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MURAKAMI, H.: Norwegian Wood (Unabridged)


About this Recording

MURAKAMI, H.: Norwegian Wood (Unabridged)

Like Proust’s ‘petite Madeleine’ Toru Watanabe’s memories of his student years, the girls, the tensions and the aspirations are jerked back into life by hearing the Beatles song ‘Norwegian Wood’ in an MOR version in an airplane. His first love, Naoko and a strange girl, Midori, intertwine in his life. Haruki Murakami is Japan’s leading contemporary novelist, a household figure in his own country and a cult figure in the Western world. Norwegian Wood has sold millions of copies in Japan and the rest of the world. This is the first of a series of Murakami novels Naxos AudioBooks will be recording over the next two years. Music—popular and classical—often plays a key role in Murakami novels and Naxos AudioBooks is the ideal label to produce these première recordings.

Disc 1

  Norwegian Wood
1.   Chapter 1: I was 37 then... 00:04:34
2.   Memory is a funny thing... 00:04:32
3.   Let’s see now, what was Naoko talking about that day 00:04:54
4.   Naoko stopped short. So did I 00:05:14
5.   We came to a stop and stood in the silent forest... 00:04:19
6.   Chapter 2: Once upon a time... 00:05:06
7.   In any case, I spent two years... 00:04:11
8.   The rules for room assignments... 00:04:04
9.   Everybody sympathized with me... 00:04:02
10.   He was up at six each morning... 00:04:04
11.   Naoko chuckled when I told her the story... 00:03:44
12.   Almost a year had gone by... 00:03:08
13.   We went to a shop by the station... 00:05:06
14.   I first met Naoko when I was in the sixth - form at school... 00:05:07
15.   Naoko might have been angry with me... 00:03:55
16.   There was only one thing for me to do... 00:03:02
17.   Chapter 3: Naoko called me the following Saturday... 00:04:27
18.   I can’t seem to recall what we talked about then 00:03:03
19.   When autumn ended and cold winds began tearing through... 00:02:10

Disc 2

  Norwegian Wood
1.   The guys in the dorm would always tease me... 00:06:28
2.   No one else in the dorm knew that Nagasawa... 00:03:32
3.   There were several ‘Nagasawa Legends’ that circulated... 00:04:08
4.   I was not too crazy about sleeping with girls I didn't know... 00:05:04
5.   That winter I found a part - time job in a little record shop... 00:03:45
6.   Halfway through April Naoko turned 20 00:04:58
7.   Once the clock struck eleven, though... 00:05:45
8.   The rain had stopped when morning came 00:03:54
9.   Something inside me had dropped away... 00:04:34
10.   Finally at the beginning of July... .. 00:04:07
11.   At the end of the month, Storm Trooper gave me... 00:03:32
12.   I tried to remember when I had last seen fireflies... 00:03:07
13.   Chapter 4: During the summer holidays... 00:06:11
14.   At 11.30 a.m. one Monday... 00:04:17
15.   ‘I think you look better now than you did before’... 00:04:38
16.   The food arrived at Midori’s table... 00:03:53
17.   Nagasawa was on his way to the dining hall... 00:04:14

Disc 3

  Norwegian Wood
1.   I went to the following week’s drama lecture... 00:04:20
2.   ‘Let’s get out of here’, said Midori 00:03:04
3.   She took me to her old school, a short walk from Yotsuya 00:04:12
4.   ‘Well this school,’ Midori said... 00:04:29
5.   ‘What's your job like’ 00:05:22
6.   Sunday morning I got up at nine, shaved... 00:03:39
7.   The whole front of the shop was sealed off... 00:05:53
8.   Midori’s cooking was far better than I had expected 00:03:38
9.   I nodded, swallowing a mouthful of clear soup... 00:03:07
10.   Chin in hand, she smoked half her cigarette... 00:02:16
11.   I helped her wash the dishes 00:05:19
12.   One weird thing after another came up that Sunday... 00:03:42
13.   Midori brought two floor pillows... 00:04:39
14.   She tilted her head and looked at me 00:04:47
15.   Another half hour and the fire was out 00:03:17
16.   Midori didn’t come to the next day’s History of Drama lecture... 00:02:57
17.   Nagasawa came to my room that Saturday afternoon... 00:03:58
18.   My companions at the table turned out to be two girls 00:03:45
19.   ‘It’s too bad what you're going through’... 00:03:56

