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Classical Music Home > IBSEN, H.: Hedda Gabler (Unabridged)

IBSEN, H.: Hedda Gabler (Unabridged)


About this Recording

IBSEN, H.: Hedda Gabler (Unabridged)

Hedda Gabler, a deceased General’s daughter, marries dull George Tesman and foresees a life of middleclass tedium stretching ahead when they return from a honeymoon they could not afford to a house they cannot afford. Increasingly, she is drawn into the clutches of her admirer, Judge Brack, who seeks to establish a menage a trois. Then a former flame arrives in the brilliant but dissolute Eilert Lovborg to rival her husband for an academic post. After a drunken orgy, the manuscript of Lovborg’s treatise falls into her hands and she destroys it. Discovery traps her, her romantic ideas are shattered, and there seems only one way out of the net—the pistols of her father, the General.

Disc 1

  Hedda Gabler: Act 1
1.   Enter MISS TESMAN and BERTA: MISS TESMAN Upon my word, I don't believe they are stirring yet 00:04:13
2.   Enter TESMAN and AUNT JULIA: TESMAN Aunt Julia, Dear Aunt Julia. Come all this way - so early! 00:02:42
3.   MISS TESMAN And to think that there you are a married man, George! 00:03:23
4.   TESMAN Well fortunately, Judge Brack has secured the most favourable terms for me.. 00:03:11
5.   Enter HEDDA: MISS TESMAN Good morning, my dear Hedda! 00:04:26
6.   TESMAN What are you looking at, Hedda 00:03:03
7.   Enter MRS ELVSTED: HEDDA How do you do, my dear Mrs Elvsted 00:05:11
8.   HEDDA There! We have killed two birds with one stone. 00:04:14
9.   HEDDA What sort of man is your husband, Thea 00:05:39
10.   Enter TESMAN: TESMAN There now - the epistle is finished. 00:07:43
  Hedda Gabler: Act 2
11.   Enter HEDDA (with a pistol in her hand) and JUDGE BRACK: HEDDA So here you are again, Judge! 00:07:29
12.   Enter TESMAN with a pile of books: TESMAN Ouf - what a load for a warm day - all these books. 00:01:58
13.   BRACK What bonnet were you talking about 00:05:20
14.   Enter TESMAN: TESMAN Hedda, has no message come from Eilert Lovborg 00:01:29
15.   Enter EILERT LOVBORG: TESMAN Well, my dear Eilert - so we meet again 00:05:07
16.   LOVBORG Hedda Gabler! 00:06:24
17.   Enter BERTA and MRS ELVSTED: BERTA Mrs Elvsted, madam. 00:05:38
18.   MRS ELVSTED Hedda - Hedda - what will come of all this 00:02:03

Disc 2

  Hedda Gabler: Act 3
1.   Enter MRS ELVSTED and BERTA: MRS ELVSTED Not yet! Oh God - oh God - not yet! 00:04:20
2.   Enter HEDDA: TESMAN Hedda 00:05:26
3.   Enter BERTA: BERTA Judge Brack is at the door, and wishes to know if he may come in. 00:04:21
4.   HEDDA But tell me now, Judge... 00:03:10
5.   Enter LOVBORG: LOVBORG And I tell you I must and will come in! 00:00:59
6.   MRS ELVSTED Ah, Lovborg! At last! 00:03:08
7.   HEDDA So you are not going to see her home, Mr Lovborg 00:02:11
8.   HEDDA What path do you mean to take then 00:02:38
  Hedda Gabler: Act 4
9.   Enter MISS TESMAN and HEDDA: MISS TESMAN Yes, Hedda, here I am, in mourning and forlorn; 00:02:42
10.   Enter TESMAN: HEDDA Ah, you have come at last! 00:03:35
11.   TESMAN Burnt! Burnt Eilert's manuscript! 00:02:47
12.   Enter MRS ELVSTED: MRS ELVSTED Oh, dear Hedda, forgive my coming again. 00:01:17
13.   Enter JUDGE BRACK: BRACK Tesman! 00:04:30
14.   HEDDA Oh, what a sense of freedom it gives one, this act of Eilert Lovborg's. 00:03:26
15.   TESMAN Hedda, dear, it is almost impossible to see under the lamp in the back room. 00:02:24
16.   BRACK Well, Hedda - then comes the scandal! 00:01:51
17.   HEDDA Well Are you getting on, George 00:03:31

Total Playing Time: 02:11:29

Ibsen, Henrik

Fielding, Emma; Glenister, Robert; Kaye, Brenda; Maloney, Michael; Stevenson, Juliet; Tydeman, John; Voss, Philip; Walker, Melinda

Label: Naxos AudioBooks

Genre: Plays - Others

Period: Romantic

Catalogue No: NA226512

Barcode: 9789626342657

Physical Release: 05/2002

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