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List of Composers by country arranged in alphabetical order.

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Ochmann, Norbert
Ochs, Siegfried (1858-1929)
Oeler, Harald
Oesterle, Michael (1968)
Oesterreicher, Rudolf (1926)
Olearius, Johannes (1611-1684)
Oppeln-Bronikowski, Friedrich von (1873-1936)
Orff, Carl (1895-1982)
Ornest, Zdenek (1929-1990)
Osiander, Lucas (1534-1604)
Osterwald, Karl Wilhelm (1820-1887)
Oswald von Wolkenstein, (1445)
Othmayr, Kaspar (1515-1553)
Otte, Hans (1926-2007)
Otto, Valerius (1579-1612)
Overbeck, Christian Adolf (1755-1821)

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