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JOYCE, J.: Ulysses (Unabridged)


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About this Recording

JOYCE, J.: Ulysses (Unabridged)

Ulysses is one of the greatest literary works in the English language. In his remarkable tour de force, Joyce catalogues one day—16 June 1904—in immense detail as Leopold Bloom wanders through Dublin, talking, observing, musing—and always remembering Molly, his passionate, wayward wife. Set in the shadow of Homer’s Odyssey, internal thoughts—Joyce’s famous stream of consciousness—give physical reality extra colour and perspective. This long-awaited unabridged recording of James Joyce’s Ulysses is released to coincide with the hundredth anniversary of ‘Bloomsday’. Regarded by many as the single most important novel of the twentieth century, the abridged recording by Norton and Riordan released in 1994, the first year of Naxos AudioBooks, is a proven bestseller. Now the two return—having recorded most of Joyce’s other work—in a newly recorded unabridged production directed by Joyce expert Roger Marsh.

Disc 1

1.   'Stately plump Buck Mulligan came from the stairhead, bearing a bowl of lather on which a mirror and a razor lay crossed... ' 00:07:39
2.   'A bowl of white china had stood beside her deathbed holding the green sluggish bile... ' 00:07:15
3.   'He walked off quickly round the parapet. Stephen stood at his post, gazing over the calm sea towards the headland.' 00:06:53
4.   'The key scraped round harshly twice and, when the heavy door had been set ajar, welcome light and bright air entered.' 00:07:44
5.   'He turned to Stephen and said: Seriously Dedalus. I'm stony.' 00:06:23
6.   'Buck Mulligan at once put on a blithe broadly smiling face.' 00:05:52
7.   'Two men stood at the verge of the cliff, watching: businessman, boatman.' 00:04:08
8.   'You, Cochrane, what city sent for him Tarentum, Sir.' 00:06:51
9.   'Talbot slid his closed book into his satchel.' 00:07:07
10.   'A hasty step over the stone porch and in the corridor. Blowing out his rare moustache Mr Deasy halted at the table.' 00:06:58
11.   'Shouts rang shrill from the boys' playfield and a whirring whistle. Again: a goal.' 00:08:28

Disc 2

1.   'Ineluctable modality of the visible: at least that if no more, thought through my eyes.' 00:06:30
2.   'Morrow nephew... ' 00:07:12
3.   'You were going to do wonders, what' 00:07:48
4.   'A point, live dog, grew into sight... ' 00:08:43
5.   'His lips lipped and mouthed fleshless lips of air... ' 00:09:06
6.   'Mr Leopold Bloom ate with relish the inner organs of beasts and fowls.' 00:08:48
7.   'He approached Larry O'Rourkes... ' 00:09:22
8.   'Grey horror seared his flesh.' 00:06:01
9.   'He felt here and there.' 00:08:38
10.   'The cat, having cleaned all her fur, returned to the meatstained paper.' 00:07:18

Disc 3

1.   'By lorries along Sir John Waterson's quay, Mr Bloom walked soberly... ' 00:07:31
2.   'Mr Bloom gazed across the road at the outsider drawn up before the door of the Grosvenor.' 00:05:37
3.   'Mr Bloom stood at the corner... ' 00:08:26
4.   'An incoming train clanked heavily above his head, coach after coach.' 00:10:14
5.   'Better be shoving along.' 00:08:28
6.   'Martin Cunningham, first, poked his silkhatted head into the creaking carriage and, entering deftly, seated himself.' 00:06:53
7.   'Martin Cunningham began to brush away crustcrumbs from under his thighs.' 00:06:53
8.   'He clasped his hands between his knees and, satisfied, sent his vacant glance over their faces.' 00:05:59
9.   'Dead side of the street this.' 00:04:39
10.   'The carriage galloped round a corner: stopped.' 00:11:11

Disc 4

1.   'How are you Simon Ned Lambert said softly, clasping hands.' 00:08:05
2.   'Corny Kelleher fell into step at their side.' 00:07:34
3.   'The caretaker put the papers in his pocket.' 00:06:41
4.   'A seventh gravedigger came beside Mr Bloom to take up an idle spade.' 00:08:59
8.   'WHAT WETHERUP SAID' 00:04:48
9.   'EXIT BLOOM' 00:04:50
10.   'Lenehan said to all:' 00:05:19
11.   'YOU CAN DO IT' 00:05:12
12.   'RHYMES AND REASONS' 00:06:07

