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Usually, the closest we get to conductors is to see them take their bows before and after a performance, and watch their backs as they lead singers, instrumental soloists and orchestras. Jeremy Siepmann gets face-to-face with two very different conductors who share their love of music with us and provide unique insights into their demanding and fascinating careers.

Ryan Brown

Ryan Brown is the founder, conductor, and artistic director of Opera Lafayette. Through his work with Opera Lafayette, Mr. Brown has become a leading figure in the revival of baroque opera in America. His vivid explorations of French repertoire in particular have earned him an international reputation, receiving the highest praise from critics in the United States and abroad. These performances have highlighted the various traditions of the tragédie-lyrique, the opéra-ballet, the opéra-comique, the pastorale, and the dramma-giocoso.

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Ryan Brown Biography & Discography

Ryan Brown
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Andrew Penny

Since 1992 Andrew Penny has made over 35 recordings for the Naxos and Marco Polo labels. Much of the repertoire is of British Music and includes symphonies by Sir Malcolm Arnold and Havergal Brian, film music by Vaughan Williams and Walton, theatre music by Sullivan and Holbrooke and light music by Coates and Arnold. His complete cycle of the nine symphonies by Arnold was produced in time for the composer’s eightieth birthday in October 2001 and has subsequently become the BBC Music Magazine’s top recommendation.

Read Jeremy Siepmann’s interview with Andrew Penny
Andrew Penny Biography & Discography

Andrew Penny
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