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List of Composers by country arranged in alphabetical order.

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Pade, Else Marie (1924)
Pade, Steen (1956)
Palsson, Per
Paludan-Muller, Frederik (1809-1876)
Pedersen, Flemming Neergard
Pedersen, Gunner Møller (1943)
Pedersen, Jens Lund
Pedersøn, Mogens (1580-1628)
Petersen, Charlotte
Petersen, Nis (1897-1943)
Petri, Michala (1958)
Pheiffer, Knud (1909-1961)
Plaetner, Jorgen (1930-2002)
Ploug, Carl Parmo (1813-1894)
Polenz, August
Prehn, Georg
Preisler, Juliane (1959)
Presten, Jorgen (1553)

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