Disc 5

1.   'IMPROMPTU' 00:06:07
2.   'LET US HOPE' 00:04:07
3.   'K.M.A.' 00:05:27
4.   'PINEAPPLE ROCK, LEMON PLATT, BUTTER SCOTCH. A SUGARSTICKY girl shovelling scoopfuls of creams for a Christian brother.' 00:05:33
5.   'He halted again, and bought from the old applewoman two Banbury cakes for a penny... ' 00:07:41
6.   'Windy night that was I went to fetch her... ' 00:05:59
7.   'A bony form strode along the curbstone from the river... ' 00:07:02
8.   'Before the huge high door of the Irish house of parliament a flock of pigeons flew.' 00:07:49
9.   'Of the twoheaded octopus, one of whose heads is the head upon which the ends of the world have forgotten to come... ' 00:06:49
10.   'He passed, dallying, the windows of Brown Thomas, silk mercers.' 00:06:51
11.   'He entered Davy Byrne's. Moral pub. He doesn't chat.' 00:05:50
12.   'Mr Bloom, champing, standing, looked upon his sigh. Nosey numskull.' 00:06:26

Disc 6

1.   'His downcast eyes followed the silent veining of the oaken slab.' 00:05:56
2.   'Mr Bloom walked towards Dawson Street, his tongue brushing his teeth smooth.' 00:06:52
3.   'With a gentle finger he felt ever so slowly the hair combed back above his ears.' 00:04:01
4.   'Urbane, to comfort them, the quaker librarian purred... ' 00:05:39
5.   'Unsheathe your dagger definitions.' 00:06:19
6.   'How now, sirrah, that pound he lent you when you were hungry' 00:06:09
7.   'Young Colum and Starkey. George Roberts is doing the commercial part.' 00:06:44
8.   'Good Bacon: gone musty. Shakespeare Bacon's wild oats.' 00:06:20
9.   'I came through the museum, Buck Mulligan said. Was he here' 00:06:05
10.   'We want to hear more, John Eglinton decided with Mr Best's approval.' 00:06:44
11.   'The sense of beauty leads us astray, said beautifulinsadness Best to ugling Eglinton.' 00:07:28
12.   'What the hell are you driving at I know. Shut up blast you! I have reasons.' 00:07:10

Disc 7

1.   'John Eglinton touched the foil. Come, he said. Let us hear what you have to say of Richard and Edmund.' 00:06:01
2.   'Those who are married, Mr Best, douce herald, said, all save one, shall live.' 00:08:34
3.   'The superior, the very reverend John Conmee S.J., reset his smooth watch in his interior pocket as he came down the presbytery steps.' 00:08:46
4.   'It was a peaceful day.' 00:08:35
5.   'Katey and Boody Dedalus shoved in the door of the closesteaming kitchen.' 00:06:03
6.   'Miss Dune hid the Capel Street library copy of The Woman in White far back in her drawer... ' 00:05:40
7.   'Tom Rochford took the top disk from the pile he clasped against his claret waistcoat.' 00:06:52
8.   'Mr Bloom turned over idly pages of The Awful Disclosures of Maria Monk, then of Aristotle's Masterpiece.' 00:03:41
9.   'The lacquey by the door of Dillon's auctionrooms shook his handbell twice again and viewed himself in the chalked mirror of the cabinet.' 00:08:50
10.   'Stephen Dedalus watched through the webbed window the lapidary's fingers prove a timedulled chain.' 00:05:34
11.   'Hello, Simon, Father Cowley said. How are things' 00:04:15
12.   'The youngster will be all right, Martin Cunningham said, as they passed out of the Castleyard gate.' 00:04:41

