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MORRIS, J.: Venice (Abridged)


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About this Recording

MORRIS, J.: Venice (Abridged)

Venice stands, as she loves to tell you, on the frontiers of the east and west, half-way between the setting and the rising sun. Goethe calls her ‘the market-place of the Morning and the Evening lands’. Certainly no city on earth gives a more immediate impression of symmetry and unity, or seems more patently born to greatness.

So Jan Morris remarks, with graceful literary distinction, on the qualities that have made Venice a unique place among the world’s great destinations. She has known it intimately for over six decades. She knows its history, its carvings, its idiosyncrasies, its weather and all the Doges of the past. She returns even now, never tiring of this ‘dappled city, tremulous and flickering’. She first wrote Venice in praise of it 50 years ago and has revised the book three times. To open this premiere audiobook recording, Jan Morris reads a personal introduction which perfectly distils a lifetime’s fascination with La Serenissima.

Disc 1

  Venice (Abridged)
1.   Introduction by Jan Morris 00:08:19
2.   Venice by Jan Morris read by Sebastian Comberti 00:06:43
3.   So the Venetians became islanders… 00:05:00
4.   Venice stood at the mouth of the great Po valley… 00:05:19
5.   You can tell a Venetian by his face. 00:06:41
6.   The Venetians always had an eager eye for a monopoly… 00:05:41
7.   And among them all, the very image of Venice… 00:07:01
8.   I once passed an idle breakfast… 00:06:22
9.   Venice is a complicated place, physically and spiritually… 00:05:44
10.   The women of Venice are very handsome, and very vain. 00:07:26
11.   There are very few mortal children in the pictures… 00:04:29
12.   There are, however, some gorgeous artificial horses. 00:05:30
13.   Most people, though, will remember Venice as a city of birds. 00:05:06

Disc 2

  Venice (Abridged)
1.   There were magnificent regattas, and gymnastic competitions… 00:06:04
2.   Half a century later another Patriarch of Venice became Pope… 00:05:16
3.   The Venetians are not quite so religious as you might suppose… 00:06:58
4.   If the Venetians are not always devout… 00:05:59
5.   There are still about 800 Jews in Venice. 00:05:20
6.   There are still Armenians in Venice too. 00:05:06
7.   The Venetians have never quite recovered from their loss… 00:04:09
8.   It was the end of an era… 00:05:08
9.   Venice stands, as she loves to tell you… 00:07:13
10.   The bridges of the lagoon have linked Venice… 00:04:44
11.   A wonderful variety of boats has been developed… 00:04:41
12.   Different indeed is the character of the gondola… 00:05:37
13.   There are many houses in Venice that do not stand upon canals… 00:06:40
14.   The Grand Canal, as Gautier once said… 00:06:21

Disc 3

  Venice (Abridged)
1.   The early Venetian bridges were used by horses… 00:06:39
2.   Several different kinds of policemen keep Venice safe… 00:04:14
3.   Everybody dies in Venice. 00:05:48
4.   The buildings of Venice are mostly very old. 00:05:59
5.   Thus, early that July morning… 00:06:47
6.   This is an old story. 00:07:16
7.   Bestial, too, were the men of Venice… 00:08:14
8.   In the Strada Nuova, on the way to the station… 00:07:39
9.   Venice is no longer the supreme city of music… 00:06:15
10.   The service in Venetian restaurants is usually rough and ready… 00:06:10
11.   'The piazza of St. Mark's', wrote a medieval Venetian monk… 00:05:12
12.   In the little square opposite my apartment Casanova was born. 00:08:05

Disc 4

  Venice (Abridged)
1.   Venice was always alone in the world… 00:05:45
2.   Venetian art, too, is rich in curiosities. 00:05:14
3.   There are many mementoes of Napoleon in Venice… 00:06:02
4.   But when all is said, and nearly all is done… 00:05:45
5.   'We are not,' (swore d'Annunzio)… 00:06:12
6.   For myself, I think she deserves even more. 00:05:43
7.   The lagoon is never complacent. 00:07:57
8.   The enfant terrible of the lagoon… 00:08:15
9.   The convents of the Venetian lagoon were famous… 00:04:47
10.   San Francesco del Deserto is a small and captivating island… 00:05:42
11.   And far off in the northern lagoon… 00:08:44
12.   Perhaps you are a millionaire… 00:09:15

Total Playing Time: 05:16:16

Morris, Jan

Comberti, Sebastian

Label: Naxos AudioBooks

Genre: Non-Fiction

Catalogue No: NA435312

Barcode: 9781843793533

Physical Release: 2010

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