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This month brings you another bumper crop of great reviews from the leading music magazines, quality dailies and online review sites. There’s no doubt about it: Naxos releases and distributes some of the best CDs and DVDs available!

Naxos CDs

GLIÈRE, R.: Symphony No. 3, "Il'ya Muromets"
Buffalo Philharmonic, Falletta
Naxos 8.573161


JoAnn Falletta brilliantly rises to the challenge; her baton matches the melodic sense while paying attention to the luxurious orchestration.

Falletta and her excellent orchestra give a visceral account of the score projecting its wide range of moods, from mystery and enchantment to violence and tragic intensity - BBC Music Magazine

GRIEG, E.: Orchestral Music, Vol. 7 - Olav Trygvason / Landkjenning / Sigurd Jorsalfar (excerpts)
Malmo Symphony, Engeset
Naxos 8.573045

vigorous, colourful choral singing and splendid orchestral colour
- BBC Music Magazine

KARABITS, I.: Concertos for Orchestra Nos. 1-3 /
SILVESTROV, V.: Elegy / Abschiedsserenade

Bournemouth Symphony, K. Karabits
Naxos 8.572633

distinctive, thoughtful and inventive - Scotland on Sunday

MOERAN, E.J.: In the Mountain Country / Rhapsodies /
Overture for a Masque

Frith, Ulster Orchestra, Falletta
Naxos 8.573106

If someone only wishes to own one version of these works, or wants to discover what they sound like, then this is the best version to go for.
- MusicWeb International

MONIUSZKO, S.: Overtures
Warsaw Philharmonic, Wit
Naxos 8.572716

zesty and full of charm - WQXR (New York)

MOZART, W.A.: Symphonies Nos. 38, 39, 40
(arr. J.N. Hummel for flute, violin, cello and piano)

Grodd, Eichhorn, Rummel, Krüger
Naxos 8.572841

Pleasing interpretations of symphony arrangements that are pure genius!
- The Listener

SÁINZ DE LA MAZA, R.: Guitar Music
F. Halász
Naxos 8.572977

Halász combines weightless grace with quicksilver alacrity
- MusicWeb International

TANSMAN, A.: Piano Music - Ballades Nos. 1-3 / Arabesques /
Suite dans le style ancien / 5 Impressions / 8 Cantilenes

Naxos 8.573021


Eliane Reyes’ performances are spontaneous, colorful, full of surprising contrasts, and nonetheless she achieves to get this program a characteristic unity - Pizzicato

ROSSINI, G.: Overtures (Complete), Vol. 2 (Blu-Ray Audio)
Prague Sinfonia, Benda
Naxos Blu-ray NBD0035

15 sparkling performances again of the wonderful Rossini music
- Audiophile Audition

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Accentus Music

MAHLER, G.: Symphony No. 6 (NTSC)
Accentus Music ACC-20268 / ACC-10268

See Accentus Music catalogue

Arthaus Musik

BEETHOVEN, L. van: Symphonies Nos. 1-9 (3 DVD Box Set) (NTSC)
Bavarian Radio Symphony, Jansons
Arthaus 107537

See Arthaus Musik catalogue


LANGGAARD, R.: String Quartets, Vol. 2
Nightingale String Quartet
Dacapo 6.220576

the Nightingales play this music with an understanding and love that puts competitors in the shade - BBC Music Magazine

this is a highly impressive reading of a work anticipating Janáček’s quartets in sheer emotional acuity - Gramophone

See Dacapo catalogue


SCHUMANN, R.: Faschingsschwank aus Wien / Kinderszenen / Carnaval (His Imaginary World) (Chernyavska)

one of the most beautiful Schumann-CDs - Pizzicato

See Divox catalogue


Piano Recital: Zaslavsky, Roman - RACHMANINOV, S. /
PROKOFIEV, S. (Ingenious Opposites, Vol. 2) (Blu-ray Audio)

EuroArts 2003032

Terrific sonics! - Pizzicato

See EuroArts catalogue

Grand Piano

SCHULHOFF, E.: Piano Works, Vol. 2 - 5 Pittoresken /
Piano Sonata No. 2 / 2 Studien / Musik fur Klavier /
Esquisses de jazz

Grand Piano GP631

[Caroline Weichert's] deft touch and sympathetic approach enables the music to weave its spell. - MusicWeb International

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Oehms Classics

TCHAIKOVSKY, P.I.: Symphony No. 7 / Piano Concerto No. 3
Zilberstein, Gürzenich Orchestra, Kitayenko
Oehms Classics OC672

Dimitrij Kitajenko conducts a full-blooded, brilliantly shaped version with the Gürzenich Orchestra which is once more the perfect instrument for his vision of sound and feeling. - Pizzicato

powerful and poetic -

See Oehms Classics catalogue

Opus Arte

BRITTEN, B.: Rape of Lucretia (ENO, Aldeburgh Festival 2001) (NTSC)
Opus Arte OA1123D

This is probably the best way for a beginner to experience Lucretia; a great work, for all its problems. - MusicWeb International

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Tafelmusik Media

Orchestral Music - HANDEL, G.F. / VIVALDI, A. / SWEELINCK, J.P. / PURCELL, H. / MARAIS, M. (House of Dreams)
Tafelmusik Baroque Orchestra, Lamon
Tafelmusik TMK1020DVDCD

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Timpani Records

SCHMITT, F.: Petit elfe ferme-l'oeil (Le) / Introit, récit et congé
Lorraine National Orchestra, Mercier
Timpani 1C1212

excellent performances - Pizzicato

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