Disc 8

1.   'As they trod across the thick carpet Buck Mulligan whispered behind his panama to Haines.' 00:08:06
2.   'William Humble, earl of Dudley, and Lady Dudley, accompanied by lieutenantcolonel Hesseltine, drove out after luncheon from... ' 00:07:58
3.   'BRONZE BY GOLD HEARD THE HOOFIRONS, STEELYRINGING Impethnthn thnthnthn.' 00:06:50
4.   'Yes, bronze from anear, by gold from afar, heard steel from anear, hoofs ring from afar, and heard steelhoofs ringhoof ringsteel.' 00:06:29
5.   'Gaily Miss Douce polished a tumbler, trilling: O, Idolores, queen of the eastern seas!' 00:06:37
6.   'Blazes Boylan's smart tan shoes creaked on the barfloor where he strode.' 00:07:11
7.   'Bald Pat in the doorway met tealess gold returning.' 00:06:41
8.   'Miss Douce, engaging, Lydia Douce, bowed to suave solicitor, George Lidwell, gentleman, entering. Good afternoon.' 00:07:44
9.   'Through the hush of air a voice sang to them, low, not rain, not leaves in murmur... ' 00:09:09
10.   'Bloom ungyved his crisscrossed hands and with slack fingers plucked the slender catgut thong.' 00:07:05
11.   'He blotted quick on pad of Pat. Envel. Address. Just copy out of paper.' 00:05:24

Disc 9

1.   'Jog jig jogged stopped.' 00:06:38
2.   'Bless me father, Dollard the croppy cried. Bless me and let me go.' 00:07:07
3.   'Far. Far. Far. Far. Tap. Tap. Tap. Tap.' 00:06:47
4.   'I WAS JUST PASSING THE TIME OF DAY WITH OLD TROY OF THE DMP at the corner of Arbour Hill there... ' 00:08:32
5.   'So we turned into Barney Kiernan's and there sure enough was the citizen up in the corner... ' 00:05:22
6.   'So anyhow Terry brought the three points Joe was standing... ' 00:07:09
7.   'In the darkness spirit hands were felt to flutter... ' 00:06:29
8.   'So they started talking about capital punishment and of course Bloom comes out with the why and the wherefore and all the codology of... ' 00:04:24
9.   'The last farewell was affecting in the extreme.' 00:10:51
10.   'So then the citizens begin talking about the Irish language and the corporation meeting and all to that... ' 00:05:47
11.   'So Bon Doran comes lurching around asking Bloom to tell Mrs Dignam he was sorry for her trouble... ' 00:10:15

Disc 10

1.   'Talking about violent exercise, says Alf, were you at the Keogh - Bennett match' 00:04:49
2.   'Did you see that bloody lunatic Breen round there, says Alf U.p: up.' 00:06:20
3.   'Those are nice things, says the citizen, coming over here to Ireland filing the country with bugs.' 00:06:17
4.   'As treeless as Portugal we'll be soon, says John Wyse, or Heliogoland with its one tree if something is not done to reaforrest the land.' 00:06:38
5.   'But, says Bloom, isn't discipline the same everywhere I mean wouldn't it be the same here if you put force against force' 00:05:59
6.   'And I belong to a race too, says Bloom, that is hated and persecuted. Also now. This very moment. This instant.' 00:06:10
7.   'So anyhow when I got back they were at it dingdong... ' 00:05:38
8.   'And at the sound of the sacring bell, headed by a crucifer with acolytes... ' 00:07:28
9.   'And begob he got as far as the door and they holding him and he bawls out of him: - Three cheers for Israel!' 00:08:32
10.   'THE SUMMER EVENING HAD BEGUN TO FOLD THE WORLD IN ITS mysterious embrace.' 00:05:28
11.   'Gerty MacDowell who was seated near her companions, lost in thought, gazing far away into the distance, was in very truth as fair... ' 00:12:10

Disc 11

1.   'Edy Boardman asked Tommy Caffrey was he done and he said yes, so then she buttoned up his little knickerbockers for him and told him to... ' 00:06:56
2.   'The twins were now playing in the most approved brotherly fashion... ' 00:08:35
3.   'The exasperating little brats of twins began to quarrel again and Jacky threw the ball out towards the sea and they both ran after it.' 00:05:26
4.   'Then they sang the second verse of the Tantum ergo and Canon O'Hanlon got up again and censed the Blessed Sacrament... ' 00:08:35
5.   'Canon O'Hanlon put the Blessed Sacrament back into the tabernacle and the choir sang Laudate Dominum omnes gentes... ' 00:07:28
6.   'Mr Bloom watched her as she limped away. Poor Girl!' 00:09:24
7.   'There she is with them down there for the fireworks. My fireworks. Up like a rocket, down like a stick.' 00:07:27
8.   'Wonder how is she feeling in that region. Shame all put on before third person. More put out about a hole in her stocking.' 00:07:52
9.   'All quiet on Howth now. The distant hills seem. Where we. The rhododendrons. I am a fool perhaps.' 00:09:34
10.   'Better not stick here all night like a limpet. This weather makes you dull.' 00:07:10

