NIKOLAY MEDTNER (1880⁠–⁠1951)




‘I discovered Medtner’s music many years ago, in the most unlikely of circumstances: whilst backpacking in southern India! In the sandalwood-perfumed city of Mysore I heard a student practicing what I later discovered was a Fairy Tale by this neglected Russian composer…it captivated me, and I was hooked for life.

I love Medtner’s music for many reasons. He may not have the immediate appeal of a Rachmaninov, but repeated listenings reveal the many treasures and depths of his scores. He composed like Vermeer painted, with exceptional craftsmanship and attention to detail. There is never a superfluous note or an empty gesture.

Medtner was a man of culture and integrity, and his music reflects this: it is “honest” and has something to say. Above all, his music tells stories. The Sonata-Ballade in this album is an example of his uniquely narrative skills.

As a concert pianist, it is a great pleasure to introduce this wonderful music to new audiences!’ – Paul Stewart

Listen to an excerpt from Sonata-Ballade in F sharp major, Op. 27: I. Allegretto – Coda: Allegro molto agitato –