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Classical Music Home > MCNEILE, H.C. (Sapper): Bulldog Drummond (Unabridged)

MCNEILE, H.C. (Sapper): Bulldog Drummond (Unabridged)


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About this Recording

MCNEILE, H.C. (Sapper): Bulldog Drummond (Unabridged)

Demobilised officer, finding peace incredibly tedious, would welcome diversion. Legitimate if possible; excitement essential.

When Captain Hugh Drummond, DSO, MC placed that advertisement, he was looking for adventure. What he finds is an international plot headed by the greatest criminal mastermind in the world. For the sake of the beautiful Phyllis, he faces murderous schemers, acid baths and even wild animals in his attempts to save her father—and his own life.

In this, his first appearance, Bulldog Drummond is charming, undaunted and endlessly resourceful: the template of the modern action hero.

Disc 1

  Bulldog Drummond (Unabridged)
1.   Prologue 00:07:48
2.   For a moment he stood motionless… 00:07:53
3.   'Gentlemen,' he remarked… 00:06:10
4.   Suddenly the American removed the toothpick… 00:08:41
5.   Chapter 1: In Which He Takes Tea at the Carlton and is Surprised 00:05:34
6.   He propped the letter up against the toast - rack… 00:05:02
7.   II: At four o'clock exactly Hugh Drummond stepped out… 00:07:31
8.   'What's the matter, old thing' he asked… 00:05:39
9.   'Do you remember the theft of the celebrated miniatures…' 00:06:18
10.   'And what is it that makes you think there's mischief ahead' 00:05:11
11.   Chapter 2: In Which He Journeys to Godalming and the Game Begins 00:06:07

Disc 2

  Bulldog Drummond (Unabridged)
1.   II: The 30 h.p. two - seater made short work… 00:05:20
2.   'I hope he avoided the crash alright,' murmured Drummond… 00:04:03
3.   III: At half - past five he stopped… 00:06:21
4.   'Mr. Hiram C. Potts – the celebrated American millionaire…' 00:07:02
5.   It was with almost a look of relief… 00:06:31
6.   The document was still lying on the table… 00:05:05
7.   Chapter 3: In Which Things Happen in Half Moon Street 00:05:47
8.   Meanwhile, unconscious of this sudden solicitude… 00:05:44
9.   II: At twelve o'clock precisely the bell rang… 00:04:26
10.   Peterson's face was absolutely impassive… 00:05:06
11.   III: Hugh turned back into his own room… 00:06:03
12.   For ten minutes he spoke… 00:06:10
13.   Then further interior activity took place… 00:06:31

Disc 3

  Bulldog Drummond (Unabridged)
1.   Chapter 4: In Which He Spends a Quiet Night at The Elms 00:05:39
2.   A sudden sound outside in the garden… 00:06:27
3.   II: In the days when Drummond had been a platoon commander… 00:08:54
4.   III: At eight o'clock the next morning… 00:05:02
5.   Peterson, with his coffee cup in hand, was staring… 00:05:43
6.   IV: 'I heard you were down here,' she said… 00:05:30
7.   Chapter 5: In Which There is Trouble at Goring 00:06:44
8.   II: Inside the Junior Sports Club, Hugh Drummond… 00:08:16
9.   'Mr. Potts will see no one, sir,' remarked the man… 00:07:16
10.   'You're not very clever at it are you' said Hugh… 00:07:07
11.   III: 'I'm glad you two fellows came down…' 00:07:55

Disc 4

  Bulldog Drummond (Unabridged)
1.   Chapter 6: In Which a Very Old Game Takes Place on the Hog's Back 00:07:52
2.   II: 'Has it struck you fellows,' remarked Hugh… 00:07:41
3.   III: Hugh stopped his car at Guildford station… 00:06:52
4.   'I suppose,' he remarked resignedly… 00:04:04
5.   IV: At a quarter to ten he backed his car… 00:06:04
6.   Everything had fallen out exactly as he had hoped… 00:06:24
7.   Chapter 7: In Which He Spends an Hour or Two on a Roof 00:07:55
8.   'A truce to all this fooling,' he burst forth… 00:08:09
9.   II: The darkness could be felt, as real darkness… 00:04:33
10.   A faint, watery moon showed him a twenty - foot drop… 00:04:37
11.   III: It was half an hour before Drummond decided… 00:04:44
12.   'Are you ready' he said, taking off his coat… 00:04:50

Disc 5

  Bulldog Drummond (Unabridged)
1.   The sound of the door opening made both men… 00:06:19
2.   'Make the fool sign,' The words echoed through… 00:05:40
3.   Chapter 8: In Which He Goes to Paris for a Night 00:07:00
4.   'Peterson,' he called out affably… 00:06:51
5.   II: 'Go away,' said Toby, looking up… 00:04:34
6.   III: 'Have you got him all right, Ted' 00:06:39
7.   'Now listen – all of you. Ted – off you go…' 00:06:19
8.   IV: 'My dear fellow, I told you we'd get here somehow.' 00:04:45
9.   'I guess I've sort of taken to you,' he remarked… 00:04:57
10.   Chapter 9: In Which He Has a Near Shave 00:05:10
11.   'Crude!' he murmured, 'crude! If you and your pals…' 00:05:16
12.   II: But on that particular evening the detective… 00:07:09
13.   The light flashed out, darting round the room… 00:06:53

Disc 6

  Bulldog Drummond (Unabridged)
1.   III: It was the Comte de Guy who boarded… 00:06:56
2.   IV: 'Walk right in, Mr. Green,' said Hugh… 00:07:03
3.   Chapter 10: In Which the Hun Nation Decreases by One 00:06:38
4.   'Feeling better, my friend' 00:07:48
5.   II: 'We appear,' remarked Hugh quietly… 00:06:32
6.   Algy's warning cry rang out simultaneously… 00:08:17
7.   III: Even in his wildest dreams Hugh had never… 00:06:00
8.   For a while the three men studied him in silence… 00:06:13
9.   Chapter 11: In Which Lakington Plays his Last 'Coup' 00:07:52
10.   II: Laidley Towers was en fete. 00:04:39
11.   And it was at that moment that the intent watcher… 00:05:03

Disc 7

  Bulldog Drummond (Unabridged)
1.   Then a peculiar look came over the Indian's face… 00:06:02
2.   But apparently by this time the Great Brooding Spirit… 00:07:11
3.   III: Drummond, hunched low over the wheel… 00:07:54
4.   'And since I have to deal with him later…' 00:06:56
5.   Chapter 12: In Which the Last Round Takes Place 00:05:54
6.   'Why,' he spluttered after a moment… 00:06:46
7.   II: It was a couple of hours later that Hugh rang up… 00:04:13
8.   'Lakington! That was the name of the man I met…' 00:05:01
9.   III: 'What's troubling me,' remarked Hugh… 00:06:19
10.   'He should be here at any moment,' he answered… 00:06:39
11.   'And now, Carl Peterson,' he remarked… 00:05:23
12.   Epilogue 00:04:36

Total Playing Time: 08:37:48


McMillan, Roy

Label: Naxos AudioBooks

Genre: Classic Fiction

Catalogue No: NA712912

Barcode: 9789626341292

Physical Release: 01/2010

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