Disc 12

1.   'Deshil Holles Eamus. Deshil Holles Eamus. Deshil Holles Eamus.' 00:09:10
2.   'The man that was come into the house then spoke to the nursing - woman and he asked her how it fared with the woman that lay there in... ' 00:07:01
3.   'For they were right witty scholars. And he heard their aresouns each gen other as touching birth and righteousness... ' 00:10:02
4.   'To be short this passage was scarce by when Master Dixon of Mary in Eccles, goodly grinning, asked young Stephen what was the reason... ' 00:06:58
5.   'But was not young Basthard's fear vanquished by Calmer's words' 00:07:23
6.   'With this came up Lenehan to the feet of the table to say how the letter was in that night's gazette and he made a show to find it... ' 00:08:25
7.   'Our worthy acquaintance, Mr Malachi Mulligan, now appeared in the doorway as the students were finishing their apologue accompanied... ' 00:06:17
8.   'Here the listener, who was none other than the Scotch students, a little fume of a fellow, blond as tow... ' 00:09:59
9.   'Accordingly he broke his mind to his neighbour, saying that, to express his notion of the thing, his opinion... ' 00:09:10
10.   'But Malachias' tale began to freeze them with horror. He conjured up the scene before them.' 00:05:03

Disc 13

1.   'The voices blend and fuse in clouded silence: silence that is the infinite of space... ' 00:07:26
2.   'However, as a matter of fact though, the preposterous surmise about him being in some description of a doldrums or other mesmerised... ' 00:09:47
3.   'Meanwhile the skill and patience of the physician had brought about a happy accouchement.' 00:05:19
4.   'Mark this farther and remember. The end comes suddenly.' 00:08:07
5.   'Hurroo! Collar the leather, youngun. Roun wi the nappy.' 00:06:50
6.   'The Mabbot street entrance of nighttown, before which stretches an uncobbled tramsiding set with skeleton tracks, red and green... ' 00:10:39
7.   'BLOOM: Stitch in my side. Why did I run' 00:07:16
8.   'MARION: Welly Mrs Marion from this out, my dear man, when you speak to me.' 00:07:00
9.   "MRS BREEN: The dear dead days beyond recall. Love's Old Sweet Song.' 00:06:24
10.   '(Bloom passes. Cheap whores, singly, coupled, shawled, dishevelled, call from lanes, doors, corners.)' 00:08:34

Disc 14

1.   'BLOOM: Gentlement of the jury, let me explain.' 00:07:12
2.   '(The crossexamination proceeds re Bloom and the bucket. A large bucket. Bloom himself.)' 00:09:37
3.   'MRS BELLINGHAM: Tan his breech well, the upstart! Write the stars and stripes on it!' 00:06:40
4.   '(The portly figure of John O'Connell, caretaker, stands forth, holding a bunch of keys tied with crape.)' 00:06:45
5.   'LATE LORD MAYOR HARRINGTON: (In scarlet robe with mace, gold mayoral chain and large white silk scaft.)' 00:08:16
6.   'BLOOM: My beloved subjects, a new era is about to dawn.' 00:07:09
7.   'O MADDEN BURKE; Free fox in a free henroost' 00:07:30
8.   '(Bloom walks on a net, covers his left eye with his left ear, passes through several walls... )' 00:08:43
9.   'ZOE: Ladies first, gentlemen after.' 00:07:30
10.   'THE GRAMOPHONE: Jerusalem! Open your gates and sing. Hosanna... ' 00:06:11

