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DICKENS, C.: Our Mutual Friend (Abridged)


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About this Recording

DICKENS, C.: Our Mutual Friend (Abridged)

Out of the dust-heaps and dirty streets of mid-Victorian London, Dickens creates a classic murder-mystery tale. A dead man is fished out of the Thames by a scavenger and his daughter. Who is he, and how did he get there? His death affects members of all levels of a society permeated by greed. Dickens presents an array of characters both touching and humorous from Mr Boffin, the ‘Golden’ Dustman, to Jenny Wren the lame doll’s dress-maker. It is a story enriched by disguise and intrigue, whilst the River Thames, symbolising both polluted and renewed life weaves through it all, in this, the last novel Dickens completed.

Disc 1

  Our Mutual Friend (abridged)
1.   On the Look Out 00:06:13
2.   The Man from Somewhere 00:07:08
3.   The Veneering dinners are excellent dinners… 00:07:58
4.   Another Man 00:07:11
5.   'Am I to show the way' 00:07:07
6.   There being nothing more to be done… 00:06:55
7.   The R. Wilfur Family 00:08:09
8.   The young lady's lamentations were checked… 00:06:46
9.   Boffin's Bower 00:07:08
10.   'Now Weg,' said Mr. Boffin, hugging his stick closer… 00:07:33
11.   The Bower was as difficult to find as Fair Rosamond's… 00:06:41

Disc 2

  Our Mutual Friend (abridged)
1.   Cut Adrift 00:05:43
2.   The relief of hearing what she felt sure was a false suspicion… 00:07:20
3.   Mr. Wegg Looks After Himself 00:06:31
4.   Having so held and waved the candle… 00:07:00
5.   Mr. Boffin in Consultation 00:07:03
6.   The worthy Mr. Boffin jogged away… 00:05:37
7.   Mr. and Mrs. Boffin in Consultation 00:07:15
8.   'Oh - h!' said Mrs. Wilfur 00:06:07
9.   A Marriage Contract 00:07:34
10.   Ceremony performed, register signed… 00:06:49
11.   The Sweat of an Honest Man's Brow 00:06:12
12.   'Now,' began Lightwood, 'what's your name' 00:06:04

Disc 3

  Our Mutual Friend (abridged)
1.   There was a silence… 00:07:55
2.   Tracking the Bird of Prey 00:04:56
3.   He could see the light of the fire… 00:05:59
4.   The Bird of Prey Brought Down 00:04:17
5.   'Hand me over those spare sculls of yours... ' 00:04:36
6.   Two New Servants 00:07:49
7.   A gloomy house the Bower. 00:06:20
8.   Mr. Wegg (who had had nothing else in his mind)… 00:06:50
9.   Minders and Reminders 00:05:38
10.   She was one of those women, was Mrs. Betty Higden… 00:06:01
11.   This piece of business thus put in train… 00:06:20
12.   A Dismal Swamp 00:01:58
13.   Of an Educational Character 00:04:57
14.   The boy knocked at a door… 00:05:19

Disc 4

  Our Mutual Friend (abridged)
1.   'Charley! You!' 00:06:53
2.   The master and the pupil walked on… 00:04:46
3.   Still Educational 00:07:01
4.   Then he fell to talking playfully with Jenny Wren… 00:07:40
5.   A Riddle Without an Answer 00:04:48
6.   Very remarkably, neither Eugene Wrayburn nor Bradley… 00:05:11
7.   'You think me of no more value than the dirt…' 00:05:59
8.   In Which a Friendly Move is Originated 00:07:25
9.   The palm of Silas Wegg descends with a sounding smack… 00:06:43
10.   In Which an Innocent Elopement Occurs 00:06:29
11.   'Ma,' said Bella, angrily, 'you force me to say…' 00:05:25
12.   Back came her father, more like a boy than ever… 00:06:43
13.   In Which the Orphan Makes His Will 00:04:20

