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This month brings you another bumper crop of great reviews from the leading music magazines, quality dailies and online review sites. There’s no doubt about it: Naxos releases and distributes some of the best CDs and DVDs available!

Naxos Releases

BALADA, L.: Symphony No. 6 / Concerto for 3 Cellos and Orchestra / Steel Symphony
Eschenburg, Sanderling, Schmidt, Galicia Symphony, Barcelona Symphony, Berlin Radio Symphony, López-Cobos, Jensen
Naxos 8.573298

‘Leonardo Balada is a great symphonist and his music is well served in these recommendable recordings.’ – Pizzicato

FUCHS, K.: Falling Man / Movie House / Songs of Innocence and Experience
Williams, London Symphony, Falletta
Naxos 8.559753

‘[Williams’s] is a voice of commanding authority, vibrant, and rich in tonal luster and subtle overtones. Combine that with the commanding authority of JoAnn Falletta leading the London Symphony Orchestra and chamber ensembles drawn therefrom in these absorbing works by Kenneth Fuchs, and you have, in my estimation, an award-winning, urgently recommended release.’ – Fanfare

Don’t miss: “Falling” for Kenneth Fuchs—A Follow-up Interview with the Composer courtesy of Fanfare

‘The performances are exemplary, from baritone Roderick Williams’s commanding artistry to the bold, fresh playing of the London Symphony Orchestra under JoAnn Falletta’s sensitive direction.’ – Gramophone

Royal Scottish National Orchestra, Friedel
Naxos 8.573418

‘Friedel has the Royal Scottish National Orchestra playing with real brilliance and warmth.’ –

‘These exuberant pieces are filled with gorgeous tunes, brilliant orchestrations, and race-to-the-finish endings. It’s great to have new recordings of these long-time hits!’ – KDFC Radio

MeiYi Foo, Yoori Choi, Jin Hyung Lim, Toca Loca, McGill Percussion Ensemble, Aiyun Huang
Naxos 8.573303

‘fresh, unique and seductively focused sound worlds’ – Gramophone

HENZE, H.W.: Il Vitalino Raddoppiato / Violin Concerto No. 2
Sheppard Skærved, Longbow, Parnassus Ensemble, Henze
Naxos 8.573289

‘Sometimes acerbic, sometimes achingly beautiful, in many ways it’s the epitome of so much of Henze’s music.’ – The Guardian

KERNIS, A.J.: 3 Flavors / 2 Movements (with Bells) / Ballad(e) out of the Blue(s), "Superstar Etude No. 3"
Russo, Ehnes, Albany Symphony Orchestra, Miller
Naxos 8.559711

‘Topnotch performances from everyone’ – PS Audio

MAYR, J.S.: Sogno di Partenope (Il) [Cantata Opera]
Brown, Hershkowitz, Adler, Lousseau, Frey, Sellier, Burkhart, Simon Mayr Choir and Ensemble, Hauk
Naxos 8.573236

‘Mayr’s Il sogno di Partenope of which only the second act has survived, is presented in a first rate recording, with excellent solo and choir singing, and the orchestra is likewise good. Highly recommendable.’ – Pizzicato

MORENO TORROBA, F.: Guitar Concertos, Vol. 1 - Concierto en flamenco / Diálogos
Pepe Romero, V. Coves, Málaga Philharmonic, M. Coves
Naxos 8.573255

‘Pepe Romero again proves himself a master of both flamenco and classical’

POULENC, F.: Choral Music - Mass in G Major / 7 Chansons / Motets
Elora Festival Singers, Edison
Naxos 8.572978

‘Noel Edison and his singers have made perhaps their finest recording to date, a reference for choirs who follow and for listeners who want an important and enduring addition to their choral music library.’ –

‘Characterised by ethereally high soprano lines, dense harmonies and fearless chromaticisms, the work presents extreme challenges to the a capella choir. The Elora Festival Singers…cope expertly under the direction of Noel Edison…’ – The Observer (London)

STANFORD, C.V.: Piano Trio No. 2 / Piano Quartet No. 1
Gould Piano Trio, Adams
Naxos 8.573388

‘It’s more than three years since the previous Standford volume from this superb group: they clearly love this music, and it’s a joyous listen to place alongside its equally fine predecessors.’ – Gramophone

‘the quartet’s incisive scherzo, the trio’s beautiful andante—are true inventions’ – The Sunday Times, London

TURINA, J.: Piano Music, Vol. 10 (- El castillo de Almodóvar /
Rincones de Sanlúcar / Tocata y fuga / Partita / Preludios /
Pieza romántica

Jordi Masó
Naxos 8.573183

‘Masó, admirably recorded, takes everything in his stride, responding effortlessly to every virtuoso and entrenched national challenge’

See Naxos catalogue

Accentus Music

BACH, J.S.: Kunst der Fuge (Die)
Zhu Xiao-Mei
Accentus Music ACC-30308

‘phenomenal Zhu Xiao-Mei…remarkable readings’ – PS Audio

See Accentus Music catalogue

Cantaloupe Music

GORDON, M.: Dystopia / Rewriting Beethoven's Symphony No. 7
Bamberg Symphony, Los Angeles Philharmonic, Nott, Robertson
Cantaloupe Music CA-21105

‘an explosive reading by the Los Angeles Philharmonic under David Robertson’ – San Francisco Chronicle

See Cantaloupe Music catalogue

Grand Piano

GLASS, P.: Glassworlds, Vol. 1 - Piano Works and Transcriptions
Nicolas Horvath
Grand Piano GP677

Rhapsody’s “Top 10 classical Albums, April 2015”

‘[Nicolas Horvath’s] virtuosity is astounding.’ – Pizzicato

‘Horvath takes great care in his articulation of the volume dynamics, treating the music gently were required and with muscle where appropriate.’
All About Jazz

See Grand Piano catalogue

Oehms Classics

Violin Recital: Siranossian, Chouchane - RUST, F.W. / EL-KHOURY, B. / SIRANOSSIAN, C. / LECLAIR, J.-M. (Time Reflexion)
Chouchane Siranossian
Oehms Classics OC885

‘terrific verve and unfailing good taste’ – The Strad

See Oehms Classics catalogue


SAARIAHO, K.: Émilie Suite - Quatre Instants - Terra Memoria
Vourc'h, Strasbourg Philharmonic, Letonja
Ondine ODE1255-2

‘the Strasbourg Philharmonic Orchestra plays with unusual fervour and refinement, relishing Saariaho’s at times opulent sound world’ – Gramophone

See Ondine catalogue

OUR Recordings

MESSIAEN, O.: Choral Music (L'amour et la foi)
Danish National Vocal Ensemble, Concert Choir and Chamber Orchestra, Creed
OUR Recordings 6.220612

‘These Danish performances conducted by Marcus Creed are models of precision and lucidity; every vocal and instrumental strand is there.’
The Guardian

See OUR Recordings catalogue

Sono Luminus

Chamber Music - LINCOLN-DECUSATIS, N. / BAYOLO, A. /
VISCONTI, D. / ADOLPHE, J. / HALLMAN, J. (American Aggregate)

Sono Luminus DSL-92179

‘The crack, idiomatic performances bode well for Inscape’s next Sono Luminus recording’ – Gramophone

See Sono Luminus catalogue

Wiener Symphoniker

DVOŘÁK, A.: Symphony No. 9, "From the New World" /
SMETANA, B.: Vltava

Vienna Symphony, Ancerl
Wiener Symphoniker WS008

‘perfect examples of vital and intense playing’ – Pizzicato

See Wiener Symphoniker catalogue

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