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THESIGER, W.: Arabian Sands (Unabridged)


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THESIGER, W.: Arabian Sands (Unabridged)

Arabian Sands is Wilfred Thesiger’s stunning account of five years spent crossing the Arabian Peninsula by foot and on camels, with nomadic Bedouin tribesmen as guides. Travelling between 1945 and 1950, the British explorer treks through Yemen, The Empty Quarter, Oman and parts of the then Trucial States, crossing and re-crossing around 250,000 miles of this most inhospitable terrain. He was the first European ever to set eyes on the dunes and wadis of these deserts. Faced with constant challenges and trials beneath the punishing sun, his journey is also spiritual and enriching, as it requires the utmost courage, patience, generosity and humour. In clear and evocative prose, Thesiger documents a journey of unimaginable hardship and startling beauty, as well as a time, place and people on the cusp of change.

Disc 1

  Arabian Sands (Unabridged)
1.   Arabian Sands 00:07:03
2.   Preface to the 1991 Reprint 00:01:46
3.   Foreword 00:08:14
4.   Prologue 00:01:53
5.   1. Abyssinia and the Sudan 00:08:59
6.   It is not surprising that I dreamt of Africa… 00:08:50
7.   Three years later, accompanied by David… 00:08:02
8.   I went up to Addis Ababa and wasted six weeks… 00:10:35
9.   I was restless. For three years I had been… 00:08:21
10.   I was posted to the Western Nuer District… 00:08:42

Disc 2

  Arabian Sands (Unabridged)
1.   The deserts in which I had travelled… 00:03:08
2.   2. Prelude in Dhaufar 00:12:05
3.   The successive civilisations whose prosperity… 00:11:51
4.   I stayed there for ten days. 00:11:55
5.   3. The Sands of Ghanim 00:10:28
6.   When all was ready we set off on foot. 00:11:07
7.   It hardly occurred to the Bedu… 00:13:21

Disc 3

  Arabian Sands (Unabridged)
1.   The Rashid and the Awamir were the tribes… 00:09:06
2.   We rode slowly westwards and watered… 00:06:54
3.   4. Secret Preparations at Salala 00:11:05
4.   We camped under some cliffs on a small level… 00:10:31
5.   Early next morning we moved down to the pool… 00:10:39
6.   We travelled slowly northwards… 00:09:58
7.   I mounted and we rode after the others. 00:15:26

Disc 4

  Arabian Sands (Unabridged)
1.   Now as I rode along, ignoring Sultan's… 00:06:31
2.   5. The Approach to the Empty Quarter 00:10:39
3.   I asked him if he had been afraid… 00:10:15
4.   The country grew more arid… 00:11:37
5.   During the days that I was at Mughshin… 00:06:09
6.   6. On the Edge of the Empty Quarter 00:09:32
7.   I climbed to the summit of the dune… 00:07:56
8.   A cold wind blew in gusts across the desert… 00:10:39

Disc 5

  Arabian Sands (Unabridged)
1.   We started again soon after sunrise. 00:15:01
2.   7. The First Crossing of the Empty Quarter 00:11:08
3.   Later we came on some grazing and stopped… 00:12:25
4.   After the meal we rode for two hours… 00:13:19
5.   Al Auf woke us again while it was still dark. 00:15:49
6.   8. Return to Salala 00:06:00

Disc 6

  Arabian Sands (Unabridged)
1.   Next day we had difficulty in avoiding… 00:11:41
2.   I then asked him about Liwa. 00:10:41
3.   Next morning while we were leading our camels… 00:11:29
4.   It was late in the afternoon when Salim… 00:12:03
5.   Next day Hamad and Bakhit returned… 00:12:22
6.   9. From Salala to Mukalla 00:15:21

Disc 7

  Arabian Sands (Unabridged)
1.   Next day we crossed the Kismim pass… 00:11:25
2.   We remained for three days at Habarut… 00:12:05
3.   We descended into the valley again… 00:13:55
4.   10. Preparations for a Second Crossing 00:12:42
5.   Muhammad pressed me to spend the night… 00:10:26
6.   We left Shibam on 17 December… 00:12:51

Disc 8

  Arabian Sands (Unabridged)
1.   The pursuit party had used as their battle - cry… 00:09:48
2.   11. The Second Crossing of the Empty Quarter 00:10:17
3.   We rode across gravel steppes… 00:10:36
4.   It was a crisp morning with a gentle breeze. 00:10:51
5.   Wet, cold, and tired, we started early… 00:14:18
6.   12. From Sulaiyil to Abu Dhabi 00:08:57
7.   The first afternoon we overtook two Yam… 00:08:28

Disc 9

  Arabian Sands (Unabridged)
1.   The hatred which I encountered… 00:10:59
2.   Later, Muhammad and Amair went off… 00:10:03
3.   Next day was fine and sunny and our spirit rose… 00:12:40
4.   13. The Trucial Coast 00:10:59
5.   The evening before we reached Buraimi… 00:09:49
6.   Zayid, as Shakhbut's representative… 00:08:52
7.   We arrived at Sharja on 10 May. 00:10:44

Disc 10

  Arabian Sands (Unabridged)
1.   14. A Holiday in Buraimi 00:10:43
2.   At Lahamma well we found many day - old tracks… 00:10:02
3.   We were hungry before we arrived at Zayid's fort… 00:08:11
4.   We were astir early next morning. 00:10:31
5.   15. The Quicksands of Umm al Samim 00:09:30
6.   We travelled across interminable gravel… 00:10:21
7.   16. The Wahiba Sands 00:14:26

Disc 11

  Arabian Sands (Unabridged)
1.   Ahmad fetched Ali's camel… 00:10:18
2.   We camped next day within ten miles of Nazwa. 00:06:16
3.   17. The Closing Door 00:10:11
4.   Three days later we were camped… 00:08:42
5.   One morning they came back before breakfast… 00:08:22

Total Playing Time: 12:58:54

Thesiger, Wilfred

Kennedy, Laurence

Label: Naxos AudioBooks

Genre: Non-Fiction

Period: 20th Century

Catalogue No: NA0336

Barcode: 9781781981887

Physical Release: 06/2018

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