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Classical Music Home > BUNYAN, J.: Pilgrim's Progress (The) (Abridged)

BUNYAN, J.: Pilgrim's Progress (The) (Abridged)


About this Recording

BUNYAN, J.: Pilgrim's Progress (The) (Abridged)

This great religious allegory, dating from the late 1670s, is presented as a dream in which Christian undertakes a journey through the Slough of Despond to the Celestial City. In Part II, he is followed by his wife Christina and their children. This allegory of a man in search of truth has proved popular throughout the world since its first publication.

Disc 1

  The Pilgrim's Progress
1.   The City Of Destruction: As I Walked Through The Wilderness Of This World 00:05:41
2.   The Neighbours - Obstinate And Pliable 00:05:51
3.   The Slough Of Despond - 'A Very Miry Slough' 00:03:48
4.   Mr Worldly Wiseman And The Village Of Morality 00:05:44
5.   The Evangelist - 'With A Severe And Dreadful Countenance' 00:05:20
6.   The Wicket Gate And Mr Good - will 00:03:51
7.   The House Of The Interpreter 00:05:38
8.   Christian Arrives At The Cross And Is Met By Three Shining Ones 00:04:27
9.   Christian Meets Formalist And Hypocrisy And Approaches The Hill Of Difficulty 00:05:50
10.   Christian Meets Timorous And Mistrust And Retrieves His Roll 00:04:29
11.   The Palace Beautiful - The Lions, The Porter, Watchful And Damsels 00:10:10
12.   Christian Eats And Discourses - And Arms Himself For The Journey 00:04:22
13.   The Valley Of Humiliation - And The Encounter With Appollyon 00:08:28

Disc 2

  The Pilgrim's Progress
1.   After The Battle - The Valley Of The Shadow Of Death 00:05:30
2.   In The Midst Of The Valley 00:06:02
3.   Christian Meets His Old Friend Faithful 00:04:12
4.   Vanity Fair 00:06:19
5.   Christian And Faithful Are Charged And Tried 00:09:18
6.   Judge And Jury - And Sentence 00:04:35
7.   Christian And Hopeful Meet By - ends 00:06:33
8.   Lucre, A Silver Mine, And Demas 00:04:43
9.   A Pillar Of Salt And By - path Meadow 00:07:59
10.   Doubting Castle, Giant Despair And His Wife Diffidence 00:07:38
11.   The Delectable Mountains - The Shepherds Show Them The Routes 00:02:47
12.   Walking With The Shepherds - And The Path To The Celestial City 00:05:22
13.   The Athiest With His Back Towards Zion 00:05:16

Disc 3

  The Pilgrim's Progress
1.   The Country Of Beulah - Meeting Two Men, In Raiment That Shone Like Gold 00:05:27
2.   Crossing The River 00:05:22
3.   The Sight Of The Celestial City 00:06:36
4.   At The Gate, In Gold: 'Blessed Are They That Do His Commandments' 00:05:31
5.   The Pilgrim's Progress - The Second Part 00:05:11
6.   Christiana Confides In Her Children And Has A Dream 00:05:39
7.   Christiana Makes Up Her Mind 00:09:11
8.   The Dreamer Changes And Christiana And Mercy Reach The Wicket Gate 00:07:25
9.   The Boy's, Christiana And Mercy Encounter Obstacles 00:05:09
10.   The House Of The Interpreter - And The Man With The Muck - rake 00:05:44
11.   The Interpreter Calls For His Man - servant, Great - Heart 00:06:35
12.   The Party Meets The Lions And Grim 00:03:02
13.   At The Porter's Lodge 00:05:57

Disc 4

  The Pilgrim's Progress
1.   Matthew Falls Sick - And Mr Skill Arrives 00:07:13
2.   Mr Great - Heart Returns And They Set Off To The Valley Of Humiliation 00:05:54
3.   The Valley Of The Shadow Of Death 00:08:18
4.   The Party Meets The Giant Maul 00:04:49
5.   The Old Pilgrim Mr Honest 00:05:15
6.   At The Inn - The Inkeeper Gaius 00:05:59
7.   In The Morning 00:05:36
8.   The Town Of Vanity - A Cyprusian Named Mr Mnason 00:05:51
9.   The Journey Continues - To Lucre, The By - path Meadow And Doubting Castle 00:08:52
10.   On To The Delectable Mountains 00:03:02
11.   Valiant - For - Truth 00:06:49
12.   The Enchanted Ground - And On 00:04:16
13.   Mr Stand - Fast Joins The Party 00:07:38

Total Playing Time: 05:06:14

Bunyan, John

Souza, Edward de

Label: Naxos AudioBooks

Genre: Great Epics and Tales

Period: Baroque

Catalogue No: NA417112

Barcode: 9789626341711

Physical Release: 03/1999

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