Disc 15

1.   '(A skeleton judashand strangles the light. The green light wanes to mauve. The gasjet wails whistling.)' 00:09:42
2.   'BLOOM: (Absently.) Ocularly woman's bivalve case is worse. Always open sesame.' 00:07:48
3.   'VIRAG: (Agueshaken, profuse yellow spawn foaming over his bony epileptic lips.) She sold lovephiltres... ' 00:07:17
4.   '(The door opens. Bella Cohen, a massive whoremistress enters.)' 00:06:15
5.   'BELLO: (Coaxingly.) Come, ducky dear. I want a word with you, darling, just to administer correction.' 00:08:01
6.   'BELLO: (Whistles loudly.) Say! What was the most revolting piece of obscenity in all your career of crime' 00:07:22
7.   'A VOICE: Swear! (Bloom clenches his fists and crawls forward, a bowie knife between his teeth.)' 00:07:27
8.   'THE WATERFALL: Poulaphouca Poulaphouca Phoucaphouca Phoucaphouca.' 00:06:08
9.   '(The figure of Bella Cohen stands before him.) BELLA: You'll know me the next time.' 00:06:15
10.   'LYNCH: (Embracing Kitty on the sofa, chants deeply.) Dona nobis pacem.' 00:06:55

Disc 16

1.   '(Stephen and Bloom gaze in the mirror. The face of William Shakespeare, beardless, appears there... )' 00:07:02
2.   '(A dark horse, riderless, bolts like a phantom past the winningpost, his mane moonfoaming, his eyeballs stars.)' 00:07:11
3.   'STEPHEN: Pas Seu! (He wheels Kitty into Lynch's arms... )' 00:06:36
4.   'THE WHORES: (Jammed in the doorway, pointing.) Down there.' 00:06:46
5.   'DOLLY GRAY: (From here balcony waves her handkerchief, giving the sign of the heroine of Jericho.)' 00:06:40
6.   'PRIVATE CARR: Here. What are you saying about my king' 00:07:06
7.   'BLOOM: (Runs to Lynch.) Can't you get him away' 00:04:23
8.   'THE WATCH: (Saluting together.) Night gentlemen.' 00:06:02
9.   'Preparatory to anything else Mr Bloom brushed off the greater bulk of the shavings and handed Stephen the hat and ashplant... ' 00:08:22
10.   'Someone saluted you, Mr Bloom said.' 00:07:02
11.   'The pair parted company and Stephen rejoined Mr Bloom... ' 00:05:32

Disc 17

1.   'Mr Bloom and Stephen entered the cabman's shelter, an unpretentious wooden structure, where, prior to then, he had rarely, if ever,... ' 00:04:56
2.   'A silence ensued till Mr Bloom for agreeableness' sake just felt like asking him whether it was for a marksmanship competition like... ' 00:05:00
3.   'Mr Bloom, without evincing surprise, unostentatiously turned over the card to peruse the partially obliterated address and postmark.' 00:08:50
4.   'Tired, seemingly, he ceased.' 00:05:11
5.   'The face of a streetwalker, glazed and haggard under a black straw hat, peered askew round the door of the shelter... ' 00:09:35
6.   'Mind you, I'm not saying that it's all a pure invention, he resumed.' 00:07:17
7.   'All, meantime, were loudly lamenting the falling off in Irish shipping, coastwise and foreign as well, which was all part and parcel of... ' 00:08:18
8.   'He turned a long you are wrong gaze on Stephen of timorous dark pride at the soft impeachment... ' 00:05:14
9.   'At this pertinent suggestion, Mr Bloom, to change the subject, looked down... ' 00:07:00
10.   'While the other was reading it on page two Bloom (to give him for the nonce his new misnomer) whiled away a few odd leisure moments... ' 00:08:59
11.   'Just bears out what I was saying, he with glowing bosom said to Stephen. And, if I don't greatly mistake, whe was Spanish too.' 00:07:40

