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WOOLF, V.: Mrs. Dalloway (Unabridged)


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WOOLF, V.: Mrs. Dalloway (Unabridged)

It is a June day in London in 1923, and the lovely Clarissa Dalloway is having a party. Whom will she see? Her friend Peter, back from India, who has never really stopped loving her? What about Sally, with whom Clarissa had her life’s happiest moment?

Meanwhile, the shell-shocked Septimus Smith is struggling with his life on the same London day.

Luminously beautiful, Mrs Dalloway uses the internal monologues of the characters to tell a story of inter-war England. With this, Virginia Woolf changed the novel forever.

Disc 1

  Mrs. Dalloway (Unabridged)
1.   Mrs. Dalloway said she would buy the flowers herself. 00:06:15
2.   They had just come up - unfortunately - to see doctors. 00:05:21
3.   She had reached the Park gates. 00:06:40
4.   Not a straw, she thought, going on up Bond Street… 00:05:50
5.   The violent explosion which made Mrs. Dalloway… 00:06:33
6.   The crush was terrific for the time of day. 00:06:57
7.   Suddenly Mrs. Coates looked up into the sky. 00:06:12
8.   'Septimus!' said Rezia. 00:07:00
9.   The way to Regent's Park Tube station… 00:06:59
10.   'What are they looking at' said Clarissa Dalloway… 00:04:30
11.   Like a nun withdrawing, or a child exploring… 00:06:27
12.   Sally's power was amazing… 00:05:38

Disc 2

  Mrs. Dalloway (Unabridged)
1.   Yet, how much she owed to Peter Walsh… 00:07:12
2.   Quiet descended on her, calm, content… 00:06:31
3.   Then, just as happens on a terrace in the moonlight… 00:06:41
4.   'And who is she' she asked. 00:06:43
5.   Remember my party, remember my party… 00:05:54
6.   A patter like the patter of leaves in a wood… 00:06:21
7.   But other people got between them in the street… 00:07:10
8.   The grey nurse resumed her knitting… 00:04:09
9.   So the elderly nurse knitted… 00:07:02
10.   Afterwards he could remember standing… 00:06:57
11.   It was awful, he cried, awful, awful! 00:07:10
12.   Heaven was divinely merciful… 00:06:38

Disc 3

  Mrs. Dalloway (Unabridged)
1.   And that is being young, Peter Walsh thought… 00:06:56
2.   He had married this lady, the Honourable Evelyn… 00:07:33
3.   Oddly enough, she was one of the most… 00:06:46
4.   A sound interrupted him; a frail quivering… 00:07:23
5.   As for the other experiences… 00:07:29
6.   'Beautiful!' she would murmur… 00:06:41
7.   Nothing could rouse him. 00:07:26
8.   It was precisely twelve o'clock… 00:06:51
9.   So they returned him to the most exalted of mankind… 00:05:51
10.   But Proportion has a sister… 00:08:44

Disc 4

  Mrs. Dalloway (Unabridged)
1.   Lady Bruton herself preferred Richard Dalloway… 00:07:07
2.   Milly Brush once might almost have fallen in love… 00:07:30
3.   And Millicent Bruton was very proud of her family. 00:06:51
4.   'I should like to see Mr. Dubonnet,' said Hugh… 00:06:33
5.   As for Buckingham Palace… 00:06:48
6.   How like him! He would go on saying… 00:06:46
7.   She stood quite still and looked at her mother… 00:06:54
8.   With a sudden impulse, with a violent anguish… 00:06:38
9.   How nice it must be, she said… 00:06:39
10.   'I never go to parties,' said Miss Kilman… 00:07:44

Disc 5

  Mrs. Dalloway (Unabridged)
1.   Suddenly Elizabeth stepped forward… 00:06:06
2.   It was not conscious. 00:06:28
3.   Her sigh was tender and enchanting… 00:05:38
4.   So she sewed. 00:06:44
5.   She held her hands to her head… 00:05:56
6.   'The coward!' cried Dr. Holmes… 00:06:13
7.   Clarissa once, going on top of an omnibus… 00:07:03
8.   To get that letter to him by six o'clock… 00:06:43
9.   He never knew what people thought. 00:07:21
10.   For the great revolution… 00:07:09
11.   Lucy came running full tilt downstairs… 00:05:35

Disc 6

  Mrs. Dalloway (Unabridged)
1.   Oh dear, it was going to be a failure… 00:06:48
2.   And yet, for her own part… 00:07:18
3.   And now Clarissa escorted her Prime Minister… 00:06:51
4.   'But the noise!' she said. 'The noise!' 00:06:49
5.   Lady Bruton stood by Miss Parry's chair… 00:07:36
6.   Sinking her voice… 00:07:39
7.   'But where is Clarissa' said Peter. 00:05:44
8.   Hugh Whitbread it was, strolling past… 00:06:38
9.   'No, no, no!' said Peter… 00:05:30

Total Playing Time: 07:05:49

Woolf, Virginia

Stevenson, Juliet

Label: Naxos AudioBooks

Genre: Classic Fiction

Catalogue No: NA613312

Barcode: 9789626341339

Physical Release: 2010

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