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General FAQs

What is is the website that provides comprehensive information about Naxos Records, its artists and the label’s extensive catalogue. It contains information about classical music in general, alongside a number of educational resources. It gives details of upcoming releases, streaming options for both Naxos recordings and those of many other independent labels, plus regular news items. Additionally, the site carries links to other business areas within the Naxos Group of Companies, as well as other sites which may be of interest to classical music lovers.

What are the key features and benefits of subscribing to

These are the benefits of a free subscription:

  • Get free album downloads with our monthly newsletters.
  • Receive Naxos email newsletters, plus FREE ALBUM downloads and special offers for as long as you are subscribed to our mailing list.
  • Listen to samples from over 20,000 CDs from Naxos and other independent labels in near-CD quality sound.
  • Discover exciting new recordings with access to over 50 new releases per month.
  • Browse through a host of different musical genres, from mediaeval to contemporary.
These are the premium benefits of a paid subscription, currently USD19.95 per year:
  • Listen to full tracks from over 20,000 CDs from Naxos and other independent labels.
  • Get FREE monthly album downloads during your entire subscription period.
  • Receive Naxos email newsletters and get offers and discounts reserved exclusively for subscribers.
  • Discover exciting new recordings with access to over 50 new releases per month.
  • Browse through a host of different musical genres, from mediaeval to contemporary.

Is available in my country?

Yes. is accessible anywhere in the world.

Can I access at home or from any computer? Is it available on mobile devices?

Yes. Subscribers can access with a password from any computer that has an internet connection and the system requirements specified below. However, there is no available iOS nor Android app for this product at the time of writing.

Can I have a free subscription?

Yes. You may sign up for a non-paying account, which will let you access all the written contents on the site and stream 25% of each track.

How is it priced?

If you want to listen to full tracks, you need to sign up for a paid subscription, currently priced at USD 19.95 or EUR 19.95, depending on your country location.

Sign up and Payment FAQs

How do I sign up for an account?

Signing up is very easy. Log-on to and click the ‘Subscribe Now’ button found on the upper right portion of the page. You now have an option to choose between a Free or Paid account. Fill out the necessary subscriber information (and payment details if you choose a paid service), then you’re all set!

How do I cancel my subscription?

You may send a cancellation request to and indicate the reason for cancelling your subscription. You may include a copy of the payment confirmation you received via email when you subscribed to our service as reference.

Can I cancel my account if I am within the initial 7-day period of a paid subscription?

Yes, as long as is notified within those first 7 days of your wish to cancel the paid subscription.

What do I do if I want to cancel halfway into my subscription?

Paragraph 16 of our Privacy Policy states that “You may unsubscribe from our services by sending a message to customer service with "unsubscribe" in the subject heading, giving your Username and the type of Service you would like to unsubscribe from. However, the remainder of the current subscription period will remain active, with membership ending on the last day of the current subscription period. You will not be charged thereafter.”

My credit card expired. How do I update it to make sure my subscription is renewed automatically?

To change your credit card details for your subscription, please follow the instructions on how to update your card details on this link:

In the event that you still have issues, please send an email to for assistance.

Technical FAQs

What are the minimum system requirements?


2.33GHz or faster x86-compatible processor, or Intel® Atom™ 1.6GHz or faster processor for netbooks
32- and 64-bit (unless noted): Microsoft® Windows® XP SP3 (32-bit), Windows Vista® (32-bit), Windows 7, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10
Latest versions of Microsoft Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Opera
512MB of RAM (1GB of RAM recommended for netbooks)
Adobe Flash player downloadable for free on

Mac OS

Intel Core™ Duo 1.83GHz or faster processor
Mac OS X v10.9, or later
Latest versions of Safari, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, and Opera
512MB of RAM
Adobe Flash player downloadable for free on

How do I search for music?

Once logged in, you may browse the various sections of the homepage, or type a keyword in the Search box located in the upper part of the page. You can also modify your search by selecting from the available filters: Albums, Biographies, or Reviews.

How do I play music?

