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Classical Music Home > PROUST, M.: Remembrance of Things Past, Vol. 7: Time Regained (Abridged)

PROUST, M.: Remembrance of Things Past, Vol. 7: Time Regained (Abridged)


About this Recording

PROUST, M.: Remembrance of Things Past, Vol. 7: Time Regained (Abridged)

In this, the final volume of Remembrance of Things Past, as the various threads which have emerged through the vast novel are brought together, and sometimes resolved, Marcel considers the nature of time and its effect on himself and the people he has known. ‘For after death time leaves the body, and memories—indifferent and pale—are obliterated in her who exists no longer and soon will be in him they still torture, memories which perish with the desire of the living body.’

Disc 1

  Time Regained
1.   At Tansonville with Gilberte 00:07:37
2.   'Saint - Loup insisted I should remain... ' 00:07:37
3.   Years in a sanitorium with a visit to Paris in 1914 00:04:32
4.   'At dinner time the restaurants were full... ' 00:02:55
5.   'Occasional meetings with Baron de Charlus and Bloch in Paris in 1914' 00:06:19
6.   A return to the sanatorium - and the receipt of letters from Gilbert and Robert 00:03:37
7.   On my second return to Paris - another letter from Gilberte 00:03:55
8.   A visit from Robert de Saint - Loup 00:03:18
9.   'Thinking about Saint - Loup's visit as I was walking to Mme Verdurin's... ' 00:07:01
10.   A further vendetta against Baron de Charlus 00:07:49
11.   The views of Baron de Charlus 00:05:24
12.   The destruction of men and the effect of the War in France 00:06:36
13.   The aeroplanes passing through the night sky 00:07:46
14.   Among abandoned, derelict houses, one of opulence and activity 00:04:14
15.   Entrance to the house followed by a sailor 00:02:01

Disc 2

  Time Regained
1.   A shocking discovery 00:06:22
2.   'I implore you, mercy, mercy, have pity' 00:02:49
3.   A croix - de - guerre had been found on the floor 00:10:27
4.   News of the death of Robert de Saint 00:10:56
5.   Back to another sanatorium - and finally, after some years, a return to Paris 00:02:44
6.   I ordered a carriage to take me to the party of the Prince de Guermantes 00:06:43
7.   'I got down from the carriage again for a little before reaching the Princesse de Guermanes' 00:02:00
8.   I stumble on some uneven paving stones 00:04:13
9.   I entered the Guermantes' mansion 00:03:55
10.   I forced myself to try and see clearly 00:08:52
11.   Fragments of existence removed from time 00:03:27
12.   As I entered the Prince de Guermantes' library 00:04:02
13.   Real life... which has been uncovered and illuminated... is literature; a work of art is the only... 00:05:59
14.   At this monent, the butler arrived to tell me that... I could leave the library... ' 00:06:56

Disc 3

  Time Regained
1.   The Duchesse de Guermantes: 'You, my oldest friend.' 00:04:23
2.   Old age, the meaning of death and the meaning of words 00:08:03
3.   Odette - looking like 'a rose that had been sterilised' 00:04:50
4.   I could hardly recognise my friend Bloch 00:08:04
5.   'An effect of Time' 00:02:07
6.   'Kindness, the simple process of maturing... ' 00:03:52
7.   'A stout lady came up and greeted me - Gilberte' 00:06:24
8.   'Rachel, now a celebrated actress' 00:02:20
9.   Tea at the home of the great actress Berma 00:02:16
10.   Judgements on Rachel 00:06:02
11.   The lives of the Duchess, the Duke and Odette, Mme de Forcheville 00:07:58
12.   'The idea of lost Time... ' 00:05:12
13.   'This idea of Time had another prize for me... I told myself it was time to begin' 00:05:12
14.   'This idea of death installed itself permanently in me... ' 00:08:29

Total Playing Time: 03:55:18

Proust, Marcel

Jason, Neville

Label: Naxos AudioBooks

Genre: Classic Fiction

Catalogue No: NA322012

Barcode: 730099022026

Boxset: NAX25312

Physical Release: 03/2001

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