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List of Composers by country arranged in alphabetical order.

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Tabourot, Jehan (1520-1595)
Taconet, Georges (1889-1962)
Taffanel, Paul (1844-1908)
Tailleferre, Germaine (1892-1983)
Tavan, Emile (1849-1929)
Theuriet, Claude Adhemar Andre (1833-1907)
Thibaud, Jacques
Thibaut de Champagne (1201-1253)
Thirvaudey, Ludovic
Thomas, Ambroise (1811-1896)
Thomé, Francis (1850-1909)
Tiercelin, Louis (1849-1915)
Tiersen, Yann (1970)
Titelouze, Jehan (1562-1633)
Toche, Raoul
Tocqueville, Alexis de (1805-1859)
Tomasi, Henri (1901-1971)
Tournemire, Charles (1870-1939)
Tourneux, Eugene
Tournier, Marcel (1879-1951)
Trefeu, Etienne (1821-1903)
Trenet, Charles (1913-2001)
Trianon, Henri (1811-1896)
Trognee, Robert
Tschudi, Jean-Baptiste de (1734-1784)
Turquety, Edouard (1807-1867)

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