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This month brings you another bumper crop of great reviews from the leading music magazines, quality dailies and online review sites. There’s no doubt about it: Naxos releases and distributes some of the best CDs and DVDs available!

Naxos Releases

ALBÉNIZ, I.: Piano Music, Vol. 6 - España / Deseo /
Arbola-pian, zortzico / Yvonne en visite

Santiago L. Sacristán
Naxos 8.573295

‘this release is as important as it is pleasurable. Mr. Sacristan plays with a crisp, tangy tone that is just right for this music.’ – American Record Guide

Alessandro Marangoni
Naxos 8.573316

‘Alessandro Marangoni reveals himself as a great artist with musical and poetic sensibility, technical clarity and a total tuning with the composer.’ – Musica

‘Mr. Marangoni is a fine pianist…His sensitivity enhances this music.’
American Record Guide

DEVIENNE, F.: Flute Concertos, Vol. 1 - Nos. 1-4
Gallois, Swedish Chamber Orchestra
Naxos 8.573230

‘In these sonatas, one can see…the most ambitious, the most extensive movements, sometimes bordering on an improvisational style.’ – Classica

EL-KHOURY, B.: Violin Concerto No. 1 / Horn Concerto /
Clarinet Concerto

Nemtanu, Guerrier, Messina, Masur, Casadesus, Elts
Naxos 8.572773

‘Of great beauty, harsh or soft, colourful, dreamlike, these three concertos have all the grandeur of the natural elements.’ – Classica

GALLAGHER, J.: Symphony No. 2, "Ascendant" / Quiet Reflections
London Symphony, Falletta
Naxos 8.559768

‘Jack Gallagher’s series continues with this monumental and splendid Second Symphony. [He] is fortunate to have the advocacy of one of the best conductors in the world today, JoAnn Falletta, at the helm of the splendid London Symphony.’ – Audiophile Audition

HEGGIE, J.: Out of Darkness (Music of Remembrance)
Music of Remembrance
Naxos 8.559770

‘between Miller’s virtuosic chamber ensemble and Lynch’s impassioned, multi-dimensional embodiment of Zywulska, it’s hard to imagine a better performance’ – Opera News

HODDINOTT, A.: Landscapes: Song Cycles and Folksongs
Booth, Spence, Williams, Matthews-Owen, Pollock
Naxos 8.571360

‘Matthews-Owen is the star of the show. He handles Hoddinott’s filigree textures with delicacy, its declamatory thundering with authority’
American Record Guide

KOSTER, L.: Suite dramatique / Ouverture légère / Waltz Suites
Estro Armonico Luxembourg Chamber Orchestra, Kaell
Naxos 8.573330

‘Her [Lou Koster’s] charming music is played with elegance as well as sensitivity’ – Pizzicato

MALIPIERO, G.F.: Fantasie di ogni giorno / Passacaglie / Concerti
Rome Symphony, La Vecchia
Naxos 8.573291

‘The convergence of contributing historical and modern interpretations, done in a personal manner, is successful.’ – Classica

MERTZ, J.K.: Guitar Duets
Möller, Fraticelli
Naxos 8.573055

‘simply the finest Mertz I’ve ever heard’ – American Record Guide

MOMPOU, F.: Songs (Complete), Vol. 1 - Song of the Soul
Mathéu, Masó
Naxos 8.573099

‘beguilingly performed by two artists who really know and care about this rarely-heard, eminently worthy repertoire’ –

POULENC, F.: Ballet Suites for Piano - Les animaux modèles /
Les Biches / Aubade

Jean-Pierre Armengaud
Naxos 8.573170

‘I can offer nothing but praise for Armengaud’s pianism and can’t imagine a better performance of this music.’ – American Record Guide

RESPIGHI, O.: Violin and Piano Works (Complete), Vol. 2 / PICK-MANGIAGALLI, R.: Violin and Piano Works (Complete)
Bernecoli, Bianchi
Naxos 8.573130

‘It is a joy to be introduced to Pick-Mangiagalli and these little-known works, recorded here for the first time, by such wonderful musicians.’
American Record Guide

SAINT-SAËNS, C.: Symphonies, Vol. 1- Symphonies Nos. 1 and 2 / Phaéton
Malmö Symphony, Soustrot
Naxos 8.573138

‘unquestionably one of the best recordings of the piece [Phaéton]’

String Music (English) - ELGAR, E. / LLOYD WEBBER, W. /
GOODALL, H / DELIUS, F. (And the Bridge is Love)

English Chamber Orchestra, Webber
Naxos 8.573250

‘Julian Lloyd Webber offers an impressive disc of English Music that demonstrates a richly rewarding affinity for the repertoire.’ – Gramophone

‘Julian Lloyd Webber emerges as a conductor of some distinction, drawing eloquent performances from the English Chamber Orchestra’ – Mail on Sunday

