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GASKELL, E.: North and South (Abridged)


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About this Recording

GASKELL, E.: North and South (Abridged)

When Margaret Hale moves with her parents from the comfort of the south of England to the industrial north, she is at first repulsed by what she sees; and then when she discovers the conditions under which the workers are forced to live, she is outraged. But this throws her into direct conflict with the powerful young mill-owner, John Thornton. Using personal passions to explore deep social divisions, North and South is a great romance—and one of Elizabeth Gaskell’s finest works.

Disc 1

  North and South (Abridged)
1.   'Edith!' said Margaret gently… 00:05:46
2.   Just then the door opened, and Mr. Henry Lennox… 00:07:00
3.   Margaret was once more in her morning dress… 00:06:35
4.   Margaret had been thinking of him… 00:06:41
5.   The conversation at dinner flowed on quietly… 00:07:49
6.   He was gone. 00:07:32
7.   'Where are we to go to' said she at last… 00:06:55
8.   Margaret went upstairs. 00:05:41
9.   Margaret was inexpressibly relieved… 00:04:59
10.   The next afternoon, about twenty miles… 00:05:17
11.   Margaret could not help her looks… 00:04:19
12.   It needed the pretty, light papering of the rooms… 00:07:29

Disc 2

  North and South (Abridged)
1.   The day after this meeting with Higgins… 00:04:26
2.   He was rather late, and walked rapidly… 00:05:14
3.   Margaret's lip curled… 00:04:03
4.   'Margaret!' said Mr. Hale, as he returned… 00:04:17
5.   One afternoon she met Bessie Higgins in the street… 00:05:03
6.   Mr. Thornton had had some difficulty… 00:06:54
7.   Margaret flew upstairs… 00:03:36
8.   It was a comfort to Margaret about this time… 00:08:17
9.   'Margaret,' said her father, the next day… 00:04:21
10.   Both Mr. Hale and Margaret… 00:05:01
11.   Mr. Thornton came that evening to Mr. Hale's. 00:07:15
12.   The next afternoon, Dr. Donaldson came… 00:04:16
13.   Meanwhile Margaret had returned… 00:05:24
14.   Margaret went out heavily and unwillingly enough… 00:04:16
15.   'Yo're just a foreigner, and nothing more,' said he… 00:04:41

Disc 3

  North and South (Abridged)
1.   On Margaret's return home she found two letters… 00:07:09
2.   Mr. Hale had his own acquaintances… 00:04:25
3.   Margaret went home so painfully occupied… 00:04:02
4.   Margaret and her father were the first to arrive. 00:04:58
5.   Margaret and her father walked home. 00:06:52
6.   Margaret was shown into the drawing room. 00:06:35
7.   'Mr. Thornton,' said Margaret, shaking all over… 00:05:50
8.   But the retrograde movement towards the gate… 00:04:18
9.   Mrs. Thornton went first to the room… 00:05:17
10.   Margaret had not been gone five minutes… 00:04:53
11.   'Mother! You know what I have got to say…' 00:05:20
12.   The next morning Margaret dragged herself up… 00:04:17
13.   'Your way of speaking shocks me… 00:04:50
14.   Margaret began to wonder whether all offers… 00:04:01
15.   Mrs. Hale was in the drawing - room… 00:04:57

Disc 4

  North and South (Abridged)
1.   When Mr. Thornton had left the house that morning… 00:04:12
2.   Mr. Thornton went straight and clear… 00:07:28
3.   That afternoon she walked swiftly… 00:04:32
4.   While he followed the house - servant along the passage… 00:07:15
5.   The next morning brought Margaret a letter from Edith… 00:02:24
6.   Mrs. Thornton came to see Mrs. Hale the next morning… 00:03:40
7.   During the time that Mrs. Thornton… 00:06:54
8.   Before the morning came all was over. 00:04:46
9.   It was evident that Frederick must go… 00:06:31
10.   All the next day they sat together, they three. 00:07:03
11.   Margaret had resolved not to mention… 00:04:25
12.   The 'bearing up better than likely' was a terrible strain… 00:07:41
13.   Mr. Thornton sat on and on… 00:05:48
14.   He accordingly presented himself again… 00:05:47

Disc 5

  North and South (Abridged)
1.   At the time arranged the previous day… 00:06:35
2.   The next day Higgins came to see Mr. Hale and Margaret. 00:04:16
3.   It was not merely that Margaret was known… 00:03:54
4.   'I don't see what we have to do with that.' 00:04:12
5.   The more Mrs. Thornton thought over… 00:05:22
6.   Mr. Thornton was not spending the morning… 00:06:00
7.   Margaret shut herself up in her own room… 00:05:07
8.   Higgins did not turn round… 00:05:36
9.   Margaret had not expected much pleasure to herself… 00:06:10
10.   So they fell back into the monotony of the quiet life… 00:03:13
11.   So the winter was getting on… 00:04:19
12.   That night Mr. Hale laid his head down… 00:04:37
13.   Margaret fell into a state of prostration… 00:07:59

Disc 6

  North and South (Abridged)
1.   Mrs. Shaw took as vehement a dislike… 00:07:49
2.   It was very well for Margaret… 00:07:25
3.   When he was gone, Margaret was silent for some time. 00:06:49
4.   About this time Dixon returned from Milton… 00:04:33
5.   'Is not Margaret the heiress' 00:03:10
6.   Meanwhile at Milton the chimneys smoked… 00:06:34
7.   It was a little golden thread… 00:07:05
8.   It was a hot summer's evening. 00:04:59
9.   There were only two ladies… 00:04:10
10.   Edith went about on tiptoe… 00:04:27
11.   Her voice had cleared itself and become more steady… 00:04:34

Total Playing Time: 07:18:12

Gaskell, Elizabeth

Wille, Clare

Label: Naxos AudioBooks

Genre: Classic Fiction

Catalogue No: NA634912

Barcode: 9789626343494

Physical Release: 02/2010

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