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List of Arrangers arranged in alphabetical order.

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Arnicane, Arta
Artley, David
Arvey, Verna
Asatryan, Ruben
Ascione, Gerald J.
Ascione, Matthew G.
Ashkenazy, David
Ashkenazy, Vladimir (1937)
Ashmore, Lawrence
Aslamazian, Sergey Zacharovich (1897-1978)
Asplund, Peter (1969)
Assad, Sérgio (1952)
Asturias, R
Atkins, Ivor (1869-1953)
Atovmyan, Lev
Attwood, Koji
Atzakas, Thimios
Aubanel, Georges (1896-1978)
Auer, Leopold (1845-1930)
Auerbach, Lera (1973)
Auner, Thomas Michael
Auric, Georges (1899-1983)
Aussel, Roberto (1954)
Austin, Ray
Autio, Tuomo J.
Awes, Hawley
Azcano, Julio

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