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WOOLF, V.: Waves (The) (Unabridged)


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About this Recording

WOOLF, V.: Waves (The) (Unabridged)

The Waves traces the lives of six friends from childhood to old age. It was written when Virginia Woolf was at the height of her experimental literary powers, and she allows the characters to tell their own stories, through powerful, poetic monologues. By listening to these voices struggling to impose order and meaning on their lives we are drawn into a literary journey which stunningly reproduces the complex, confusing and contradictory nature of human experience.

Disc 1

  The Waves (Unabridged)
1.   The sun had not yet risen. 00:03:00
2.   'I see a ring,' said Bernard… 00:04:28
3.   'Now they have all gone,' said Louis. 'I am alone.' 00:07:58
4.   'I love,' said Susan, 'and I hate.' 00:07:59
5.   'I will not conjugate the verb,' said Louis… 00:08:17
6.   'The heat is going,' said Bernard, 'from the jungle…' 00:08:59
7.   The sun rose higher. Blue waves, green waves swept… 00:01:47
8.   'Now,' said Bernard, 'the time has come…' 00:06:36
9.   'The purple light,' said Rhoda, 'in Miss Lambert's ring…' 00:07:30
10.   'Now we move out of this cool temple…' 00:07:30
11.   'At home the hay waves over the meadows.' 00:07:34
12.   'When Miss Lambert passes,' said Rhoda… 00:07:41

Disc 2

  The Waves (Unabridged)
1.   'They have bowled off,' said Bernard, 'and I am too late…' 00:07:38
2.   'I have torn off the whole of May and June,' said Susan… 00:08:28
3.   'Now we have received,' said Louis… 00:07:50
4.   'I will not send my children to school…' 00:07:05
5.   'Now we are off,' said Louis. 'Now I hang suspended…' 00:06:00
6.   'The fact is that I have little aptitude for reflection.' 00:06:37
7.   The sun rose. Bars of yellow and green fell on the shore… 00:05:13
8.   'The complexity of things becomes more close,' said Bernard… 00:10:48
9.   'In a world which contains the present moment,' said Neville… 00:09:04
10.   'When there are buildings like these,' said Neville… 00:10:42

Disc 3

  The Waves (Unabridged)
1.   'I think of Louis now. What malevolent yet searching light…' 00:07:35
2.   'My roots go down through veins of lead and silver…' 00:07:51
3.   'I return, like a cat or fox returning, whose fur is grey…' 00:08:34
4.   'Come, then, let us wander whirling to the gilt chairs.' 00:08:41
5.   The sun, risen, no longer couched on a green mattress… 00:04:53
6.   'How fair, how strange,' said Bernard… 00:07:10
7.   'It is, however, true that I cannot deny a sense…' 00:07:40
8.   'It is now five minutes to eight,' said Neville… 00:08:19
9.   'Here is Percival,' said Jinny. 'He has not dressed.' 00:10:22
10.   'But you will never hate me,' said Jinny. 00:08:11

Disc 4

  The Waves (Unabridged)
1.   'Had I been born,' said Bernard, 'not knowing that one word…' 00:09:23
2.   'It is hate, it is love,' said Susan. 00:08:52
3.   'How strange,' said Susan, 'the little heaps of sugar look…' 00:09:18
4.   The sun had risen to its full height. 00:05:21
5.   'He is dead,' said Neville. 'He fell. His horse tripped…' 00:07:16
6.   'Yet already signals begin, beckonings…' 00:08:13
7.   'There is the puddle,' said Rhoda, 'and I cannot cross it.' 00:10:54
8.   The sun no longer stood in the middle of the sky. 00:02:29
9.   'I have signed my name,' said Louis, 'already twenty times…' 00:07:33
10.   'Summer comes, and winter,' said Susan… 00:09:48

Disc 5

  The Waves (Unabridged)
1.   'But we who live in the body see with the body’s imagination…' 00:10:54
2.   The sun had now sunk lower in the sky. 00:03:14
3.   'And time,' said Bernard, 'lets fall its drop.' 00:05:36
4.   'But let me consider. The drop falls…' 00:08:14
5.   'I ask now, standing with my scissors among my flowers…' 00:08:28
6.   'I no longer need a room now,' said Neville… 00:07:19
7.   'I come back from the office,' said Louis… 00:06:09
8.   'Oh, life, how I have dreaded you,' said Rhoda… 00:06:18
9.   The sun was sinking. The hard stone of the day… 00:03:58
10.   'Hampton Court,' said Bernard. 00:09:36
11.   'There was the beech wood,' said Susan, 'Elvedon…' 00:10:22

Disc 6

  The Waves (Unabridged)
1.   'I see what is before me,' said Jinny… 00:07:40
2.   'Drop upon drop,' said Bernard, 'silence falls.' 00:07:36
3.   'I grasp, I hold fast,' said Susan… 00:08:14
4.   'We have destroyed something by our presence,' said Bernard… 00:05:08
5.   Now the sun had sunk. 00:02:49
6.   'Now to sum up,' said Bernard… 00:06:11
7.   'But we were all different. The wax…' 00:06:22
8.   'Neville next – lying on his back staring up at the summer sky.' 00:07:23
9.   'The willow tree grew by the river.' 00:08:46
10.   'I rose and walked away – I, I, I; not Byron, Shelley…' 00:07:15
11.   'Nevertheless, life is pleasant, life is tolerable.' 00:04:25
12.   'I became, I mean, a certain kind of man…' 00:07:26

Disc 7

  The Waves (Unabridged)
1.   'And now what other discovery will there be' I said… 00:08:37
2.   'Sitting down on a bank to wait for my train…' 00:08:23
3.   'Yes, but suddenly one hears a clock tick.' 00:07:13
4.   'However, we had our bottle of wine…' 00:07:18
5.   'Swinging my stick, with my hair newly cut…' 00:07:15
6.   'The heaviness of my despondency thrust open the gate…' 00:08:00
7.   'But no more. Now to - night, my body rises…' 00:08:13
8.   'My book, stuffed with phrases, has dropped to the floor.' 00:04:58

Total Playing Time: 08:56:27

Woolf, Virginia

Jeater, Frances

Label: Naxos AudioBooks

Genre: Classic Fiction

Catalogue No: NA0172

Barcode: 9781843798354

Physical Release: 06/2014

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