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GRIMM: Fairy Tales, Vol. 2


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About this Recording

GRIMM: Fairy Tales, Vol. 2

Jacob and Wilhelm’s first book of fairy tales, Children’s and Household Tales, published in 1812, included eighty-six folktales, and was an instant success. Shortly thereafter, the brothers incorporated seventy more stories in their next volume of Grimms’ Fairy Tales. Filled with fantasy, magic, and talking animals, these enchanting tales for children often teach a lesson about moral values, and right from wrong. Reader Laura Paton’s warmth and flair for characters, paired with bright and exciting classical music, results in a memorable production that younger listeners will enjoy again and again. Contains 14 delightful tales.

Disc 1

  The Wolf and the Seven Little Kids
1.   The Wolf and the Seven Little Kids 00:03:50
2.   Soon afterwards the old goat came home again 00:03:09
  The Pack of Ragamuffins
3.   The Pack of Ragamuffins 00:02:33
4.   Late in the evening 00:02:24
  Brother and Sister
5.   Brother and Sister 00:04:29
6.   For some time they were alone like this 00:04:46
7.   But the wicked stepmother 00:02:02
8.   But at midnight when all slept 00:02:45
  The Three Spinners
9.   The Three Spinners 00:02:21
10.   When the girl was alone again 00:03:12
  The Three Snake-Leaves
11.   The Three Snake - Leaves 00:02:30
12.   They lived now for a while 00:03:01
13.   A change had however taken place 00:03:08
  The Boots of Buffalo-Leather
14.   The Boots of Buffalo - Leather 00:02:46
15.   Scarcely were they in the corner 00:02:52
16.   At last when day came 00:02:24
  Old Rinkrank
17.   Old Rinkrank 00:02:06
18.   When she had living with him for many years 00:02:44
  The Grave Mound
19.   The Grave Mound 00:02:59
20.   It seemed as if the rich man 00:02:12
21.   All was quiet until midnight 00:03:45

Disc 2

  The Drummer
1.   The Drummer 00:02:30
2.   By daybreak the drummer arose 00:03:00
3.   And now the poor drummer was standing before the mountain 00:02:59
4.   The next morning when he had had his sleep 00:02:22
5.   Next morning she said 'Yesterday it was too easy for you' 00:03:31
6.   Then the king's daughter looked at the drummer 00:02:55
7.   On the first day of the wedding ceremonies 00:02:41
8.   On the third evening 00:02:01
  The Master Thief
9.   The Master Thief 00:03:00
10.   When he said that the stranger pulled off his coat 00:03:18
11.   The master thief went to the nearest town 00:03:31
12.   When day broke, the master galloped to the castle 00:02:29
13.   What a long face the Count did pull 00:03:38
14.   Next morning he went to the Count 00:01:21
  The Hare and the Hedgehog
15.   The Hare and the Hedgehog 00:03:37
16.   Hereupon the hedgehog departed 00:01:26
17.   Then they reached the field 00:03:02
  The Little Folks' Presents
18.   The Little Folks' Presents 00:02:41
19.   The two travellers found an inn 00:03:25
  Master Cobbler's Awl
20.   Master Cobbler's Awl 00:04:10
21.   One night Master Pfirem dreamed he was dead 00:03:49
  The Three Sluggards
22.   The Three Sluggards 00:01:52

Total Playing Time: 02:05:16

Grimm, Jacob Ludwig; Grimm, Wilhelm Carl

Paton, Laura

Label: Naxos AudioBooks

Genre: Children's Classics

Period: Romantic

Catalogue No: NA230312

Barcode: 9789626343036

Physical Release: 03/2004

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