Disc 4

  Norwegian Wood
1.   Chapter 5: Thanks for your letter... 00:04:05
2.   In any case, I myself feel... 00:04:24
3.   In addition to playing sports... 00:02:44
4.   Still, you shouldn’t feel that I’m a burden to you 00:03:35
5.   Chapter 6: As soon as I woke at seven o’clock... 00:04:58
6.   Eventually another bus came climbing up... 00:04:29
7.   I took the second left from the roundabout as instructed... 00:05:28
8.   She took the lead, hurrying down a corridor... 00:04:21
9.   She stubbed out her cigarette and went over to the counter... 00:04:53
10.   I nodded in response. ‘And Naoko,’ I said... 00:05:33
11.   Reiko and I left the main building... 00:04:14
12.   Reiko walked into the building marked C7... 00:03:47
13.   How long did this go on 00:05:03
14.   People started coming back to Area C... 00:03:17
15.   At the table behind me, a balding man... 00:03:00
16.   Back in the room after supper... 00:03:22
17.   Reiko took a bottle of white wine from the fridge... 00:04:39

Disc 5

  Norwegian Wood
1.   Naoko said she wanted to hear... 00:05:05
2.   Naoko shook her head for a few moments... 00:03:55
3.   She reached for her wineglass on the table... 00:02:36
4.   When I walked back to the front entrance... 00:04:21
5.   ‘What makes Naoko such a hard case for you’ 00:04:06
6.   She slipped a wallet from her trouser pocket... 00:05:08
7.   ‘My parents walked around on tiptoe... ’ 00:05:14
8.   Reiko sighed and picked up the basketball again 00:04:09
9.   ‘Then one day I had a visit from one of the ladies... ’ 00:04:53
10.   ‘What did she lie about’ 00:05:51
11.   At that point Reiko looked at her watch... 00:04:33
12.   ‘When I was alone before, all of a sudden... ’ 00:05:07
13.   Naoko looked at me with a sad smile 00:04:18
14.   Naoko lowered her head again and fell silent 00:03:29
15.   When I opened my eyes, I felt as if I were seeing... 00:04:05
16.   What perfect flesh! I thought 00:03:49
17.   While Reiko straightened out my sofa bed... 00:04:10
18.   When they had finished cleaning... 00:02:41

Disc 6

  Norwegian Wood
1.   Back at the flat, the women changed their boots... 00:04:42
2.   I wanted to answer her, but I was too winded to speak 00:04:50
3.   Naoko and Reiko ordered cold glasses of milk... 00:04:16
4.   I started after her. The dog woke up... . 00:03:19
5.   I put my arm around her and drew her close... 00:03:39
6.   After I came, I held her in my arms... 00:03:43
7.   Naoko fell silent for a few seconds... 00:03:10
8.   Reiko sighed and picked up the basketball again 00:05:27
9.   ‘I was the one who found my sister dead... ’ 00:03:42
10.   Back in the room, Naoko and I played cards... 00:04:40
11.   ‘Assuming you can divide everybody in the world... ’ 00:05:12
12.   Reiko dropped her cigarette butt on the floor... 00:05:25
13.   Reiko tapped the ash from her cigarette to the floor... 00:04:17
14.   Reiko paused to puff at her cigarette 00:05:00
15.   ‘Is it true’ I asked 00:04:08
16.   ‘She didn’t come to my house the following Saturday.’ 00:05:55
17.   ‘There was only one thing for us to do... ’ 00:04:37
18.   Reiko collected the cigarette butts... 00:02:58

Disc 7

  Norwegian Wood
1.   The rain did pour down, and kept pouring 00:04:49
2.   After cleaning the aviary we went back to the flat... 00:03:00
3.   Back at the dorm by 4.30, I changed straight away... 00:04:49
4.   Chapter 7: In P.E. class the next morning... 00:03:16
5.   After German we caught a bus to Shinjuku... 00:04:23
6.   ‘I don’t know you well enough to force stuff on you.’ 00:03:59
7.   We left the bar after five rounds of vodka and tonic 00:02:39
8.   Midori came for me at 9.30 on Sunday morning 00:05:54
9.   We took a commuter train to Ochanomizu 00:04:18
10.   ‘Have you ever read Das Kapital’ 00:03:48
11.   ‘Well, one time they called a late - night political meeting... ’ 00:04:01
12.   The University Hospital corridors were noisy... 00:05:08
13.   A few minutes later Midori took me to the TV room... 00:04:50
14.   Back in the hospital room, Midori aimed a stream of talk... 00:03:05
15.   I agreed to go, but in fact I didn’t much feel like eating 00:05:06
16.   Back in the room, Midori told her father... 00:04:10
17.   Midori’s father woke suddenly and started coughing... 00:05:52
18.   After all that talk, I felt starved 00:04:56

