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SAPPER: Black Gang (The) (Unabridged)


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SAPPER: Black Gang (The) (Unabridged)

Bulldog’s back! This time, there is a plot to foment a revolution in England, a plot that has left the Police baffled and the nation at the mercy of a master criminal. A disguised clergyman, a beautiful sidekick, an arcane poison, car chases and abductions all fail to see off Hugh Drummond and his gang of ex-Army friends. But when the plotters capture Drummond’s wife, the game is up…isn’t it?

Undaunted, charming, brave and resourceful, Bulldog Drummond is an archetypal English adventure hero, and the forerunner of The Saint and James Bond.

Disc 1

  The Black Gang (Unabridged)
1.   Chapter 1: In which Things Happen near Barking Creek 00:05:44
2.   Two candles guttered on a square table… 00:05:38
3.   'Blimey!' muttered Flash Jim… 00:05:57
4.   A man from behind stepped forward… 00:06:02
5.   'Injudicious,' said the leader quietly… 00:03:36
6.   Chapter 2: In which Scotland Yard Sits Up and Takes Notice 00:06:08
7.   Involuntarily Sir Bryan smiled… 00:05:51
8.   With a thoughtful look on his face… 00:05:24
9.   'Great Scott! I hope not,' cried Hugh in alarm… 00:06:00
10.   They were both looking out of the window… 00:06:32
11.   'Under no circumstances, Hugh,' he remarked… 00:06:34
12.   Chapter 3: In which Hugh Drummond Composes a Letter 00:04:04
13.   'A snob, Denny; a snob,' said Drummond… 00:05:24
14.   Chapter 4: In which Count Zadowa Gets a Shock 00:05:33

Disc 2

  The Black Gang (Unabridged)
1.   It was undoubtedly a house of surprises… 00:05:53
2.   But the Count was speaking again… 00:06:19
3.   He was frowning angrily… 00:05:35
4.   Chapter 5: In which Charles Latter, M.P., Goes Mad 00:06:09
5.   Mr. Charles Latter was not a pleasant specimen… 00:04:52
6.   And so, towards the end of dinner… 00:05:01
7.   'All tucked up and comfy, old bean,' cried Drummond… 00:05:01
8.   Latter felt the other's huge hands on him… 00:05:23
9.   Chapter 6: In which an Effusion is Sent to the Newspapers 00:05:57
10.   Thus was the ball started. 00:05:53
11.   True, Mr. Charles Latter, M.P., had been staying… 00:05:10
12.   But on that subject John Smith knew nothing… 00:06:19
13.   'Sorry to be so long.' 00:06:57

Disc 3

  The Black Gang (Unabridged)
1.   Chapter 7: In which a Bomb Bursts at Unpleasantly Close Quarters 00:06:59
2.   'Blimey!' muttered the man, shrinking back… 00:07:01
3.   Drummond switched on his electric torch… 00:06:57
4.   Chapter 8: In which the Bag of Nuts is Found by Accident 00:06:37
5.   'There was a big desk in the room…' 00:06:20
6.   Chapter 9: In which there is a Stormy Supper at the Ritz 00:05:27
7.   'What time do you expect Zadowa' 00:05:06
8.   He turned to the clergyman, still motionless… 00:06:43
9.   Almost indifferently the clergyman turned back… 00:05:02
10.   Chapter 10: In which Hugh Drummond Makes a Discovery 00:05:02
11.   The Inspector was speaking… 00:04:56
12.   He crossed over to the jagged hole in the wall… 00:05:53
13.   'I ought to have a bit of paper to write it all down…' 00:06:43

Disc 4

  The Black Gang (Unabridged)
1.   The clergyman took off his spectacles… 00:02:39
2.   Chapter 11: In which Hugh Drummond and the Reverend Theodosius Longmoor Take Lunch Together 00:06:23
3.   He glanced at his watch and turned to Darrell. 00:06:00
4.   'I believe he did,' answered Drummond… 00:05:44
5.   Chapter 12: In which Count Zadowa is Introduced to Alice in Wonderland 00:05:03
6.   'My dear little man,' said Hugh… 00:06:10
7.   'And you really imagine,' said the hunchback… 00:04:29
8.   'Can we come to an understanding, Captain Drummond' 00:04:43
9.   Chapter 13: In which Hugh Drummond and the Reverend Theodosius Have a Little Chat 00:05:12
10.   Algy Longworth stood up, serious for once… 00:05:03
11.   With a brief nod he was gone… 00:05:01
12.   'I am going straight to Scotland Yard…' 00:06:46
13.   Chapter 14: In which a Rolls - Royce Runs Amok 00:06:33
14.   The man disappeared into the bathroom… 00:06:50

Disc 5

  The Black Gang (Unabridged)
1.   'Do you know, Theo,' he remarked… 00:06:31
2.   He saw the men leave the room… 00:06:17
3.   'I will ring later if I require it…' 00:05:51
4.   'Yes, it could have waited…' 00:04:17
5.   He could see nothing… 00:03:53
6.   Chapter 15: In which Hugh Drummond Arrives at Maybrick Hall 00:05:51
7.   And then Drummond deliberately decided… 00:06:15
8.   Suddenly he stiffened and crouched motionless… 00:06:44
9.   He glanced into the room underneath hers… 00:07:17
10.   He was examining the steel chain as he spoke… 00:06:05
11.   He rose and paced softly up and down the room… 00:06:13
12.   Chapter 16: In which Things Happen at Maybrick Hall 00:07:17
13.   The brain moves rapidly at times… 00:06:48

Disc 6

  The Black Gang (Unabridged)
1.   Certain it is that the next quarter of an hour… 00:05:01
2.   He had got the start he wanted for Phyllis… 00:04:52
3.   And then suddenly he again saw a man approaching… 00:05:56
4.   Chapter 17: In which a Murderer is Murdered at Maybrick Hall 00:06:57
5.   'Nothing is easier,' he remarked suavely… 00:06:58
6.   'Go on,' said Drummond quietly… 00:06:47
7.   'The man,' continued Peterson… 00:06:18
8.   The room was spinning round… 00:07:10
9.   Chapter 18: In which the Home Secretary is Taught the Fox - trot 00:06:07
10.   Sir Bryan leaned back in his chair and lit a cigarette… 00:06:13
11.   'But, my dear fellow,' spluttered the Cabinet minister… 00:06:01
12.   'To return to the island. McIver went there…' 00:04:48
13.   'You've been in Deauville, haven't you…' 00:06:24

Total Playing Time: 07:47:09


McMillan, Roy

Label: Naxos AudioBooks

Genre: Classic Fiction

Catalogue No: NA639112

Barcode: 9781843793915

Physical Release: 2010

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