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JOYCE, J.: Finnegans Wake (Abridged)


About this Recording

JOYCE, J.: Finnegans Wake (Abridged)

‘Riverrun past Eve and Adam’s, from swerve of shore to bend of bay, brings us by a commodius vicus of recirculation back to Howth Castle and Environs…’ So starts Finnegans Wake, the greatest challenge in twentieth-century literature. Who is Humphrey Chimpden Earwicker? And what did he get up to in Phoenix Park? And what did Anna Livia Plurabelle have to say about it? In the rich night time, language of dreams here is history, anecdote, myth, folk tale—and above all, a wondrous sense of humour coloured by a clear sense of humanity. In this exceptional reading by the Irish actor Jim Norton, with Marcella Riordan, the world of the Wake is more accessible than ever before. The abridgement, made by the composer and Joyce enthusiast Roger Marsh, is presented with the text, allowing the listener to get deeper into Joyce’s labyrinth by both aural and visual means. Jim Norton, the distinguished Irish actor, reads. His performances of both Ulysses and A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man demonstrate his particular sympathy for the author—helped by a childhood in the heart of Dublin where Leopold Bloom and James Joyce walked. For the first time ever, a performance of Finnegans Wake that sets out to entertain, amuse and inform, rather than bemuse. While scholarly in its background, this adaptation by Roger Marsh for audiobook seeks to show that the enjoyment of this great work does not have to start and stop with the first paragraph.

Disc 1

  Finnegans Wake
1.   The Fall: 'Riverrun, Past Eve And Adam's... ' 00:10:18
2.   The Fall: 'Hence When The Clouds Roll By, Jamey... ' 00:05:28
3.   The Fall: 'So This Is Dyoublong' 00:07:03
4.   The Fall: '(Stoop) If You Are Abcedminded, To This Claybook... ' 00:07:19
5.   HCE - His Name And Reputation: 'Now (To Forebare For Ever So Little... )' 00:08:12
6.   HCE - His Name And Reputation: 'Twas Two Pisononse Timcove's... ' 00:07:16
7.   HCE - His Name And Reputation: 'The Wararrow Went Round, So It Did, (A Nation Wants A Gaze)... ' 00:01:55
8.   HCE - His Name And Reputation: 'The Ballad Of Persse O'Reilly' 00:03:55
9.   His Trial And Incarceration: 'Chest Cee! Sdense! Corpo di barragio!' 00:05:57
10.   His Trial And Incarceration: 'One Of Our Coming Vauxhall Ontheboards... ' 00:04:58
11.   His Trail And Incarceration: 'But Resuming Enquiries.' 00:05:58
12.   His Trial And Incarceration: 'And Thus, With This Rochelly Exetur Of Bully Acre... ' 00:02:38
13.   The Manifesto Of Alp: 'In The Name Of Annah The Allmaziful... ' 00:08:17

Disc 2

  Finnegans Wake
1.   The Manifesto Of ALP: 'About That Original Hen.' 00:06:10
2.   The Manifesto Of ALP: 'Let Us Now, Weather, Health, Dangers, Public Orders And Other Circumstances P 00:10:06
3.   Quiz Night And The Fable Of The Mookse And The Gripes: 'So Who Do You No Tonigh, Lazy And Gentleman 00:07:42
4.   Quiz Night And The Fable Of The Mookse And The Gripes: 'What Bitter's Love But Yearning... ' 00:05:02
5.   Quiz Night And The Fable Of The Mookse And The Gripes: 'If You Met On The Binge A Poor Acheseyeld Fr 00:02:47
6.   Quiz Night And The Fable Of The Mookse And The Gripes: 'The Mookse And The Gripes' 00:09:59
7.   Quiz Night And The Fable Of The Mookse And The Gripes: 'Nuvoletta In Her Lightdress, Spunn Of Sistee 00:06:25
8.   Shem The Penman: 'Shem Is As Short For Shemus As Jem Is Jokey For Jacob' 00:07:17
9.   Shem The Penman: 'You See, Chaps, It Will Trickle Out, Freaksily Of Course…' 00:10:34
10.   Shem The Penman: 'Justius (To Himother): Brawn Is My Name And Broad Is My Nature... ' 00:06:07

Disc 3

  Finnegans Wake
1.   The Washers At The Ford: 'O Tell me About Anna Livia!' 00:06:49
2.   The Washers At The Ford: 'By Earth And The Cloudy... ' 00:08:57
3.   The Washers At The Ford: 'We'll Meet Again... ' 00:04:35
4.   The Children's Hour: 'Every Evening At Lighting Up O'clock Sharp... ' 00:09:17
5.   The Children's Hour: 'Yet, Ah Tears, Who Can Her Mater Be' 00:04:37
6.   The Children's Hour: 'Home All Go... ' 00:02:15
7.   Bride Ship And Gulls (HCE's Dream): ' - Three Quarks For Muster Mark!' 00:11:26
8.   Bride Ship And Gulls (HCE's Dream): 'Hear, O Hear, Iseult la Belle!' 00:02:26
9.   Shaun Before The People: 'Hark! Tolv Two Elf Kater Ten (It Can't Be) Sax.' 00:10:42
10.   Shaun Before The People: ' - So Vi Et! We Responded. Song! Shaun, Song!' 00:09:35
11.   Shaun Before The People: 'The Thing Pleased Him... ' 00:02:09
12.   Shaun Before The People: ' - Now How Good You Are In Explosition.' 00:06:34

Disc 4

  Finnegans Wake
1.   HCE And ALP - Their Bed Of Trial: 'What Was Thaas Fog Was Whaas Too Mult Sleepth. Let Sleepth.' 00:08:44
2.   HCE And ALP - Their Bed Of Trial: 'In Their Bed Of Trial, On The Bolster Of Hardship... ' 00:09:43
3.   HCE And ALP - Their Bed Of Trial: 'Jeminy, What Is The View... ' 00:05:14
4.   HCE And ALP - Their Bed Of Trial: 'Now Their Laws Assist Them... ' 00:04:00
5.   HCE And ALP - Their Bed Of Trial: 'O, O, Her Fairy Setalite... ' 00:06:49
6.   Ricorso (Return): 'Sandhyas! Sandhyas! Sandhyas!' 00:05:42
7.   Ricorso (Return): 'You Mean To See... ' 00:06:12
8.   Ricorso (Return): 'The Cry Of Stena Chills The Vitals Of Slumbring Off The Motther... ' 00:05:01
9.   Ricorso (Return): 'Dear. And We Go On To Dirtdump. Reverend.' 00:06:23
10.   Ricorso (Return): 'Soft Morning City! Lsp! I Am Leafy Speafing' 00:10:48
11.   Ricorso (Return): 'I've Lapped So Long... ' 00:10:39

Total Playing Time: 05:10:00

Joyce, James

Norton, Jim; Riordan, Marcella

Label: Naxos AudioBooks

Genre: Classic Fiction

Catalogue No: NA516312

Barcode: 9789626341636

Physical Release: 10/1998

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