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DICKENS, C.: Selections from Sketches by Boz (Abridged)


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About this Recording

DICKENS, C.: Selections from Sketches by Boz (Abridged)

Dickens’s renowned skill for keen social observation and, more specifically, his incredibly detailed knowledge of London and its theatres, prisons and inns, is perfectly realised in Sketches by Boz. Many of the themes he goes on to explore in his great novels are foreshadowed in this early collection of short accounts that centre on London and its inhabitants.

Disc 1

  Sketches by Boz (Abridged)
1.   The Streets – Morning 00:05:17
2.   Another hour passes away… 00:07:53
3.   The Streets – Night 00:05:30
4.   It is nearly eleven o'clock… 00:07:29
5.   Meditations in Monmouth Street 00:07:11
6.   The next suit, smart but slovenly… 00:04:15
7.   We took a step or two further on… 00:05:15
8.   London Recreations 00:06:10
9.   On a summer's evening, when the large watering - pot… 00:06:13
10.   Greenwich Fair 00:04:42
11.   The chief place of resort in the daytime… 00:04:53
12.   Imagine yourself in an extremely dense crowd… 00:05:43
13.   The exhibitions next in popularity to these… 00:05:28

Disc 2

  Sketches by Boz (Abridged)
1.   The Pawnbroker's Shop 00:06:34
2.   At the present moment, this elegantly - attired individual… 00:06:00
3.   Here, as the woman has completely run herself… 00:06:42
4.   A Christmas Dinner 00:06:00
5.   When the church - party return to lunch… 00:06:15
6.   The Boarding House – Chapter 1 00:06:21
7.   He always went out at ten o'clock in the morning… 00:06:01
8.   Mr. Calton, the remaining boarder, shortly afterwards… 00:07:30
9.   A pause ensued, before the table was replenished… 00:04:21
10.   We are not about to adopt the licence of novel - writers… 00:05:22
11.   Mr. Septimus Hicks looked up at the ceiling… 00:05:03
12.   'I say,' said Tibbs, shutting the door… 00:05:29

Disc 3

  Sketches by Boz (Abridged)
1.   The Boarding House – Chapter 2 00:05:29
2.   'It's rather singular,' continued Mrs. Tibbs… 00:05:12
3.   The chattels of Mrs. Bloss were forwarded… 00:05:04
4.   Mr. John Evenson was in the receipt of an independent income… 00:04:57
5.   The room - door was suddenly thrown open… 00:05:07
6.   'Oh dear!' said the latter, 'I feel alarmingly faint…' 00:04:04
7.   One evening, the different inmates of the house… 00:05:36
8.   A titter followed this announcement… 00:05:11
9.   'The first thing to be done,' continued the Hibernian… 00:04:48
10.   'What's the matter!' shouted Gobler… 00:04:25
11.   The Tuggses at Ramsgate 00:05:56
12.   'We must certainly give up business,' said Miss Tuggs… 00:05:16
13.   'Walter, my dear,' said the black - eyed young lady… 00:05:10
14.   Resisting even the temptation of securing… 00:05:24
15.   If the pier had presented a scene of life and bustle… 00:04:14

Disc 4

  Sketches by Boz (Abridged)
1.   'What do you think of doing with yourself…' 00:06:33
2.   Great was the confusion of Mr. Cymon Tuggs… 00:05:46
3.   'Who's this' inquired Mr. Cymon Tuggs… 00:06:01
4.   Enter the captain, Joseph Tuggs, Mrs. Tuggs, and Charlotta… 00:04:35
5.   The Bloomsbury Christening 00:07:09
6.   A day or two afterwards, as Dumps was perusing a morning paper… 00:05:51
7.   Dumps paused; he could not think of walking… 00:05:29
8.   The argument was irresistible: Dumps paid the disputed sixpence… 00:06:11
9.   Evening came – and so did Dumps's pumps… 00:05:08
10.   'Uncle,' said little Kitterbell, after Dumps had been introduced… 00:05:25
11.   'Hush! Hush!' said Mr. Kitterbell, rising and looking very important… 00:05:34

Total Playing Time: 04:47:12

Dickens, Charles

Timson, David

Label: Naxos AudioBooks

Genre: Classic Fiction

Period: Romantic

Catalogue No: NA0093

Barcode: 9781843796008

Physical Release: 05/2012

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