Disc 8

  Norwegian Wood
1.   The wife of the other patient came back... 00:05:53
2.   ‘So is that your fond recollection of Ueno Station’ 00:03:57
3.   I didn’t go to the hospital that next Sunday, though 00:04:52
4.   When I had finished my letter... 00:02:54
5.   Chapter 8: Halfway through that week... 00:05:08
6.   ‘Anyway, let's eat out soon.’ 00:04:23
7.   Nagasawa picked a fancy French restaurant... 00:04:17
8.   Hatsumi could barely stop laughing 00:05:40
9.   At that point the door opened... 00:05:07
10.   The three of us went on eating in silence... 00:04:54
11.   Once inside the cab, I asked Hatsumi... 00:03:36
12.   Hatsumi and I went to a small bar... 00:05:14
13.   Hatsumi’s flat was a 15 - minute walk from Shibuaya... 00:03:40
14.   I slowly filled my glass with beer 00:04:34
15.   I sat at my desk to write my Sunday morning letter... 00:04:27

Disc 9

  Norwegian Wood
1.   Chapter 9: There was no sign of Midori... 00:03:26
2.   When I got to DUG, Midori was sitting... 00:04:31
3.   ‘So anyway, what did you do in Nara’ 00:05:00
4.   We went from the bar to an eel shop... 00:04:02
5.   We found another bar and ordered drinks 00:04:46
6.   And she was right. We went to a disco... 00:03:24
7.   Upstairs, she sat me at the kitchen table... 00:03:59
8.   We took turns in the bath... 00:04:15
9.   I sat at the kitchen table, drinking my beer... 00:03:42
10.   I wrote to Naoko every week... 00:03:53
11.   Chapter 10: Thinking back on the year 1969... 00:04:46
12.   When the holidays came, I stuffed my things... 00:06:53
13.   1970 – a year with a whole new sound to it... 00:04:11
14.   Three days after my move, I wrote to Naoko 00:03:25
15.   I was in the thick of painting when Midori... 00:02:51
16.   This was the beginning of one weird spring 00:04:21
17.   I found a letter in the box... 00:03:42
18.   It was dated 31 March 00:03:37
19.   A letter came from Midori on 6 April 00:04:16

Disc 10

  Norwegian Wood
1.   ‘Shit, Watanabe, what happened to you’ 00:02:58
2.   While we ate lunch, we showed each other... 00:03:10
3.   We were drinking our coffee when two girls came in 00:04:16
4.   I rang Midori’s flat from the station... 00:04:13
5.   April was too lonely a month to spend all alone 00:03:23
6.   Itoh once invited me to his flat 00:04:32
7.   A letter came from Reiko in the middle of May 00:03:26
8.   I went to the university every day... 00:04:38
9.   There was no one on the roof in the rain... 00:03:56
10.   I tried to speak, but I felt the words... 00:04:56
11.   We bought a good sized towel... 00:03:55
12.   ‘But really, Watanabe, you don’t want to do... ’ 00:02:42
13.   In the evening, Midori did some shopping... 00:04:41
14.   Reiko’s answer came five days later... 00:04:14

Disc 11

  Norwegian Wood
1.   Chapter 11: Reiko wrote to me several times... 00:04:03
2.   I went on with my travels 00:06:00
3.   One windy evening, as I lay wrapped... 00:03:28
4.   When he had gone, I suddenly thought... 00:03:51
5.   The fourth day after my return to Tokyo... 00:05:57
6.   We hardly talked the rest of the way to Kichijoji Station 00:03:08
7.   Reiko took the box of sweets from her bag... 00:03:36
8.   ‘Tests at the hospital in Osaka... ’ 00:04:11
9.   ‘When that was over, we went to the dining hall... ’ 00:04:26
10.   I drank my beer, and Reiko finished her second cigarette 00:04:11
11.   ‘Hey, Watanabe, let's go for a walk.’ 00:04:06
12.   Instead of talking, we attacked the sukiyaki... 00:03:32
13.   We took the five - minute walk along the river... . 00:05:21
14.   We went inside and drew the curtains 00:05:13
15.   I tried to convince Reiko that taking a plane... 00:05:13

Total Playing Time: 13:26:26

Murakami, Haruki

Chancer, John

Label: Naxos AudioBooks

Genre: Classic Fiction

Period: Contemporary

Catalogue No: NAX39312

Barcode: 9789626343937

Distribution Note(s):

Not available in the US.

Physical Release: 03/2006

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