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List of Composers by country arranged in alphabetical order.

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Haas, Pauline (1992)
Habermann, Michael
Halévy, Fromental (1799-1862)
Halévy, Ludovic (1834-1908)
Haraucourt, Edmond (1856-1941)
Hardelot, Guy d' (1858-1936)
Hartmann, Georges (1843-1900)
Hasselmans, Alphonse (1845-1912)
Héaume, Stéphane
Heloise (1101-1162)
Henaff, G.
Henry, Pierre (1927-2017)
Hérold, Ferdinand (1791-1833)
Herrand, Marc
Hervé, Florimond (1825-1892)
Hillemacher, Paul Joseph Guillaume (1852-1933)
Hoffman, François-Benoît (1760-1828)
Holmès, Augusta (1847-1903)
Honegger, Arthur (1892-1955)
Hornez, Andre (1905-1989)
Hotteterre le Romain, Jacques (1673-1763)
Hotteterre, Jean (1677-1720)
Houdy, Pierick (1929)
Hüe, Georges (1858-1948)
Hugo, Victor (1802-1885)
Hurel, Philippe (1955)

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