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WORDSWORTH, W.: Prelude (The) (Unabridged)


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About this Recording

WORDSWORTH, W.: Prelude (The) (Unabridged)

Wordsworth’s Prelude is the consummation of his achievement as the great founder of English romanticism. An autobiography in verse, it tells of his childhood in the Lake District, his student days in Cambridge, his passion for the French Revolution and his later disenchantment with it, and his personal journey to a belief in Nature as the great moral and spiritual force which shapes human life, but on which human society all too often turned its back. Subtitled ‘Growth of a Poet’s Mind’, The Prelude is both a key document in the history of English literature, and an inspiring work of imagination, as fresh and challenging today as when it was written two centuries ago.

Disc 1

  The Prelude (Unabridged)
1.   The Prelude, Book First 00:07:06
2.   And now it would content me to yield up… 00:07:06
3.   Was it for this, that one, the fairest of all rivers… 00:07:02
4.   Wisdom and Spirit of the universe! 00:07:05
5.   Meanwhile abroad incessant rain was falling… 00:05:47
6.   Book Second 00:06:04
7.   Our steeds remounted and the summons given… 00:06:02
8.   Hard task, vain hope, to analyse the mind… 00:06:26
9.   'Twere long to tell… 00:06:16
10.   Book Third 00:05:56
11.   As if awakened, summoned, roused, constrained… 00:05:53
12.   Could I behold… 00:05:39

Disc 2

  The Prelude (Unabridged)
1.   In this mixed sort… 00:05:25
2.   This truth escaped me not… 00:05:04
3.   And sure it is… 00:06:12
4.   Book Fourth 00:06:00
5.   And when at evening on the public way… 00:06:12
6.   But now there opened on me other thoughts… 00:06:04
7.   When from our better selves… 00:06:10
8.   Book Fifth 00:06:11
9.   Far stronger, now, grew the desire I felt… 00:06:22
10.   We had been followed, hourly watched… 00:05:44
11.   These mighty workmen of our later age… 00:05:59
12.   A precious treasure had I long possessed… 00:07:46
13.   Book Sixth 00:05:06

Disc 3

  The Prelude (Unabridged)
1.   On the vague reading of a truant youth… 00:05:44
2.   The varied banks of Emont… 00:06:22
3.   When the third summer freed us from restraint… 00:05:57
4.   She ceased to speak… 00:06:13
5.   Dejection taken up for pleasure's sake… 00:06:21
6.   While yet a youth undisciplined in verse… 00:05:51
7.   Book Seventh 00:06:33
8.   Nor had Fancy fed with less delight… 00:06:53
9.   And to these exhibitions, mute and still… 00:06:43
10.   Distress of mind ensued upon the sight… 00:06:49
11.   But some - while he forewarns… 00:06:42
12.   Though reared upon the base of outward things… 00:06:26

Disc 4

  The Prelude (Unabridged)
1.   Book Eighth 00:05:49
2.   Yea, when a glimpse of those imperial bowers… 00:06:07
3.   And when the spring looks out… 00:05:38
4.   Yet deem not, Friend! that human kind… 00:06:04
5.   A grove there is… 00:06:12
6.   But let him pause awhile, and look again… 00:05:41
7.   Book Ninth 00:06:20
8.   A band of military Officers… 00:05:39
9.   It could not be but that one tutored thus… 00:06:20
10.   We summoned up the honourable deeds… 00:05:15
11.   And sometimes, when to a convent in a meadow green… 00:06:12

Disc 5

  The Prelude (Unabridged)
1.   Book Tenth 00:07:28
2.   Yet did I grieve… 00:07:37
3.   Oh! much have they to account for… 00:07:54
4.   But, even if that were not… 00:07:37
5.   Book Eleventh 00:06:23
6.   They who had fed their childhood upon dreams… 00:06:09
7.   Thus expectation rose again… 00:06:37
8.   Thus, O Friend! through times of honour… 00:05:26
9.   Book Twelfth 00:06:16
10.   Nor only did the love of sitting thus… 00:05:09
11.   Such moments are scattered everywhere… 00:05:50

Disc 6

  The Prelude (Unabridged)
1.   Book Thirteenth 00:06:17
2.   Oh! next to one dear state of bliss… 00:06:37
3.   Be mine to follow with no timid step… 00:06:34
4.   Book Fourteenth 00:05:10
5.   Them the enduring and the transient… 00:06:13
6.   But joy to him… 00:06:35
7.   Yet one word more of personal concern… 00:05:34

Total Playing Time: 06:51:54

Wordsworth, William

Farrell, Nicholas

Label: Naxos AudioBooks

Genre: Poetry

Period: Romantic

Catalogue No: NA0134

Barcode: 9781843797319

Physical Release: 06/2013

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