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Classical Music Home > CHAUCER, G.: Pardoner's Tale (The) / The Nun's Priest Tale / Franklin's Tale (Middle English) (Unabridged)

CHAUCER, G.: Pardoner's Tale (The) / The Nun's Priest Tale / Franklin's Tale (Middle English) (Unabridged)


About this Recording

CHAUCER, G.: Pardoner's Tale (The) / The Nun's Priest Tale / Franklin's Tale (Middle English) (Unabridged)

These three tales from The Canterbury Tales are read in the original Middle English by Richard Bebb under the direction of Britain’s foremost Chaucer scholar, Derek Brewer. This was Bebb’s last recording—he died shortly after finishing it—but though ill at the time, his strong professional ethic ensured that it lacks none of the brightness and accuracy that he brought to his two other Chaucer recordings on Naxos AudioBooks: The General Prologue and The Knyghtes Tale.

Disc 1

  The Pardoner's Tale (Middle English)
1.   The Prologue of The Pardoners Tale 00:04:18
2.   By this guide have I wonne, yeer by yeer… 00:05:09
3.   Here biginneth The Pardoners Tale. 00:04:37
4.   The apostel weping saith ful pitously… 00:04:09
5.   And now that I have spoke of glotonye… 00:04:55
6.   Thise ryotoures three, of whiche I telle… 00:04:11
7.   This olde man gan loke in his visage… 00:04:42
8.   Brethren,'quod he, 'tak kepe what I seye… 00:04:30
9.   This yongest, which that wente un - to the toun… 00:04:17
10.   O cursed sinne, ful of cursednesse! 00:05:35
  Franklin's Tale (Middle English)
11.   The Prologue of The Frankeleyns Tale 00:01:31
12.   Here biginneth The Frankeleyns Tale. 00:04:35
13.   Heer may men seen an humble wys accord… 00:03:58
14.   Now stood his castel faste by the see… 00:03:51
15.   So on a day, right in the morwe - tyde… 00:04:31
16.   Madame,' quod he, 'by god that this world made…' 00:04:46
17.   He seyde, 'Appollo, god and governour… 00:04:56
18.   In langour and in torment furious… 00:04:45

Disc 2

  Franklin's Tale (Middle English)
1.   Whan they were come almost to that citee 00:04:51
2.   Upon the morwe, whan that it was day… 00:03:47
3.   Aurelius, which that yet despeired is… 00:04:57
4.   Yis, certes, lo, thise stories beren witnesse… 00:04:00
5.   O Cedasus! It is ful greet pitee… 00:04:59
6.   This squyer, which that highte Aurelius… 00:04:00
7.   Aurelius, that his cost hath al forlorn… 00:04:57
  The Nun's Priest Tale (Middle English)
8.   The Prologue of The Nonne Preestes Tale 00:03:54
9.   Here biginneth The Nonne Preestes Tale 00:04:22
10.   And so bifel, that in a daweninge… 00:03:57
11.   Lo Catoun, which that was so wys a man… 00:04:03
12.   And so bifel, that, longe er it were day… 00:04:33
13.   And certes, in the same book I rede… 00:04:17
14.   And forther - more, I pray yow loketh wel… 00:04:00
15.   Whan that the month in which the world bigan… 00:05:14
16.   Faire in the sond, to bathe hir merily… 00:04:14
17.   This Chauntecleer stood hye up - on his toos… 00:04:35
18.   Lo, how fortune turneth sodeinly… 00:04:38

Total Playing Time: 02:38:34

Chaucer, Geoffrey

Bebb, Richard

Label: Naxos AudioBooks

Genre: Poetry

Catalogue No: NA243912

Barcode: 9789626344392

Physical Release: 02/2007

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