For first-time subscribers, make sure that you are logged in to your account. Next, check if you have Adobe Flash Player installed. If you don’t yet have this, you may download it here: You may then proceed to open a CD/Album page and click the green button beside the track title to start streaming tracks.

How do I listen to an entire album without clicking on each track?

You can listen to only one track at a time on If you would like to listen to complete albums without interruptions in high quality sound, please subscribe to There are also specific libraries for Jazz and World music at and

I have just registered but cannot log into my account. What should I do?

Make sure that you have typed your credentials properly, and there are no spaces before or after either your username or password. If issues remain, send an email to

I logged in successfully to my paid subscription, but the service is still streaming only 25% of each track. What do I do?

Try clearing your browser’s cache by following the steps in this link:'s-Cache and try streaming again. If the same issue persists, kindly email for assistance.

How do I change my registered email address?

Our system does not allow you to directly update your login. Please seek assistance by emailing

How do I upgrade my free subscription to a paid subscription so I can listen to complete tracks?

Simply log-on to your account and click ‘Profile’ on the upper right part of the page. Make the necessary updates to your Profile (you may even update your newsletter options), then click ‘Save Changes.’ It now takes you to an updated Profile page with the Subscription Status section. Click ‘UPGRADE’ and provide the necessary payment details to convert your free subscription to a paid account.

Does offer any digital downloads?

No. However, our music can be downloaded from major Digital Service Providers. Please refer to our Buy Online section at

I would like to purchase a particular recording but it is not available in my country/territory. What should I do?

Many of our recordings can be purchased from various online retailers by clicking on their buy buttons on the CD item pages. The CD item pages can be accessed through the ‘Search Catalogue’ section. Please also visit the ‘Online Sales’ section.

If the recording is not available from online retailers, please contact our distributor in your country. Click ( for a list of Naxos distributors. If you need further assistance, please contact Naxos Customer Service.

The site is down. What do I do?

Please take note of any error message that appears. Securing a screenshot would also help. Send it to with the subject line ‘Site Down’, together with your country location, the exact time it happened and your time zone so we can investigate the problem as soon as possible.

Other FAQs

How come I cannot listen to Historical, Nostalgia and Jazz Legends recordings?

Naxos Historical, Nostalgia, and Jazz Legends recordings are not available for audio streaming in the United States due to the uncertain legal situation regarding pre-1972 sound recordings.

I am an artist and would like to submit my demo to Naxos. Where and to whom should I send it?

Please send all demos to:

Naxos Digital Services Ltd.
Attn: Edith Lei
Level 11, Cyberport 1
100 Cyberport Road
Hong Kong

I would like to use your music in a film or play. Who should I contact?

Please visit the Licensing section of at

In case I see sites with Naxos albums or videos which I believe were posted illegally, how can I let your company know about them?

Please send us an email at with the subject line ‘For takedown investigation’ so we can issue the takedown on these sites.

I noticed a typo or content error on the site. What do I do?

Please send us an email at with the subject line ‘Content Error’ so we can make the appropriate corrections.

I have found a glitch in one track, how do I let you know?

Please send us an email at with the subject line ‘Track Glitch’ so we can make the appropriate corrections.

How can I request a printed catalogue?

Please send us an email at with the subject line ‘Printed Catalogue Request’ so we can send the request to the appropriate Naxos office in your area for assistance.

How do I subscribe or unsubscribe to your newsletters?

You can subscribe to our newsletters by going to your Profile page and putting tick marks on the newsletters you wish to subscribe to then hit ‘Save Changes.’ Meanwhile, you may unsubscribe by clicking the ‘Unsubscribe’ link on the bottom part of our newsletters.

I don’t want to receive so many emails from you. How can I reduce the emails but still be a subscriber?

You can change your preferences at any time by updating your profile. This includes the number and type of emails, and your preferred genres of music.

Can I use contents of your site as my resource citation?

Please send us an email at with the subject line ‘Citation Request’ so we can send the request to the appropriate Naxos department for assistance.


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