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Classical Music Home > HERODOTUS: Histories (The) - The Persian War (Abridged)

HERODOTUS: Histories (The) - The Persian War (Abridged)


About this Recording

HERODOTUS: Histories (The) - The Persian War (Abridged)

In this, the first prose history in European civilization, Herodotus tells the heroic tale of the Greeks’ resistance to the vast invading force assembled by Xerxes, King of Persia, as currently retold in the feature film 300. Here are not only the great battles—Marathon, Thermopylae, Salamis—but also penetrating human insight and a powerful sense of epic destiny at work.

Disc 1

  The Histories: The Persian War
1.   In The 6th Century BC, Cyrus And His Son Cambyses Expand The Persian Empire 00:01:50
2.   Darius Pursues His Own Design 00:07:33
3.   The Battle Of Marathon 00:05:25
4.   The Wrath Of Darius 00:09:02
5.   Xerxes Builds A Canal And A Bridge 00:13:30
6.   The Persian Army Marches Out 00:11:45
7.   The Review And The Numbering Of The Persian Army 00:05:11
8.   The Army Marches Upon Greece Through Thrace 00:11:20
9.   Themistocles Takes Control With Shrewd Counsel 00:04:31
10.   The Greeks Decide To Guard The Pass of Thermopylae 00:09:12

Disc 2

  The Histories: The Persian War
1.   The Commander Of The Force, The Spartan Leonidas 00:07:33
2.   Betrayal By Ephialtes 00:05:25
3.   The Final Conflict At Thermopylae 00:05:38
4.   The Greek Fleet At Artemisium 00:06:25
5.   The Greeks' Naval Strategy 00:04:55
6.   'The Third Day Was Now Come' 00:08:22
7.   The Greek Fleet Sails To Salamis 00:03:59
8.   The Persians Sack Athens 00:08:39
9.   Manoeuvres - And The Battle Of Salamis 00:11:34
10.   The Rout Of The Persians Begins 00:04:14
11.   Mardonius Proposes His New Plans To Xerxes 00:05:53
12.   Xerxes Withdraws His Forces 00:05:35

Disc 3

  The Histories: The Persian War
1.   Themistocles Is Honoured By The Greeks 00:05:52
2.   Mardonuis, Through His Ambassador, Entreats The Athenians To Make Peace 00:11:35
3.   Mardonius Burns Athens And Withdraws From Attica 00:03:34
4.   Masistius Leads The Persians Against The Greeks 00:08:51
5.   Preparations For The Battle Of Plataea 00:14:12
6.   The Battle Of Plataea Begins 00:10:35
7.   Further Defeat For The Persians At Mycale In Ionia 00:11:10
8.   The Love Of Xerxes For The Wife And Daughter Of Masistes 00:07:24
9.   The Greeks Sail For The Hellespont 00:02:07
10.   Herodotus Concludes The Histories With A Reminiscence Of Cyrus: 'Soft Countries Gave Birth To Soft M 00:02:19

Total Playing Time: 03:55:10


Marsden, Roy

Label: Naxos AudioBooks

Genre: History

Catalogue No: NA308412

Barcode: 0730099008429

Physical Release: 01/1996

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