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List of Romantic Period Composers arranged in alphabetical order.

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Wagner, Josef Franz (1856-1908)
Wagner, Richard (1813-1883)
Wagner, Siegfried (1869-1930)
Wahlberg, Gideon (1890-1948)
Waldteufel, Émile (1837-1915)
Waldteufel, Louis (1801-1884)
Wallace, William Vincent (1812-1865)
Weckerlin, Jean Baptiste (1821-1910)
Wesley, Samuel Sebastian (1810-1876)
White, Edward L. (1809-1851)
Widor, Charles-Marie (1844-1937)
Wieniawski, Henryk (1835-1880)
Wolf, Hugo (1860-1903)
Woods, John Joseph (1849-1934)

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