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the tempest
Title Page

The Tempest



Act Two – Masque of Spirits

             No. 2 Trio and Chorus          
            1st Spirit
            Where does the black fiend Ambition reside
            With the mischievous Devil of Pride?
            2nd Spirit
            In the lowest and darkest caverns of Hell
            Both Pride and Ambition do dwell.
            1st Spirit
            Who are the chief leaders of the damn’d host?
            3rd Spirit
            Proud monarchs who tyrannise most.
            In Hell, in Hell with flames they shall reign,
            And for ever, for ever shall suffer the pain.
            1st Spirit
            Who are the pillars of the tyrant’s court?
            3rd Spirit
            Rapine and Murder his crown must support.
            2nd Spirit
            His cruelty does tread on orphan’s tender breast
            and brothers dead.
            Can Heav’n permit such crimes should be
            Attended with felicity?
            1st & 2nd Spirits
            No! tyrants their sceptres uneasily wear,
            In the midst of their guards their consciences fear.
            Care their minds when they wake unquiet will keep,
            And we with dire visions disturb all their sleep.
            No. 3 Chorus             
            Around, around we pace
            About this cursed place.
            While thus we compass in
            These mortals and their sin.
            No. 4 Air        
            2nd Spirit
            Arise, arise, ye subterranean winds,
            More to distract their guilty minds.
            Arise, ye minds whose rapid force can make
            All but the fix’d and solid centre shake ;
            Come drive these wretches to that part o’ th’ Isle
            Where Nature never yet did smile.
            Come fogs and damps, whirlwinds and earthquakes there,
            There let them howl and languish in despair
            Rise and obey the pow’rful prince o’ th’ air.
            No. 5 Dance of the Winds    


Act Three

            No. 6 Song and Chorus         
            Come unto these yellow sands
            And there take hands;
            Foot it featly here and there
            And let the rest the chorus bear.
            Hark! hark! the watchdogs bark,
            Hark! hark! hear the strain of Chanticlere.
            No. 6 cont. Song and Chorus
            Full fathom five thy father lies;
            Of his bones are corals made.
            Those are pearls that were his eyes
            Nothing of him that doth fade,
            But doth suffer a sea-change
            Into something rich and strange.
            Sea-nymphs hourly ring his knell ;
            Hark! now I hear them, ding dong bell.
            No. 7 Air        
            Dry those eyes which are o’erflowing,
            All your storms are overblowing.
            While you in this isle are biding,
            You shall feast without providing,
            Ev’ry dainty you can think of,
            Ev’ry wine that you can drink of,
            Shall be yours and want shall shun you,
            Ceres’ blessing too is on you.
            No. 8 Air        
            Kind fortune smiles and she
            Has yet in store for thee
            No. 9 Dance of Spirits          
            No. 10 Air      
            Dear pretty youth unveil those eyes
            How can you sleep
            When I am by
            Were I with you all night to be
            Methinks I could from sleep be free.
            Alas! My dear, you’re cold as stone
            You must no longer lie alone
            But be with me my dear
            And I in each arm
            Will hug you close and keep you warm.


Act Five – Neptune’s Masque

            No. 11 Recit. and Air
            Great Neptune! now no more
            Let Æolus enrage the sea;
            Let him my will obey,
            Till these arrive upon the wish’d for shore.
            My dear, my Amphitrite,
            All I wish is to delight thee.
            Fair and serene,
            Like thee my Queen,
            The region of the air shall be;
            At Neptune’s call
            The winds shall fall,
            Nor longer vex the region of the sea.
            No. 12 Recit. and Air
            Æolus, you must appear,
            My great commands to hear,
            Rough Æolus, appear!
            While these pass o’er the deep,
            Your stormy winds must cease,
            While these I safely keep,
            I’ll bless my wat’ry realms with peace.
            No. 13 Recit. and Air
            Your awful voice I hear and I obey,
            Brother to Jove and monarch of the sea.
            Come down, my blusterers,
            Swell no more,
            Your stormy rage give o’er.
            To your prisons below,
            Down you must go.
            In hollow rocks your revels make,
            Nor till I call, your trembling dens forsake.
            No. 14 Air      
            Halcyon days, now wars are ending,
            You shall find wheree’er you sail,
            Tritons all the while attending
            With a kind and gentle gale.
            No. 15 Air      
            See, see, the heavens smile,
            With clouds no more o’ercast,
            In this now happy isle
            Are all your sorrows past.
            No. 16 Duet and Chorus       
            Amphitrite and Neptune
            No stars again shall hurt you from above,
            But all your days shall pass in peace and love.
            But all your days,
            Amphitrite and Neptune
            But all your days shall pass in peace and love.
            No stars again shall hurt you from above,
            But all your days shall pass in peace and love.



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