See Naxos catalogue

Accentus Music

BRUCKNER, A.: Symphony No. 8 (NTSC)
Berlin Staatskapelle, Barenboim
Accentus Music ACC-202178

‘The work, the conductor and the orchestra are all shown in the best light. It is this kind of experience that has you sitting afterwards, for a long time, windering at the greatness of what you have just heard.’
BBC Music Magazine

See Accentus Music catalogue


BRAUNFELS, W.: Verkündigung (The Annunciation) [Mysterium]
Holl, Schwarz, Banse, Bavarian Radio Chorus, Munich Radio Orchestra, Schirmer
BR-Klassik 900311

‘The radiant, ecstatic, high-flying music of Violaine is perfectly served by Banse with a voice of clarity and beauty. ’ – American Record Guide

See BR-Klassik catalogue

C Major

STRAUSS, R.: Also sprach Zarathustra / Macbeth / Till Eulenspiegel
Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra, Nelsons
C Major 719004 [Blu-ray] | 718908 [DVD]

‘the performance here is a delight—mischievous, light on its feet and played with impeccable virtuosity’ – Gramophone

See C Major catalogue


NIELSEN, C.: Symphonies Nos. 5 and 6
New York Philharmonic, Gilbert
Dacapo 6.220625

‘This is awe-inspiring. ’ – MusicWeb International

See Dacapo catalogue


Opera Arias: Álvarez, Marcelo - GIORDANO, H. / LEONCAVALLO, R. / MASCAGNI, P. / PUCCINI, G. (20 years on the Opera Stage)
Marcelo Alvarez
Delos DE3472

‘Álvarez sings beautifully, with pure tone, ravishing pianissimos and a romantic ardor that perfectly suits these arias’ – Opera News

See Delos catalogue

Grand Piano

SOLAL, M.: Piano and 2-Piano Works
Ferrand-N'Kaoua, Solal
Grand Piano GP697

‘Eric Ferrand-N’Kaoua demonstrates superior sense of tempo and even swing phrasing. One remains astounded by the ease and perfection of execution displayed.’ – Jazz Magazine (France)

‘absolutely terrific’ – Schweiz am Sonntag

See Grand Piano catalogue

Oehms Classics

BRUCKNER, A.: Symphony No. 7
Hamburg Philharmonic, Young
Oehms Classics OC688

‘Bruckner’s Seventh concludes Simone Young’s Bruckner cycle in a most glorious and refreshingly urgent way.’ – Pizzicato

See Oehms Classics catalogue


ZEMLINSKY, A.: Seejungfrau (Die) / Sinfonietta
Helsinki Philharmonic, Storgårds
Ondine ODE1237-5

‘It is without question the most gorgeously played and opulently engineered’

See Ondine catalogue

Opus Arte

Piano Recital: Said, Karim - BERG, A. / BARTÓK, B. / JANÁČEK, L. / WEBERN, A. / ENESCU, G. / SCHOENBERG, A. (Echoes from an Empire)
Karim Said
Opus Arte OACD9029D

‘classily produced and superbly executed disc’ – Gramophone

See Opus Arte catalogue

OUR Recordings

Recorder Recital: Petri, Michala - JACOB, G. / ARNOLD, M. /

Petri, Esfahani
OUR Recordings 6.220611

‘This is a delightful release, with partly very playful, partly more serious music which allows Petri and Esfahani once more to join their talents for highly expressive and characteristic performances.’ – Pizzicato

See OUR Recordings catalogue

Solo Musica

Guitar Duo Recital: Katona Twins - PIAZZOLLA, A. / GRANADOS, E. / FALLA, M. de / MOZART, W.A.
Katona Twins
Solo Musica SM215

‘Even this early, the Katonas were remarkable players—dauntless virtuosity, gorgeous tone with lots of range, exciting and taut rhythms.’
American Record Guide

See Solo Musica catalogue

Sono Luminus

SCHUMANN, R.: String Quartets Nos. 1-3
Ying Quartet
Sono Luminus DSL-92184

‘These insightful performances balance Romantic impetuosity with refinement and intelligence.’ – The New York Times

See Sono Luminus catalogue


CAPLET, A.: Wind Ensemble Works - Suite persane / 2 Petites pieces / Legende / Quintet
Ensemble Initium, Wagschal, Quatuor Ardeo
Timpani 1C1202

‘As a wind player I treasure Caplet’s chamber works and relished hearing performances this satisfying. ’ – American Record Guide

See Timpani catalogue


STRAUSS, R.: Works for Voice and Piano (Complete)
TwoPianists TP1039312

‘Anke Vondung gives oodles of gooseflesh with her use of text. The pianists—Christoph Berner, Burkhard Kehring, Wolfram Rieger, Malcolm Martineau, and Nina Schumann—work miracles.’ – Limelight Magazine

See TwoPianists catalogue

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