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AURELIUS, M.: Meditations (Unabridged)


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About this Recording

AURELIUS, M.: Meditations (Unabridged)

One of the most significant books ever written by a head of State, the Meditations are a collection of philosophical thoughts by the Emperor Marcus Aurelius (121–180 ce). Covering issues such as duty, forgiveness, brotherhood, strength in adversity and the best way to approach life and death, the Meditations have inspired thinkers, poets and politicians since their first publication more than 500 years ago. Today, the book stands as one of the great guides and companions—a cornerstone of Western thought.

Disc 1

1.   Book 1 00:04:09
2.   From Sextus, a benevolent disposition… 00:04:51
3.   In my adoptive father I observed mildness of temper… 00:05:35
4.   To the gods I am indebted for having good grandfathers… 00:04:03
5.   Book 2 – Composed among the Quadi on the River Gran. 00:05:58
6.   Theophrastus, in his comparison of evil actions… 00:04:55
7.   Though you should be going to live three thousand years… 00:04:45
8.   Book 3 – This written in Carnuntum. 00:07:29
9.   Labour not unwillingly, nor without regard… 00:05:04
10.   Throw away then all else but hold to these few things only… 00:06:14
11.   Book 4 00:06:17
12.   Death is such as birth is, a mystery of nature… 00:05:36
13.   If souls continue to exist, how does the air give room… 00:05:57
14.   Consider, for example, the times of Vespasian. 00:07:38

Disc 2

1.   If any god told you that you die tomorrow… 00:04:55
2.   Book 5 00:06:30
3.   A prayer of the Athenians… 00:06:24
4.   About what am I now employing my own soul 00:05:36
5.   Things themselves do not touch the soul… 00:06:05
6.   The intelligence of the universe is social. 00:05:16
7.   Book 6 00:06:23
8.   Some things are hurrying into existence… 00:06:41
9.   If any man should propose to you the question… 00:05:58
10.   Asia, Europe are minute corners of the universe… 00:06:41
11.   Be continually mindful of all the kinds of men… 00:04:55
12.   Book 7 00:06:16
13.   The ruling faculty – your reason – does not disturb itself… 00:07:44

Disc 3

1.   From Plato: The man who has an elevated mind… 00:05:29
2.   Do not look around you to discover other men's ruling principles… 00:05:07
3.   How do we know if Telauges was not superior… 00:05:05
4.   Book 8 00:06:14
5.   When you rise from sleep with reluctance… 00:06:10
6.   It is satisfaction to a man to do the proper works of a man. 00:05:46
7.   Does Panthea or Pergamus now sit by the tomb of Verus 00:06:24
8.   Say nothing more to yourself than what the first appearances report. 00:06:59
9.   Book 9 00:06:45
10.   Among the animals which have not reason… 00:06:40
11.   Hasten to examine your own ruling faculty… 00:05:49
12.   You can remove out of the way many useless things… 00:04:07
13.   But perhaps you will say, the gods have placed them in your power. 00:05:27

Disc 4

1.   Book 10 00:07:32
2.   When you have assumed these names… 00:06:12
3.   Inquire of yourself as soon as you wake from sleep… 00:05:43
4.   Constantly consider how all things such as they now are… 00:06:20
5.   To him who is penetrated by true principles… 00:04:32
6.   Book 11 00:06:17
7.   As those who try to stand in your way when you are proceeding… 00:05:44
8.   If any have offended against you, consider first… 00:05:49
9.   There are four principal aberrations of the superior faculty… 00:07:03
10.   Book 12 00:06:23
11.   In the application of your principles… 00:06:45
12.   Cast away opinion and you are saved. 00:07:13

Total Playing Time: 05:09:30

Aurelius, Marcus

Steen, Duncan

Label: Naxos AudioBooks

Genre: Non-Fiction

Period: Medieval

Catalogue No: NA436012

Barcode: 9781843793601

Physical Release: 2010

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