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Classical Music Home > ANGUS, D.: Moses and other stories from the Old Testament (Shale, USA) (Unabridged)

ANGUS, D.: Moses and other stories from the Old Testament (Shale, USA) (Unabridged)



About this Recording

ANGUS, D.: Moses and other stories from the Old Testament (Shale, USA) (Unabridged)

Here are the main stories from The Old Testament: Adam and Eve, Cain and Abel, Noah’s Ark, Abraham and Isaac, Moses, The Ten Commandments, David and Goliath, Jonah and the Whale, Daniel and the Lion’s Den and more. In these days where religion plays a diminishing role, it is important that we know the stories of The Bible not least because they appear repeatedly in art, literature, drama, music and even in films and computer games! David Angus’s informal text especially written for this recording is brought to life by the friendly story-telling talents of Kerry Shale.

Disc 1

  Moses and other stories from the Old Testament
1.   Moses and other stories - introduction 00:02:44
2.   The Creation of the World 00:05:01
3.   Adam and Eve 00:03:35
4.   One day, as Eve walked alone in the garden… 00:03:27
5.   The snake had been right about one thing… 00:03:09
6.   Cain and Abel 00:04:43
7.   Noah's Ark 00:04:55
8.   Now as you can imagine, all the people around… 00:03:56
9.   At the Ark, Noah and his family gazed in wonder… 00:04:46
10.   Abraham 00:03:20
11.   The day that they actually reached the borders… 00:03:10
12.   Well, Abraham stayed in that country… 00:03:04
13.   He could not bear to tell Sara what he was going to do… 00:03:17
14.   Joseph 00:02:44
15.   One day the elder brothers were out tending their flocks… 00:02:38
16.   When they arrived in Egypt… 00:03:17
17.   One night Pharaoh had a dream that puzzled him greatly… 00:04:11
18.   For the next seven years Joseph travelled… 00:04:22
19.   When at last Joseph saw his young brother Benjamin… 00:04:16

Disc 2

  Moses and other stories from the Old Testament
1.   Moses 00:03:01
2.   One day a young Israelite woman named Jochebed… 00:02:07
3.   Moses grew up in his mother's house… 00:04:52
4.   One day, Moses was grazing his sheep… 00:04:40
5.   The next day Moses and Aaron went to the royal palace… 00:03:05
6.   God was true to His word… 00:04:55
7.   All day they walked behind the pillar of dust… 00:04:06
8.   So Moses, rejoicing led his people out of Egypt… 00:02:12
9.   When God spoke to Moses at the top of the mountain… 00:03:20
10.   The Israelites waited and waited for his return… 00:03:59
11.   Samson and Delilah 00:04:03
12.   Now it was known that Samson had fallen in love… 00:03:56
13.   David and Goliath 00:03:23
14.   Not one of the Israelites would accept the challenge… 00:03:33
15.   Solomon 00:02:46
16.   That very day there was a chance to test his new wisdom… 00:03:10
17.   Daniel 00:03:23
18.   Well, as soon as Daniel heard this decree… 00:02:34
19.   Jonah and the Whale 00:03:28
20.   He was woken by a terrible noise… 00:02:59
21.   Jonah went into Nineveh, a great city… 00:04:03

Total Playing Time: 02:24:10

Angus, David

Shale, Kerry

Label: Naxos AudioBooks

Genre: Junior Non-Fiction

Period: Contemporary

Catalogue No: NA236712

Barcode: 9789626343678

Release Date: 10/2005

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