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Synopses of Operas

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Fairy Queen, The
Falstaff (Antonio Salieri)
Falstaff (Giuseppe Verdi)
Falstaff (Michael William Balfe)
Fanciulla del West, La (The Girl of The West)
Fate (Osud)
Fausse esclave, La (The False Slave)
Faust (Charles Gounod)
Faust (Louis Spohr)
Favola d'Orfeo, La (The Fable of Orpheus)
Favola del figlio cambiato, La (The Fable of the Changeling Son)
Favorita, La (The Favourite)
Fedelta premiata, La (Fidelity Rewarded)
Fedra (Phaedra)
Feen, Die (The Fairies)
Fennimore and Gerda
Ferne Klang, Der (The Distant Sound)
Fetes d'Hebe, Les (The Festivities of Hebe)
Fetes de l'Amour et de Bacchus, Les (The Festivities of Cupid and Bacchus)
Fetes de l'Hymen et de l'Amour, Les (The Festivities of Hymen and Cupid)
Fetes de Polymnie, Les (The Festivities of Polyhymnia)
Feuersnot (Fire-Famine)
Fiamma, La (The Flame)
Fiery Angel, The (Ognenniy Angel)
Fille de tambour major, La (The Drum-Major's Daughter)
Fille du regiment, La (The Daughter of the Regiment)
Filomela e l'infatuato (Philomela and the Infatuated Man)
Filosofo di campagna, Il (The Country Philosopher)
Finta giardiniera, La (The Pretended Garden-Girl)
Finta semplice, La (The Pretended Simpleton)
Finto Stanislao, Il (Un giorno di regno) (King for a Day)
Flammen (Flames)
Fledermaus, Die (The Bat)
Fliegende Hollander, Der (The Flying Dutchman)
Florentinische Tragodie, Eine (A Florentine Tragedy)
Forza del destino, La (The Force of Destiny)
For You
Four Saints in Three Acts
Frau ohne Schatten, Die (The Woman Without a Shadow)
Fra Diavolo
Fra Gherardo (Brother Gherardo)
Freischutz, Der (The Marksman)
Freitag aus Licht (Friday from Light)
Friedenstag (Day of Peace)
From the House of the Dead (Z Mrtveho Domu)
Furioso nell'isola di San Domingo, Il (The Madman on the Island of San Domingo)

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