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Classical Music Home > BALZAC, H. de: Father Goriot (Unabridged)

BALZAC, H. de: Father Goriot (Unabridged)


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BALZAC, H. de: Father Goriot (Unabridged)

Impoverished young aristocrat Eugène de Rastignac is determined to climb the social ladder and impress himself on Parisian high society. While staying at the Maison Vauquer, a boarding house in Paris’s rue Neuve-Sainte-Geneviève, he encounters Jean-Joachim Goriot, a retired vermicelli maker who has spent his entire fortune supporting his two daughters. The boarders strike up a friendship and Goriot learns of Rastignac’s feelings for his daughter Delphine. He begins to see Rastignac as the ideal son-in-law, and the perfect substitute for Delphine’s domineering husband. But Rastignac has other opportunities too, as the notorious criminal Vautrin, ‘The Death Dodger’, offers to murder the brother of a wealthy woman, giving the ambitious young lawyer a clear path to her fortune… Profound and realistic, Father Goriot is a startling glimpse into the vanity and selfishness of 19th-century Paris. It is considered one of the finest works of Balzac’s La Comédie Humaine.

Disc 1

  Father Goriot (Unabridged)
1.   Father Goriot 00:12:17
2.   The first room exhales an odour for which… 00:13:27
3.   Mlle Michonneau, that elderly young lady… 00:13:03
4.   Mlle Taillefer felt attracted, perhaps unconsciously… 00:11:19
5.   For three months from that day Mme Veuve… 00:11:59
6.   Unluckily, towards the end of the second year… 00:10:45

Disc 2

  Father Goriot (Unabridged)
1.   One evening after dinner Mme Vauquer said… 00:10:41
2.   It so happened that Christophe took a look… 00:10:42
3.   The next morning Paris was wrapped… 00:10:42
4.   When everything was ready… 00:14:59
5.   At four o'clock that evening… 00:10:57
6.   The next day Rastignac dressed himself… 00:15:32

Disc 3

  Father Goriot (Unabridged)
1.   She rose to her feet and signed to Maxime… 00:10:56
2.   The innumerable thoughts that surged through… 00:12:42
3.   Eugène was beginning to feel very uncomfortable… 00:10:00
4.   Mme de Beauséant began to laugh outright… 00:11:41
5.   She raised her head like the great lady… 00:14:03
6.   He rose without waiting for Goriot's answer… 00:13:42

Disc 4

  Father Goriot (Unabridged)
1.   After seven years of unclouded happiness… 00:10:16
2.   By the time Eugène had finished the letter… 00:13:46
3.   An idea, of course, gains in force by the energy… 00:13:47
4.   He stopped for a moment and looked at Eugène. 00:12:12
5.   'Well, then, if you mean to make a fortune…' 00:12:57
6.   'How frightful!' said Eugène. 00:10:54

Disc 5

  Father Goriot (Unabridged)
1.   'How could you think that Mme de Restaud…' 00:12:37
2.   A few moments later he was sitting beside… 00:13:00
3.   Rastignac did not leave Mme de Nucingen… 00:15:28
4.   Ever after this conference… 00:11:41
5.   Eugène lingered over his toilette… 00:10:45
6.   Eugène took the dainty little purse… 00:10:32

Disc 6

  Father Goriot (Unabridged)
1.   Eugène's maiden conscience resisted… 00:09:04
2.   The next day Rastignac went at the appointed… 00:12:57
3.   Mme de Nucingen might love him… 00:07:40
4.   Mme Vauquer followed the two ladies… 00:09:21
5.   For some days the Countess had paid more… 00:12:50
6.   'But none of all this explains why…' 00:10:12
7.   Victorine fled. Her heart was more full… 00:10:46

Disc 7

  Father Goriot (Unabridged)
1.   Eugène stared at his neighbour… 00:12:23
2.   Eugène heard all this, and could not answer… 00:14:50
3.   That evening's merry - making… 00:12:26
4.   Father Goriot caught the student's hand… 00:09:23
5.   Rastignac's battle with himself… 00:14:12
6.   But before the chief had time to answer… 00:09:35

Disc 8

  Father Goriot (Unabridged)
1.   A messenger came in at that moment… 00:11:01
2.   'Have we guessed your wishes rightly' 00:12:17
3.   It was midnight. Mme de Nucingen's carriage… 00:09:38
4.   Love in Paris is a thing distinct and apart… 00:09:45
5.   Next day, Goriot and Rastignac were ready… 00:10:18
6.   'Oh! Father dear, be careful how you set about it!' 00:10:50
7.   Anastasie bowed her head… 00:07:15

Disc 9

  Father Goriot (Unabridged)
1.   'That is not all, father,' said Anastasie… 00:10:18
2.   The Countess stood motionless and speechless… 00:10:14
3.   That evening at the opera… 00:09:54
4.   'How they will enjoy themselves tomorrow,'… 00:11:40
5.   He went to his rooms and dressed… 00:09:09
6.   Rastignac went. He asked for the Marquis… 00:10:37
7.   At two o'clock in the afternoon… 00:10:15

Disc 10

  Father Goriot (Unabridged)
1.   'They will come before long…' 00:11:27
2.   'The next day I went to Delphine for comfort…' 00:12:35
3.   'Christophe!' shouted Eugène… 00:11:36
4.   Eugène bowed to the husband and wife… 00:12:35
5.   There was something awful and appalling… 00:16:01

Total Playing Time: 12:00:26

Balzac, Honoré de

Homewood, Bill

Label: Naxos AudioBooks

Genre: Classic Fiction

Catalogue No: NA0326

Barcode: 9781781981689

Physical Release: 10/2018

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