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CLELAND, J.: Fanny Hill (Unabridged)


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About this Recording

CLELAND, J.: Fanny Hill (Unabridged)

Fanny Hill, one of the most popular novels of the 18th century, traces the rise of its heroine from prostitution to middle-class respectability. Condemned in its own time on grounds of indecency, the book was the subject of several lawsuits until as recently as the 1960s. For today’s reader, the work holds as much fascination as when it was first published, not only as the foremost example of English erotic fiction, but as a literary classic in its own right.

Disc 1

  Fanny Hill (Unabridged)
1.   Fanny Hill 00:12:23
2.   Left thus alone, absolutely destitute… 00:12:06
3.   At table, the conversation was chiefly kept up… 00:09:08
4.   Here she took my hand… 00:10:33
5.   This then was the master… 00:11:59
6.   After some pause, he asked me… 00:10:57

Disc 2

  Fanny Hill (Unabridged)
1.   One day, about twelve at noon… 00:10:08
2.   Phoebe could not hear it to the end… 00:10:12
3.   Phoebe, at this, gave me a gentle jog… 00:11:33
4.   Figure to yourself, Madam, fair stripling… 00:11:56
5.   I wished, I doated, I could have died for him… 00:13:13
6.   How often, when the rage… 00:12:19

Disc 3

  Fanny Hill (Unabridged)
1.   In our calmer intervals Charles… 00:11:48
2.   At the word lady, I blushed… 00:11:35
3.   The maid readily came… 00:12:36
4.   To all his speeches, however… 00:10:53
5.   Accordingly he went out and left me… 00:09:39
6.   I was now established the kept mistress in form… 00:09:30

Disc 4

  Fanny Hill (Unabridged)
1.   Had I considered this escapade of Mr. H… 00:11:19
2.   He is now upon me… 00:12:05
3.   I was now so bruised, so battered… 00:12:39
4.   When we had sufficiently graduated… 00:12:03
5.   The misfortune I had now brought upon him… 00:12:21

Disc 5

  Fanny Hill (Unabridged)
1.   Letter the Second 00:11:06
2.   After having consumed the morning… 00:10:59
3.   'Before either of us undressed, however…' 00:11:11
4.   'I cannot say but that part chiefly…' 00:11:48
5.   Louisa, the brunette whom I mentioned at first… 00:10:56
6.   'He is now lain down by me…' 00:07:45
7.   In the midst of all the frolic and wantonness… 00:06:16

Disc 6

  Fanny Hill (Unabridged)
1.   As soon as he was dismounted… 00:10:13
2.   And now, Emily's partner… 00:11:12
3.   I was now handed by him to the cockpit… 00:10:01
4.   As it was an inviolable law… 00:11:21
5.   As soon then as I came to Mrs. Cole's… 00:10:59
6.   Everything then being disposed… 00:09:56
7.   Tired, however, at length… 00:09:36

Disc 7

  Fanny Hill (Unabridged)
1.   I was now restored again to my former state… 00:11:15
2.   His sister, Lady L…. 00:11:26
3.   I led him then to the bench… 00:11:37
4.   As soon as my clothes were huddled… 00:10:46
5.   Louisa and she went one night to a ball… 00:12:08
6.   As he thus stood in a side view to me… 00:09:14
7.   A want of complaisance was never… 00:07:22

Disc 8

  Fanny Hill (Unabridged)
1.   Nor did he: for Louisa… 00:10:22
2.   Emily, who never refused anything… 00:11:41
3.   At the same time, allow me to place you here… 00:10:58
4.   From him it was I first learned… 00:11:40
5.   All these interjections breaking from me… 00:12:10
6.   I have, I believe, somewhere before… 00:08:41
7.   But still there was no end… 00:08:07

Total Playing Time: 09:13:41

Cleland, John

Corbett, Clare

Label: Naxos AudioBooks

Genre: Classic Fiction

Catalogue No: NA0274

Barcode: 9781781980620

Physical Release: 09/2017

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