Can classical music be saved? Symphonies are shutting down. Ballet and opera companies are reorganising. Throughout the world, purveyors of live classical music are struggling, and it seems that a centuries-old tradition of people gathering to enjoy live classical music rapidly is headed for extinction.

  • What's your solution?
  • What do you like or dislike about traditional concert formats?
  • What will draw more people to concerts, more often?
  • What special events, concerts, and festivals have been great experiences for you?

At Naxos, we believe that the survival of classical ensembles and concerts are important not only to the future of our company but to the future of society. Who could be better than our customers to brainstorm the path to classical music's salvation? Whether you are a seasoned music history professor or a music fan still learning the basics, you share a passion for great music and understand the importance of music in our world, and Naxos wants to hear your best ideas.

Send us your solutions from now until July 31 for a chance to win 100 Naxos CDs! The three entrants with the most interesting and creative entries will receive 100 Naxos CDs of their choice, and ten runner-up entrants will receive 10 Naxos CDs each. Naxos will share the best ideas with concert promoters and organizers around the world.

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We look forward to hearing your ways to save classical music!