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List of Contemporary Period Composers arranged in alphabetical order.

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Wang, Lisan (1933-2013)
Wang, Yanqiao (1937)
Wang, Yiping (1919-1999)
Waxman, Donald (1925)
Weintraub, David
Weir, Judith (1954)
Whitacre, Eric (1970)
Widestedt, Ragnar (1887-1954)
Williams, John (1932)
Winkler, David (1948)
Wiseman, Debbie (1963)
Wisson, Bernard (1948)
Wong, Cynthia Lee (1982)
Woolfenden, Guy (1937-2016)
Woolrich, John (1954)
Wu, Zuqiang (1927)
Wuorinen, Charles (1938)

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