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CONRAD, J.: Secret Agent (The) (Unabridged)


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CONRAD, J.: Secret Agent (The) (Unabridged)

Joseph Conrad’s The Secret Agent is a tale of anarchism, espionage and terrorism. Our agent, a man named Mr Verloc, minds his own business while he keeps his shop in London’s Soho, alongside his wife, who attends to her aged mother and disabled brother. Their lives are turned upside down when Verloc is reluctantly employed to plant a bomb and destroy an observatory in London. What was once the perfect bomb plot inevitably turns awry and Verloc, his family and his associates are forced to face the consequences. Conrad’s later political novel bears all the hallmarks of his captivating style: The Secret Agent brims with melodious and poetic language, alongside crystal-clear psychological insights that could only be the work of a uniquely gifted storyteller.

Disc 1

  The Secret Agent (Unabridged)
1.   Chapter 1 00:08:13
2.   His prominent, heavy - lidded eyes rolled sideways… 00:08:14
3.   Chapter 2 00:07:09
4.   The polished knockers of the doors gleamed… 00:06:05
5.   'We are not very satisfied with the attitude of the police here,'… 00:06:23
6.   Mr. Vladimir, First Secretary, had a drawing - room reputation… 00:06:47
7.   This flight of fancy provoked something like a faint smile… 00:06:36
8.   'You give yourself for an "agent provocateur".' 00:07:26
9.   Mr. Vladimir shrugged his shoulders. 00:07:43
10.   A murderous attempt on a restaurant or a theatre… 00:08:44

Disc 2

  The Secret Agent (Unabridged)
1.   This perfectly gratuitous suggestion caused Mr. Verloc… 00:05:41
2.   The theory was that Mr Verloc would have been inexpressibly… 00:05:21
3.   Chapter 3 00:08:10
4.   Michaelis pursued his idea – the idea of his solitary reclusion… 00:08:02
5.   The famous terrorist had never in his life raised… 00:07:11
6.   Michaelis gave no sign of having heard anything. 00:08:35
7.   Positively he did not know how to speak to the lad. 00:06:01
8.   Mr. Verloc, in the same position, cleared his throat… 00:06:33
9.   Chapter 4 00:08:40
10.   'Proof of what Dealing in explosives…' 00:08:51

Disc 3

  The Secret Agent (Unabridged)
1.   Ossipon could not restrain a start of indignation. 00:08:04
2.   The little man seemed already to have considered that point… 00:07:44
3.   'He told me it was going to be a demonstration…' 00:08:38
4.   Chapter 5 00:07:28
5.   In the dark patches of the orbits the eyeballs glimmered… 00:07:24
6.   Chief Inspector Heat, an efficient officer of his department… 00:07:54
7.   A convenient train whirled him up to town… 00:07:01
8.   But the reception they got departed from tradition… 00:07:44
9.   Catching thieves was another matter altogether. 00:05:50
10.   The near presence of that strange emotional phenomenon… 00:05:56

Disc 4

  The Secret Agent (Unabridged)
1.   He entered his club to play from five to seven… 00:01:27
2.   Chapter 6 00:07:38
3.   If he could not give the great and curious lady… 00:08:29
4.   The disappearance of the last piece of money… 00:07:21
5.   He caught on the latter's face not only the complacency… 00:07:25
6.   His Chief Inspector, if not an absolutely worthy foeman… 00:08:03
7.   Moreover, besides being legal and expedient… 00:07:50
8.   But it was immediately followed by the reflection… 00:08:41
9.   No later than next afternoon my man turned up… 00:08:04
10.   Chapter 7 00:09:07

Disc 5

  The Secret Agent (Unabridged)
1.   'However, this is an imperfect world…' 00:07:48
2.   I want your authority to give him such assurances… 00:06:59
3.   'He's ready to go now,' he exclaimed in a whisper… 00:05:07
4.   He was satisfied by the subtle modification… 00:05:57
5.   Chapter 8 00:07:17
6.   A division, on the other hand… 00:07:12
7.   The cabby turned at him… 00:06:50
8.   As regards Winnie's sisterly devotion… 00:06:40
9.   Before the door of one of these tiny houses… 00:06:15
10.   Stevie, though apt to forget mere facts… 00:07:40
11.   It was a bad world. Bad! Bad! 00:05:43

Disc 6

  The Secret Agent (Unabridged)
1.   She cast a swift glance at the boy… 00:08:17
2.   This speech, becoming the solicitude of the wife… 00:07:56
3.   Chapter 9 00:07:41
4.   But, in truth, Stevie moped in the striking fashion… 00:07:07
5.   'You too seem to have grown quite fond of him of late,'… 00:07:10
6.   'I don't know what you mean,' remarked his wife… 00:07:03
7.   But talking round that vital point… 00:07:18
8.   Mr. Verloc had done no more than put on his overcoat. 00:06:45
9.   Private Citizen Heat entered the street… 00:07:19
10.   'Michaelis,' confessed Mrs. Verloc… 00:07:39

Disc 7

  The Secret Agent (Unabridged)
1.   Mrs. Verloc pressed her ear to the keyhole… 00:07:38
2.   Chapter 10 00:07:30
3.   The great man manifested no surprise… 00:07:15
4.   'Pardon me. I don't think so.' 00:09:05
5.   He left the drawing - room hurriedly… 00:08:18
6.   Chapter 11 00:06:13
7.   He noticed all these things now for the first time… 00:08:23
8.   In all the eventualities he had foreseen… 00:06:49
9.   He perceived that his wife had sat up. 00:06:10
10.   Mrs. Verloc, in common with other human beings… 00:07:19

Disc 8

  The Secret Agent (Unabridged)
1.   'Might have been father and son.' 00:08:21
2.   'You must reckon on me being two years away from you,'… 00:08:02
3.   This shaking piece of forgetfulness stimulated Mrs. Verloc's intelligence. 00:08:04
4.   This man, hurt cruelly in his vanity… 00:08:07
5.   They were spoken because Mr. Verloc… 00:08:57
6.   Mrs. Verloc was coming. 00:08:03
7.   Chapter 12 00:07:41
8.   She floundered over the doorstep head forward… 00:06:50
9.   In comparison with his usual amatory speculations… 00:05:16
10.   Ossipon let that pass, and took up his running. 00:05:55

Disc 9

  The Secret Agent (Unabridged)
1.   There were suggestions of triumph, relief… 00:08:42
2.   Suddenly she clutched at her breast… 00:07:27
3.   A yell coming from the innermost depths of his chest… 00:08:15
4.   Ossipon groped his way back through the stuffy atmosphere… 00:06:53
5.   Mrs. Verloc, as if relieved by the outburst… 00:07:35
6.   In the other case I mean if he had his account… 00:06:02
7.   He spoke scientifically in his secret fear. 00:08:05
8.   Chapter 13 00:07:01
9.   But rolling to the feast on the top of the omnibus… 00:08:05
10.   The stewardess fetched the chief steward… 00:07:59

Total Playing Time: 11:07:56

Conrad, Joseph

Horovitch, David

Label: Naxos AudioBooks

Genre: Classic Fiction

Catalogue No: NA0187

Barcode: 9781843798675

Physical Release: 2014

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