Disc 18

1.   'On the other hand what incensed him more inwardly was the blatant jokes of the cabmen and so on... ' 00:04:43
2.   'Anyhow, upon weighing the pros and cons, getting on for one as it was, it was high time to be retiring for the night.' 00:07:39
3.   'Accordingly he passed his left arm in Stephen's right and led him on accordingly.' 00:06:32
4.   'These opening bars he sang and translated extempore.' 00:05:20
5.   'What Parallel courses did Bloom and Stephen follow returning' 00:08:15
6.   'What discrete succession of images did Stephen meanwhile perceive' 00:08:48
7.   'Having set the half filled kettle on the now burning coals, why did he return to the stillflowing tap' 00:06:10
8.   'What attracted his attention lying on the apron of the dresser' 00:05:16
9.   'What acrostic upon the abbreviation of his first name had he (kinetic poet) sent to Miss Marion Tweedy on the 14 February 1888' 00:07:19
10.   'Were there no means still remaining to him to achieve the rejuvenation which these reminiscences divulged to a younger companion... ' 00:06:10
11.   'What suggested scene was then constructed by Stephen' 00:06:26
12.   'What system had proved more effective' 00:04:35

Disc 19

1.   'In what common study did their mutual reflections merge' 00:04:46
2.   'How did the father of Millicent receive this second part' 00:06:59
3.   'What proposal did Bloom, diambulist, father of Milly, somnambulist, make to Stephen, noctambulist' 00:05:51
4.   'In what order of precedence, with what attendant ceremony was the exodus from the house of bondage to the wilderness of inhabitation... ' 00:07:57
5.   'His (Bloom's) logical conclusion, having weighed the matter and allowing for possible error' 00:06:06
6.   'What sound accompanied the union of their tangent, the disunion of their (respectively) centrifugal and centripetal hands' 00:06:00
7.   'With what sensations did Bloom contemplate in rotation these objects' 00:07:04
8.   'What among other data did the second volume of the work in question contain' 00:09:07
9.   'What additional attractions might the grounds contain' 00:06:00
10.   'Prove that he had loved rectitude from his earliest youth.' 00:07:45
11.   'Positing what protasis would the contraction for such several schemes become a natural and necessary apodosis' 00:06:20
12.   'Quote the textual terms in which the prospectus claimed advantages for this thaumaturgic remedy.' 00:02:02

Disc 20

1.   'What did the 2nd drawer contain' 00:05:21
2.   'What object offered partial consolation for these reminiscences' 00:07:18
3.   'What advantages were possessed by an occupied, as distinct from an unoccupied bed' 00:06:02
4.   'What did his limbs, when gradually extended, encounter' 00:07:31
5.   'In what final satisfaction did these antagonistic sentiments and reflections, reduced to their simplest forms, converge' 00:07:52
6.   'YES BECAUSE HE NEVER DID A THING LIKE THAT BEFORE AS ASK TO get his breakfast in bed with a couple of eggs... ' 00:10:19
7.   'why can't you kiss a man without going and marrying him... ' 00:12:21
8.   'they're all so different Boylan talking about the shape of my foot... ' 00:08:01
9.   'I hate people who come at all hous answer the door you think it's the vegetables then it's somebody... ' 00:09:41
10.   'yes and half the girls in Gibraltar never wore them either naked as God made them... ' 00:02:35

Disc 21

1.   'sure you can't get in this world without style all going in food and rent... ' 00:11:35
2.   'frseeeeeeeefronnnng train somewhere whistling the strength those engines have in them like big giants... ' 00:08:57
3.   'the days like years not a letter from a living soul except the odd few I posted to myself... ' 00:07:36
4.   'he was looking at me I had that white blouse on open at the front to encourage him as much as I could without too openly... ' 00:11:14
5.   'that was a relief wherever you be let your wind go free... ' 00:09:27
6.   'I'm too honest as a matter of fact I suppose he thinks I'm finished out and laid on the shelf... ' 00:10:53
7.   'who knows is there something the matter with my insides or have I something growing in me... ' 00:07:15
8.   'wait there's Georges church bells wait 3 quarters the hour wait... ' 00:06:58
9.   'wait by god yes wait yes hold on he was on the cards this morning when I laid out the deck... ' 00:05:00

Disc 22

1.   'no that's no way for him he no manners nor no refinement nor no nothing... ' 00:07:00
2.   'O I'm not going to think myself into the glooms about that any more... ' 00:09:59
3.   'God of heaven there's nothing like nature the wild mountains then the sea and the waves rushing... ' 00:04:53

Total Playing Time: 27:16:28

Joyce, James

Norton, Jim; Riordan, Marcella

Label: Naxos AudioBooks

Genre: Classic Fiction

Catalogue No: NAX30912

Barcode: 9789626343098

Physical Release: 05/2004

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