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Classical Music Home > CHAUCER, G: Canterbury Tales (The) - General Prologue / The Physician's Tale (Middle and Modern English) (Unabridged)

CHAUCER, G: Canterbury Tales (The) - General Prologue / The Physician's Tale (Middle and Modern English) (Unabridged)


About this Recording

CHAUCER, G: Canterbury Tales (The) - General Prologue / The Physician's Tale (Middle and Modern English) (Unabridged)

The Canterbury Tales are widely read and studied. The Middle English in which they were first written differs sufficiently from modern English, in vocabulary and usage, that most of us require a contemporary translation. On this recording, the ‘General Prologue’ and ‘The Physician’s Tale’ are read in Middle English by Richard Bebb, under the direction of a leading Chaucerian scholar, Professor Derek Brewer. It is an authoritative performance that brilliantly evokes the fourteenth-century world, both for the general reader and the student alike. This is followed by a witty modern verse translation, and provides a fascinating contrast with the original.

Disc 1

  The Canterbury Tales - The Prologue (Middle English)
1.   The Canterbury Tales - The Prologue (Middle English) 00:02:46
2.   A knight ther was, and that a worthy man… 00:02:16
3.   With hym ther was his sone, a yong squire… 00:02:17
4.   A yeman hadde he and servantz namo… 00:01:07
5.   Ther was also a none, a prioresse… 00:03:07
6.   A monk ther was, a fair for the maistrie 00:02:51
7.   A frere ther was, a wantowne and a merye… 00:03:59
8.   A marchant was ther with a forked berd… 00:00:58
9.   A clerk ther was of oxenford also… 00:01:37
10.   A sergeant of the lawe, war and wys… 00:01:25
11.   A frankeleyn was in his compaignye… 00:01:56
12.   An haberdasshere and a carpenter… 00:01:07
13.   A cook they hadde with hem for the nones… 00:00:37
14.   A shipman was ther, wonynge fer by weste… 00:01:31
15.   With us ther was a doctour of phisik… 00:02:09
16.   A good wif was ther of biside bathe… 00:02:09
17.   A good man was ther of religioun… 00:03:24
18.   With hym ther was a plowman, was his brother… 00:00:51
19.   Ther was also a reve, and a millere… 00:01:40
20.   A gentil maunciple was ther of a temple… 00:01:17
21.   The reve was a sclendre colerik man… 00:02:26
22.   A somonour was ther with us in that place… 00:03:01
23.   With hym ther rood a gentil pardoner… 00:03:05
24.   Now have I toold you soothly, in a clause… 00:04:28
25.   Oure conseil was nat longe for to seche… 00:05:01
  The Physician’s Tale (Middle English)
26.   The Physician’s Tale (Middle English) 00:01:55
27.   This mayde of age twelf yeer was and tweye… 00:04:47
28.   This mayde, of which I wol this tale express… 00:04:35
29.   The luge answered, ‘of this, in his absence… 00:04:07
30.   ‘O mercy, dere fader,’ quod this mayde… 00:04:21

Disc 2

  The Canterbury Tales - The Prologue (Modern English)
1.   The Canterbury Tales - The Prologue 00:03:00
2.   A Knight there was, and that a noble man… 00:01:46
3.   With him there went a Squire, that was his son… 00:01:11
4.   He had a Yeoman there, and none beside… 00:00:52
5.   Also there was a nun, a Prioress… 00:02:21
6.   A Monk there was, as fair as ever was born… 00:02:12
7.   There was a Friar, a wanton and a merry… 00:03:09
8.   Next, all in motley garbed, a Merchant came... 00:00:47
9.   There was a Student out of Oxford town... 00:01:08
10.   A Serjeant of the Law, wise and discreet... 00:01:05
11.   A Franklin in this company appeared... 00:01:27
12.   A Haberdasher and a Carpenter, a Weaver, Dyer and Upholsterer… 00:00:51
13.   They brought a Cook for this occasion, who… 00:00:27
14.   There was a Seaman hailing from the West… 00:01:07
15.   A Doctor of Physic there was with us, too... 00:01:35
16.   A Good Wife was there dwelling near the city… 00:01:34
17.   There was a Parson too, that had his cure… 00:02:35
18.   With him his brother, a simple Plowman rode… 00:00:40
19.   A Miller and a Reeve were also there… 00:01:19
20.   There was a Manciple from an inn of court… 00:00:55
21.   Slender and choleric the Reeve appeared… 00:01:50
22.   There was a Summoner with us in that place… 00:02:18
23.   The Summoner brought a noble Pardoner… 00:02:19
24.   Now in a few words I have rehearsed for you… 00:03:16
25.   Agreement took us little time to reach… 00:04:14
  The Physician’s Tale (Modern English)
26.   The Physician’s Tale 00:02:26
27.   Twelve years and two this maiden grew to be… 00:04:06
28.   This maid of whom I tell… 00:03:32
29.   On this and he not here… 00:03:45
30.   O mercy, O dear father… 00:04:08

Total Playing Time: 02:18:45

Chaucer, Geoffrey

Bebb, Richard; Madoc, Philip; Maloney, Michael

Label: Naxos AudioBooks

Genre: Poetry

Catalogue No: NA240012

Barcode: 9789626344002

Physical Release: 02/2006

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