gently lays him back again… 00:06:12
7.   At length what remains of the last candle is blown out… 00:08:49
8.   Mr. Datchery begins very slowly to count out the sum demanded… 00:06:23
9.   'I like,' says Mr. Datchery, 'the old tavern way of keeping scores…' 00:05:08
10.   Postscript 00:04:28

Total Playing Time: 10:31:17

Dickens, Charles

Timson, David

Label: Naxos AudioBooks

Genre: Classic Fiction

Period: Romantic

Catalogue No: NA0092

Barcode: 9781843795988

Physical Release: 05/2012

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