Disc 5

  Our Mutual Friend (abridged)
1.   But on the way down they had stopped at a toy shop… 00:05:20
2.   A Successor 00:05:17
3.   Some Affairs of the Heart 00:08:37
4.   The dolls' dressmaker sat with her attitude unchanged… 00:04:33
5.   More Birds of Prey 00:06:32
6.   The visitor first held the bottle… 00:06:07
7.   A Solo and a Duet 00:07:06
8.   'Now I pass to sick and deranged impressions…' 00:07:44
9.   Arriving at the house, he found that Mr. and Mrs. Boffin were out. 00:04:33
10.   Strong of Purpose 00:05:02
11.   The Whole Case So Far 00:05:49
12.   The powdered mortar from under the stone… 00:06:09
13.   An Anniversary Occasion 00:03:14
14.   A Happy Return of the Day 00:03:22

Disc 6

  Our Mutual Friend (abridged)
1.   'But what,' said Bella, as she watched the carving… 00:07:35
2.   The Golden Dustman Falls into Bad Company 00:06:00
3.   Somehow, Bella was not so well pleased… 00:05:50
4.   'I don’t mind telling you, Sophronia…' 00:05:50
5.   The Golden Dustman Falls into Worse Company 00:06:06
6.   Mr. Wegg and Mr. Venus looked at one another… 00:06:01
7.   The instant Mr. Boffin was on the other side of the door… 00:06:33
8.   The Friendly Move Takes up a Strong Position 00:05:33
9.   Mr. Wegg thereupon made an easy, graceful movement… 00:05:54
10.   The End of a Long Journey 00:04:52
11.   She was gone out of the Lock - house… 00:05:33
12.   Somebody Becomes the Subject of a Prediction 00:08:03
13.   But for all that, they had a very pleasant walk. 00:05:01

Disc 7

  Our Mutual Friend (abridged)
1.   'You know all now,' said Lizzie… 00:04:05
2.   Scouts Out 00:03:52
3.   Eugene came back… 00:05:56
4.   In the Dark 00:04:27
5.   Bradley Headstone's face had changed… 00:05:07
6.   Meaning Mischief 00:04:48
7.   Mr. Wegg Prepares a Grindstone for Mr. Boffin's Nose 00:07:05
8.   'Thank'ee, Venus!' said Mr. Boffin… 00:07:46
9.   With this agreable promise, Wegg stumped out… 00:05:11
10.   The Golden Dustman at His Worst 00:07:36
11.   'Our connexion being at an end, Mr. Boffin…' 00:06:28
12.   John Rokesmith from his place in the room… 00:07:54
13.   The Feast of the Three Hobgoblins 00:07:14

Disc 8

  Our Mutual Friend (abridged)
1.   'We'll break it to you gently, dearest Pa…' 00:04:32
2.   A Social Chorus 00:06:28
3.   Setting Traps 00:05:29
4.   The Golden Dustman Rises a Little 00:06:53
5.   The Golden Dustman Sinks Again 00:08:53
6.   A Runaway Match 00:03:31
7.   Concerning the Mendicant's Bride 00:03:48
8.   A Cry for Help 00:05:01
9.   She had not been prepared for such passionate expressions… 00:05:46
10.   Looking above, he found that the young moon was up… 00:07:04
11.   Better to be Abel than Cain 00:04:42
12.   He was a better follower than Bradley… 00:05:26
13.   Two Places Vacated 00:02:34
14.   The Dolls' Dressmaker Discovers a Word 00:05:03
15.   But the watchful little dressmaker… 00:04:10

Disc 9

  Our Mutual Friend (abridged)
1.   Effect is Given to the Doll’s Dressmaker's Discovery 00:05:06
2.   They started directly, in a little carriage… 00:04:41
3.   The Passing Shadow 00:07:22
4.   A twilight calm of happiness then succeeding… 00:05:27
5.   The three persons were Miss Abbey and two male guests. 00:05:48
6.   Showing How the Golden Dustman Helped to Scatter Dust 00:06:45
7.   With a start, Bella directed a hurried glance… 00:06:43
8.   Checkmate to the Friendly Move 00:07:45
9.   Wegg had repeated the word with a sneer… 00:06:33
10.   What was Caught in the Traps that were Set 00:06:55
11.   Not until the late daylight made the window transparent… 00:04:29
12.   Persons and Things in General 00:04:02
13.   The Voice of Society 00:07:06

Total Playing Time: 11:50:09

Dickens, Charles

Timson, David

Label: Naxos AudioBooks

Genre: Classic Fiction

Period: Romantic

Catalogue No: NA985712

Barcode: 9789626348574

Physical Release: 03/2008

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