SELIM PALMGREN (1878⁠–⁠1951)




‘For this volume I have chosen several early opuses, including Opp. 4 and 8, as well as the Gavotte and Musette (1898), alongside Palmgren’s late piano suite Sun and Clouds, Op. 102 (1942). In addition, the album contains Palmgren’s Spring, Op. 27 – a suite of seven pieces which also includes Palmgren’s most popular piano work, May Night.

I would like to highlight the Barcarolle, Op. 14 – a small but great little piece with a very Nordic touch and totally complete in its form. Palmgren’s Intermezzo for the Left Hand was the first Finnish piano piece written for the left hand alone. I do not know if Palmgren was aware of Brahms’ arrangement of Bach’s Chaconne for the left hand (ca. 1877) or any other works for the left hand, but he has been able to make this work to sound very well. A casual listener might be surprised when trying to play this piece on the piano: it is not nearly as easy as it might sound!’ – Jouni Somero

Listen to an excerpt from
3 Klavierstücke, Op. 4: No. 2. Scherzo